April 22, 2024

Good Samaritan rescues 5-legged lamb, seeks life-saving surgery funds

A “sweet” five-legged lamb rescued in Mississippi has a lot to celebrate this Easter.

The little one, appropriately named Spider Lamb, was taken in by Good Samaritan Natalie Renot on Monday, after she got a call from Speirs Farm in Perkinston, Mississippi, from which she’s rescued nine other animals.

“Usually when they’re born like that, most farmers will do away with them, but he just said he couldn’t because he was just so sweet,” Renot told The Post.

A five-legged lamb named

Spider Lamb needs surgery to save its life. Courtesy of Natalie Renot

After she brought the animal home, she realized he was being “eaten alive by maggots.”

“He had a lot of poop caked on him, so I put him in the bathtub, and when I went to roll him over, I discovered thousands of maggots inside of his stomach,” she said.

After she rushed Spider Lamb to the vet, she learned he also has a hernia, and will need surgery next month to save his life.

Renot, who lives in Wiggins, Mississippi, with her husband and 16-year-old daughter, has organized a GoFundMe campaign for Spider Lamb’s upcoming surgery, which brought in $475 of its $2,500 goal by Saturday afternoon.

Natalie Renot holds the five-legged lamb she named

Spider Lamb is being cared for by good Samaritan Natalie Renot. Courtesy of Natalie Renot

The five-legged lamb named Spider Lamb takes a walk on green grass near a pond  with more than a dozen ducks swimming in it.

Renot has over 100 animals outside and inside her home. Courtesy of Natalie Renot

“Some times you have cases that only cost you a hundred dollars, and then you have cases like this where the rescue ends up costing thousands of dollars,” she explained on the crowdfunding site. “I can’t do what I do alone.”

Renot, 35, a merchandiser, has over 100 animals outside and inside her home and said she spends roughly $380 per week just on feed and litter alone, not including visits to the vet.

Ninety percent of her animals are rescues.

“I believe everything should have a shot at a happy life even if it’s born different,” she said.

“At the end of the day we are all special, some of us are just a little extra special.”

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