April 24, 2024

WATCH: Colts, Texans Players Take a Knee in Prayer for Damar Hamlin

Ahead of Sunday’s game between the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans, both teams gathered on the field to take a knee in prayer for stricken Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin.

While Hamlin is still in serious condition in a Cincinnati hospital as he continues to recover from his Jan. 2 cardiac arrest, the teams gathered at the end of the field to show their support for his ongoing recovery.

The @HoustonTexans and @Colts shared a special moment pregame to honor @HamlinIsland. 🙏 pic.twitter.com/cBoAbUdSVx

— NFL (@NFL) January 8, 2023

After Hamlin collapsed during Monday Night Football last week, he reportedly had to be resuscitated twice. He spent a couple of days in a coma before finally coming to at a Cincinnati hospital.

Hamlin made his first public comments on Saturday, six days after his collapse, and asked everyone to “keep praying” for him.

The league announced plans to honor Hamlin over Sunday and Monday’s games with a variety of efforts to show support for his recovery.

NFL players are taking a knee in support of Hamlin all across the league, marking the first time in a decade that the NFL has broken out in overt demonstrations of religious sentiment via taking a knee as opposed to taking a knee as an act of protest against the United States, its police, flag, history, and traditions.

The league ultimately decided that the Jan. 2 game between the Bengals and Bills will not be finished or replayed this close to the end of the season. Instead, the league standings will be determined by winning percentage, not overall final record because the Bills and Bengals will both be short one game for the season.

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