September 18, 2021

Donald Trump Comfortable with Son and Grandchildren Returning to School During Coronavirus Pandemic


President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he was comfortable with his son and grandchildren returning to school despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Yeah I am comfortable with that,” Trump said when asked whether he was comfortable sending his son Barron Trump and his grandchildren back to school. He also has ten grandchildren.

The president spoke about schools reopening during a White House press conference on Wednesday evening.

The president said that his administration had a national strategy for young Americans to return to school, but that it would be up to governors to make decisions for their own states.

“I think most governors want these schools to open, I would like to see these schools open,” he said.

The president cited statistics showing that the virus was not transmitted by children very easily and did not affect them.

“They have very strong immune systems,” he said.

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