August 10, 2020

Google confirms the Pixel 4a’s launch date News


Solve the puzzle, reveal the date. (Source: Google)
Solve the puzzle, reveal the date. (Source: Google)

Google has posted a new page to its Store site that may appear, at first glance, to be full of stock Latin text. However, it also contains a kind of mini-game that serves to reveal what looks like a tagline for a new phone, as well as a certain date. Therefore, the launch of the next mid-range Pixel phone may finally be at hand.

Google has added a new page to its online shop. However, it is not for a product: in fact, it is more like a placeholder for an upcoming product. It mainly consists of text with a headline of a somewhat redacted appearance. The black bars in question change colors when clicked on.

They can become red, blue, yellow or green: the same shades that coincidentally make up the company’s logo. Therefore, changing them to adopt the appropriate sequence (blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red) reveals a new tagline: “Just What You’ve Been Waiting For“.

This phrase may have been developed for a mid-range phone such as the Pixel 4a – particularly as it frankly sounds suspiciously close to OnePlus’ “pretty much everything you could ask for” motto for the Nord.

This impression is solidified by the content of the page’s dummy text, which has been amended to include references in mock-Latin to what could be the device’s camera performance and longevity (“longlastingis batterum”, anyone?).

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The full text of the new Google page. (Source: Google Store)
The full text of the new Google page. (Source: Google Store)

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