May 29, 2023

Biden responds after serial shooting in Tate Country, Mississippi leaves 6 dead; suspect in custody

President Joe Biden responded to a series of shootings in Tate County, Mississippi, which left at least six people dead on Friday, saying “thoughts and prayers are not enough.” Officials apprehended the suspect, 52-year-old Richard Crum, who is believed to have used a shotgun and two handguns to carry out a shooting rampage that spanned […]

Suspected Human Trafficker Andrew Tate Claims He ‘Likely’ Has a Tumor

Tate, under investigation in Romania for allegations of organized crime, rape and human trafficking, is claiming he has a shadow on his lung that’s “most likely a tumor.”Published Mar. 04, 2023 3:59AM ET Inquam Photos/Octav Ganea via ReutersAndrew Tate, the violent, high-profile, virulently misogynistic pro-Trump social media influencer currently imprisoned and under investigation by Romanian authorities due to

Bryan Kohberger case: Surviving roommate ‘was scared to death’ after encounter with suspect, attorney says

MOSCOW, Idaho — A roommate who survived the Nov. 13 quadruple homicide near the University of Idaho campus “was able to give some additional identification” about the suspect to police, an attorney representing Kaylee Goncalves’ family said Saturday. Attorney Shanon Gray told Fox News’ “Cavuto Live” the roommate, one of two who survived the gruesome […]

Former Bills head coach breaks down discussing Damar Hamlin on live TV: ‘This guy is a legend’

Rex Ryan is a football lifer from a football family. His father, Buddy, was an NFL coach for 35 years. His twin brother, Rob, is currently a senior defensive assistant for the Las Vegas Raiders. Rex, himself, had head coaching stints with the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE […]

Andrew Tate Shows Up at Romanian Court Holding a Quran

Andrew Tate lost his appeal to end the 30-day detention order he was put under after his arrest in connection to an ongoing criminal investigation in Romania last month, officials said.A spokesperson for the country’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) confirmed late Tuesday that the appeals court had rejected Tate’s bid out

Gov. Tate Reeves Blasts Biden’s American Jobs Plan: ‘More Like The Green New Deal Than … An Infrastructure Plan’

Republican Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves blasted President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan on Sunday, describing it as “more like the Green New Deal than … an infrastructure plan.” Reeves said the plan looked like a $2 trillion tax hike and predicted it would cause “significant challenges” for the economy while appearing on CNN’s “State of…