August 16, 2022

Common Core Roll Out As Disastrous As Obamacare Roll Out

As an adult, could you answer the following math question?  You are shown four black squares that are linked to three white squares and then presented with the question ‘Which is a related subtraction sentence?’  The question has four multiple choice answers that are all addition problems.

If you are confused as I am with this type of question, can you imagine a first grader being able to answer it?  Carol Burris, a New York high school principal, says that this is an actual Common Core math question given to first graders. She commented about the question, saying:

“My nephew’s wife, who teaches Calculus, was stumped by that one.  Would (or should) a 6 year old understand the question…?”

Burris points out that a number of Common Core math test questions being given to first graders in New York and elsewhere across the country.

To make matters worse, the roll out of Common Core textbooks is turning out to be as disastrous as the Obamacare roll out.  Schools in New York finally received their Common Core textbooks a month after school started, but that is only a minor problem compared to what teachers and school administrators found inside the textbooks and teacher manuals.  The problems reported so far include:

  • Teacher’s manuals do not line up with the lessons in the students’ textbooks.
  • Third grade workbook has a set of questions that do not pertain to the accompanying reading section.
  • Workbook contains pages that are upside down.
  • Lessons are lengthy and poorly constructed.

The textbooks are produced by Pearson, whose website says at the top:

“Pearson is on the path to efficacy.  Join us and help to improve learning outcomes.”

Pearson is in bed with the Common Core people and seems to be as inept and inefficient as the creators of the socialized curriculum.  From the things we have all been reading and hearing about their textbooks, I can’t help but compare it to the fiasco of, the Obamacare website roll out that has been plagued with many problems.

Complaints and criticisms are being raised by the hundreds and thousands across the land.  Teachers, parents and even students are speaking out against the Common Core Standards curriculum and testing system.  One of the most eloquent statements made about Common Core was made by Ethan Young, a high school senior at Farragut High School in Knox County, Tennessee.  Young appeared at a meeting of the local school board and addressed them saying:


Common Core and Obamacare are both products of liberal, progressive and socialist Democrats.  They are both designed to mould everyone, young and old into a common ideological type of person.  They want everyone to be completely submissive and dependent upon the federal government for every aspect and need of life.  The best hope for America is to scrap both Common Core and Obamacare.  And while we are throwing them out, we need to throw out all of the Democrats who supported them.  It’s time for America to start cleaning out the garbage and the smelly refuse of liberalism and socialism and return our nation to the conservative Christian nation our Founding Fathers established.