October 26, 2021


As Common Core fight heats up, new members join Louisiana's House Education CommitteeThe ASPEN Institute, which resides in Washington, DC, views the United States as a nation rife with deep-seated “structural racism”, it warns that “the circumpolar Arctic region is experiencing significant ecological change due to global climate change” caused by human industrial activity and receives financial support from George Soros’s Open Society Institute. – Discover The Network

ASPEN Institute is involved in education and setup a “Task Force on Learning and the Internet”, which released a report and recommendations for ensuring today’s students have access to safe learning inside and outside of the classroom. The Institute named Jeb Bush as an Honorary Co-Chair for this Task Force on Learning and the Internet.

According to the New York Times, Jeb Bush has made it clear that he has no intention of shying away from his support for the Common Core education standards. It also mentions that Jeb goes further in offering classes to policy-makers in how to communicate about standards, including referring people to materials that support the Common Core. Besides being in the Task Force on Learning and the Internet, Jeb’s nonprofit Foundation for Excellence in Education is offering three online courses including one claiming the need for urgent education reform.

Dr. Richard Swier indicated that Common Core does not increase student performance; with the help of former Florida Governor Bush and Bill Gates, states have adopted the federal standards and the money that comes with it.

Michelle Malkin wrote that, Stanford University professor James Milgram, a prominent dissenting member of the Common Core math standards committee, has exposed how the muddled standards would leave American students at least two years behind the rest of the planet. University of Arkansas education professor emeritus and Massachusetts school standards architect Sandra Stotsky, who sat on the language arts validation panel, has documented how the English standards will result in:

1) teachers spending at least 50 percent of their reading instruction time on “informational texts” at every grade level.

2) reduced emphasis on analytical skills involving complex literary works.

3) a depleted fund of content knowledge that will leave students unprepared for basic college coursework.

Both Stotsky and Milgram repeatedly asked their panel colleagues for the names of the countries the Common Core standards were allegedly “benchmarked” to, but they never received an answer.

Totalitarian leaders such as Castro, Hitler and Stalin and everywhere in between have always sought to centralize and control education. The reason is simple, mentioned Alex Newman: Whoever molds the minds of the youth can eventually dominate the population, even if it takes a generation or two. That is why tyrants in recent centuries have demanded compulsory, government-led education. Hitler made clear that he wanted to use “education” as a tool to mold German children in accordance with the National Socialist regime’s despotic and murderous ideology. So did Stalin, and numerous other infamous tyrants and mass-murderers. As Karl Marx noted in his Communist Manifesto, government-controlled schooling is essential to achieving the goals of socialism.

As thousands and thousands of parents and grandparents continue to learn about Common Core and its content and assessments, more opposition emerges to the disgraceful program that has embedded into not only public schools, but private and Catholic schools.

To understand what Common Core is, Bear Witness Central is bringing Dr. Duke Pesta, as keynote speaker, an expert on Common Core to two conferences, one in Jacksonville on May 1st. and to the Daytona area (Port Orange) on May 2nd.

Jacksonville, Florida  May 1, 6:30 PM, Salem Center, 7235 Bonneval Rd., Liberty Room 2nd Floor

Dr Duke Pesta – FreedomProject Education Academic Director – Keynote speaker on Common Core

Daytona Area, Florida, May 2, 9AM – 4PM, Port Orange Christian Church, 904 Taylor Rd. Port Orange, FL 32127 

Dr Duke Pesta – FreedomProject Education Academic Director – Keynote speaker on Common Core
Tom LaHue – Pastor and Adjunct Professor at Johnson University – Church in America
Frank De Varona – South Florida Director of Bear Witness Central – Insight into the tactics of the implementation of Totalitarianism in America
Armando Escalante – Northeast Director of Bear Witness Central – The influence of the Frankfurt School on the American Culture
Alex Newman – Author, Writer, Journalist, Educator – History of American Education

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