August 12, 2022

CALL TO ACTION: Be UnCommon! End Common Core in NC

End Common Core In Nc

Conservatives across NC oppose Common Core. A broad coalition of groups and individuals are working together to stop Common Core in our state – Stop Common Core NC,  NC Federation of Republican Women, Tea Parties, Civitas, John Locke Foundation, elected officials and more.

The NC grassroots have been asked to help our General Assembly end Common Core, and the timing is URGENT.

The NC General Assembly has formed a Common Core Study Committee, which must bring a recommendation to the GA by December of 2014.

We need to help to make two things happen:

1. Have the Study Committee bring their report by May 2014, during the  NCGA spring session, so the recommendations may be implemented before the next school year.

2. Have the Committee recommend that the General Assembly pause Common Core.

We must be engaged over the coming months like we have never been engaged before. We stopped the health care exchanges and Medicaid expansion in NC; stopping Common Core is going to require even more of us.

There will be several steps along the way, to include:

-Contacting the Study Committee

-Contacting our own legislators

-Educating the public

-Letters to the editor

-Attending the Committee hearings (first one is mid-December).

Today is Step One.

We know it’s Thanksgiving week. We wouldn’t ask you to engage if it weren’t absolutely necessary. If you can make a few calls or send a few emails on Monday or Tuesday and pass this information along to others, it will have a huge impact and we can come back to it again next week.



Ask them where they stand on Common Core and let them know of your concerns.

Dan Soucek (Chair): (919) 733-5742, (919) 733-5742,
Chad Barefoot: (919) 715-3036, (919) 715-3036,
Warren Daniel: (919) 715-7823, (828) 433-0700,
Martin Nesbitt: (919) 715-3001, (828) 252-0490,
Buck Newton: (919) 715-3030, (919) 715-3030,
Earline Parmon: (919) 733-5620, (336) 767-7395,
Jerry Tillman: (919) 733-5870, (336) 431-5325,
Tom Apodaca: 919) 733-5745, (828) 696-0574,

Bryan Holloway (Chair): 919-733-5609, 336-985-0826,
Marcus Brandon: 919-733-5825, 336-987-3357,
Tricia Cotham: 919-715-0706, 919-715-0706,
Jeffrey Elmore: 919-733-5935,
Craig Horn: 99-733-2406, 704-844-9960,
Larry Pittman: 919-715-2009, 704-782-3528,
(Larry has already expressed opposition to CC, having introduced a bill to halt it.)
Michael Speciale: 919-733-5853, 252-635-5326,
Tim Moore: 919-733-4838, 704-739-1221,


Let them know of your concerns. You can find your legislators here.

Note – Our emails to our legislators have more impact when they are personal and individualized, rather than mass produced.


4. JOIN THE STICKY NOTE CAMPAIGN on Friday, November 27

We believe we will stop Common Core in NC, and we are proud to stand alongside you all. More to come – Thank you!


Stop Common Core NC – Great for information and updates. You can also find your elected officials, including school board members, at the site.

Handout on Common Core

John Locke Foundation’s 60 Questions on Common Core

View Your County’s Test Results:

1. Go to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction website.

2. Under “Highlights”, click on 2012-13 NC READY Accountability Report.


3. When the page in step 2 comes up, look over to the left side of page and click on State, School System (LEA) and School Performance 1997-2013.

4. At this point, you can click on any year but it’s recommended to click on 2012-2013 to get the most current information.

5. There will be a series of drop downs you have to navigate. The first one allows you to choose any School System in the state. For the second one, scroll down and click “LEA Results”. The third one lets you choose subject – “Math and Reading Composite” is recommended. The fourth one lets you choose grade – “Composite, Grade 3 through 8″ is recommended. The last one lets you choose type of assessment – choosing “ALL” is recommended.

6. Click on “View Report” and see the results.

Be UnCommon.

End Common Core in North Carolina.