April 24, 2024

Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 235: War, Famine, Plague: West on the Brink of Multiple Crises with Combat Correspondent Michael Yon


Host Alex Marlow begins today’s episode with commentary on Kanye West’s fascinating interview with Tucker Carlson from last week—and then West’s decision to light himself on fire with an anti-Semitic social media post. Is he actually a Jew hater? Maybe not, but he certainly made himself sound like one, which is too bad. Next, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to be releasing non-violent drug offenders from prison—after building their careers on locking up non-violent drug offenders. Then, are we on the brink of nuclear war? Maybe. Biden seems to think so. Whose fault is that? Putin’s, sure; but it’s also Zelensky’s to a degree with his pleas for NATO to invade Russia. And Joe Biden also bears much of the blame. Alex gets into it. Also in the opening: the Vegas strip stabbing was done by a person in a protected class. Alex will tell you which one. Plus, there was a shooting at a prominent New York politician’s house over the weekend. Alex will tell you who. And some prominent Los Angeles Democrats unleashed slurs against a particular race. Alex will tell you which one and why there will be no consequences for those politicians. Our guest today is combat correspondent Michael Yon who has frontline information from Europe and Central America. He’s one of the most well-traveled and networked people in media, and he shares some frightening information regarding the energy crisis in Europe and the possibility of famine. He also has an update on the cartel activity south of our border.

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