July 20, 2024

SEAN HANNITY: Every death in this war can be blamed on Hamas


Sean Hannity says an open southern border allows terrorists to enter the U.S. during the war in Israel. “We cannot expect to be safe and secure with unsecured borders,” the FOX News host said. He explains how Hamas is responsible for the deaths in the war by blocking Palestinians from escaping, so they can be used as human shields for the terrorists. Hannity stresses the need for a House Speaker so the U.S. can properly react to the war with support.

SEAN HANNITY: It is 9 p.m. on the East Coast, 6 p.m. on the West Coast. It is 4 a.m. in Gaza. All eyes are once again on the Gaza Strip, where we are just one week removed from the worst terrorist attack in Israel’s history. Now the number has gone up. 1400 were killed in just one day. If you just for population that is roughly equal to over 37,000 Americans murdered right here. If we were to compare populations. Babies, we know they were set on fire. We know many were beheaded. We know women were raped. We know entire families brutalized in their own homes. Nearly 300 Israelis and Americans, including men, women and children, were kidnaped by the terrorist group Hamas. They are now being held hostage inside of Gaza. One-year-old babies in captivity locked up by terrorists in underground tunnels. Now, videos of Hamas terrorists with the hostages, including infants being put on the Internet. Why? Just to torture family members in Israel. But now, frankly and predictably, some in the mob in the media, they are complaining that Israel, the victim of this terror attack, that they are the ones that are being inhumane. Really? 


Now, if Hamas actually cared about the lives of innocent Palestinians, guess what? They could surrender right now. War will be over. Now, of course, they don’t really care about the well-being of their fellow Palestinians. And come to think of it, despite all the widespread protests, no one in the Arab world really seems to care about the fate of those innocent Palestinians. Not one Arab country, not one has been willing to open their doors to Palestinian refugees. Women and children, even. Not Egypt right next door, not Syria, not Iraq, not the ultra-wealthy Gulf states like Oman and Saudi Arabia, nor has the Islamic Republic of Iran. They’re not opening their doors either. And meanwhile, here at home and in Europe, massive so-called pro-Palestinian protests are ongoing. But no one at these protests is calling on Hamas to put down their arms, stop committing these acts of terror, surrender. And no one is calling for Hamas to return the hostages. There are no chants or prayers for the families that are murdered inside of southern Israel or the babies burned alive or beheaded. You know, some actually praising Hamas and their brutal terrorist tactics. These protests are not about freedom or humanity. It’s about ethnic nationalism. 


But whatever comes from Biden’s trip to Israel, the terror attack in Israel last week, it must be a lesson. And that is that we do not live in a bubble. Intelligence is far from perfect. We cannot expect to be safe and secure with unsecured borders.

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This article was written by Fox News staff.

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Laine Volkman
Fox News 2023-10-17 02:15:00