October 26, 2021

Want positive news? No fresh active COVID-19 cases in Chennai in 40 days


Chennai: Despite a spike in the daily death toll, the number of active cases reported from Chennai has shown a steady decline. According to the data provided by the Tamil Nadu Health Department, no new active case has been reported in the district for 40 days.

Active case data at 10-day intervals shows that the number of cases rose from 1007 on May 3 to 4012 on May 13 to 5461 on May 23 to 7805 on June 3 to 18673 on June 24. But thereafter there has been a fall to 15814 on July 14  and 11983 on August 3.

During the last 20 days (from July 14 to August 3) 881 people have died in Chennai, an average of 44 each day. However, the daily death rate increased from 26 during the period June 3 to June 24 to 31 for the period June 24 to July 14.

The death toll rose from 17 on May 3 to 2176 as of August 3 (three months).

At least 26274 (1313 per day) patients have recovered for the last twenty days. But daily rate of recovery has showed a decline compared to the rate of the previous 20 days (June 24 to July 14); that was 1803.

The trend shows that the number of recoveries quadrupled from May 3 to May 13, doubled between May 13 and May 23, rose in between May 23 and June 3 and improved in between June 13 and June 24 as 18673cases, climbed as 36079 in between June 24 and July 14 and but it declined to 26274 for last twenty days.

When it comes to positive cases, at least 23323 people tested positive in the last twenty days adding 1166 cases per day that registered a dip in daily positive rate during the previous 20 days (June 24 July 14) ; that was 1692.

The growth of the positive cases shows 1273 on May 3 to 4882 on May 13 to 9364 on May 23 to 16,585 on June 3 to 45814 on June 24 to 79662 on July 14.

It was on March 9 the first case of Covid 19 was reported in Chennai. But the cases started spiralling as a result of attendance of Chennaites at Tablighi Jamaat conclave held in Delhi in March and the crowds at the Koyambedu vegetable wholesale market. The spread of the virus to the densely populated slums in the city was also one of the reasons.

As per the data available with Greater Chennai Corporation, five zones including Tiru-vi-ka Nagar, Kodambakkam Teynampet, Royapuram, and Tondiarpet accounted over 60 per cent of the death cases while Teynampet remains the worst-hit with 330 deaths.

According to the data, the Health department has conducted a total of 28,37,273 sample  tests while 27,33,295 individuals tested across the state.  According to the officials, most of the death cases are with comorbid conditions.

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Sudheesh T