October 18, 2021

CNN reporter calls Biden’s Harris pick ‘big risk,’ says American culture ‘primed’ to be racist and sexist


If she wants to become vice president Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., will have to battle against a culture that’s “primed” to be racist in a country where racism might be “the most powerful force” CNN political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson argued Tuesday.

In response to former vice president Joe Biden’s choice of Harris to be his running mate, Henderson speculated about how President Trump might reuse his allegedly “sexist” attacks from the 2016 campaign against the senator.

“You see him going against Kamala Harris in that same way in some of his comments,” she said.


“And you imagine you’ll see some of that as well from other folks in the [Republican] party and more generally, just the culture as well. The culture is sort of primed to be racist, it’s primed to be sexist, so I think it will be interesting to see some of the conversation that comes out of this very historic pick.”

She specifically suggested that Trump was sexist for using the word “nasty” to describe Harris, saying the president “often uses that kind of language to refer to women.”

Henderson also predicted that the Trump campaign’s attacks might resonate with voters because they would be “laced” with racism and sexism.

“I think they’re going to throw the kitchen sink at Kamala Harris, at this ticket. It will be laced with racism and sexism in the that way we have come to see this president and understand this president over the last many years, and we’ll see if it works,” she said.

“I have said before, racism and sexism [are] very powerful forces in this country. Racism might be the most powerful force in this country ever and so it’s [the choice of Harris is] still a big risk.”


In a statement provided to Fox News, Trump campaign adviser Katrina Pierson said: “Kamala Harris stood on stage in front of the entire nation and told Joe Biden that he hung around with racist people, his policies were racist, and that he had hurt her personally as a result. Yet she has agreed to be his running mate.”

Pierson added: She’s now trying to shield herself from any criticisms at all. It won’t work. She drags Joe Biden even further to the left and now the extremist takeover of Joe Biden is complete.  President Trump has an excellent record of actual accomplishments for Black people and we will be proudly promoting that record.”

This post originally appeared on and written by:
Sam Dorman
Fox News