December 8, 2021

17 Questions About the Benghazi Terror Attack That Have Not Been Answered – And Everybody Knows It

  1. Why didn’t Hillary Clinton convene the State Dept. security task force to dispatch the in extremis force (rescue team) in Libya?
  2. Why was no rescue operation even sent to aid people in an attack that lasted 8 hours and came in three waves in a former warzone? If it’s S.O.P. to aid diplomats, what prevented a rescue operation from being launched?
  3. Who issued the “stand down” orders to prevent the standard protocol of attempting to aid diplomats in harm’s way?
  4. Why did the Libyan government say no flyover authority was even requested? Because there was no intention to rescue the people at Benghazi?
  5. If the White House knew from the first day that it was a terrorist attack (and State Dept. emails show that is the case), then why did they push the lie about the video…  for days?
  6. As Hicks said, there was no spontaneous protest at Benghazi, and NO ONE said there was one, then how did a video cause a non-existent protest?
  7. Why did Hillary Clinton lie to a parent of the bereaved to his face at the state funeral about ‘We are going to have the filmmaker arrested’? The filmmaker was not involved in the terrorist attack.
  8. The video had nothing to do with it, and they knew it for certain that it didn’t, so why did they keep repeating the talking point in reference to the Benghazi terror attack after they knew it was false? (This proves it was a talking point from the get-go.)
  9. Why was Susan Rice selected and sent out to conflate the Benghazi terrorist attack with Muslim protests (she was told to make sure no one thought it was a “broader failure” of policy)?
  10. Why did Hillary put security in charge of the mission that had ties to al Qaeda – the Feb. 17th Martyr’s Brigade?
  11. When the SHTF, they didn’t even fight the terrorists, the Feb. 17ers stood down and wanted to “negotiate” with them. Were they acting as liaisons in a weapons-trafficking deal? Where did the terrorists who attacked the diplomatic compound get their weapons?
  12. Why haven’t any of the terrorists complicit in carrying out the attacks been brought to justice?
  13. Why were witnesses on the ground hidden by the administration, and why are there claims these survivors’ names have been changed?
  14. What was a Turkish consul doing there, and were there arms shipments to Turkey from Libya being routed to the Free Syrian Army?
  15. Why did Ben Rhodes, the brother of CBS News’ President David Rhodes, mimick the exact same Benghazi disinformation in his “smoking gun” email that Hillary Clinton sent in an email 36 hours earlier?