October 14, 2021


VIDEO: Pamela Geller on Hannity Discussing the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)There is no doubt many patriots like Pamela Geller experience frustration when talking with the “low information” voter or the citizen with “ostrich syndrome” in our country. Call it, conformity, lethargy, or denial of the seriousness of issues facing America today. They are different to those of the past. These issues can fundamentally transform the United States.

How do you change those attitudes? How do you wake up the sleeping citizen or legal resident? The news from the Middle East won’t do it, the death and persecution of Christians there didn’t do it either. Pamela Gellers’ contest some attention. She provided a live illustration of what devout, Koran following Muslims do. It takes courage, and creativity to do what she did.

She proved the point. Our freedoms of speech and religion are being threatened by the importation of millions of Muslims from the Middle East into our country. Even though they have come at taxpayer’s expense, they won’t be grateful to us nor try to assimilate into our society.

Their objective is to convert the United States into another England, Belgium, or France. Natives of those countries live in fear, and they have warned us time and time again. Their governments have tried everything to pacify their growing Muslim base without success. The Muslim mission, or jihad, calls for our extermination. We, non-Muslims, or infidels must be destroyed. It’s their “religion” if you want to call that a religion.

Pamela set the stage and the temptation was too great for some of them not to show up. The “religion of peace” revealed as it truly is; full of intolerance and hate towards people that think differently than they do. It’s true that there are peaceful Muslims that wouldn’t harm us, and have befriended us personally. However, we have to understand that by them being peaceful and friendly towards us, they are placing themselves in jeopardy.

You should know about “Taqiyya”. This is the lying to an infidel to achieve the goals of establishing a worldwide caliphate. The practice of Taqiyya is rewarded with paradise. That is the reason you cannot expect devout Muslims to tell you the truth about themselves, their beliefs or their intentions. That would sabotage their progress and conquest.

By forcing them to come out of the shadows and show us they are here, in the United States, Pamela might have delayed or thwarted their progress.
The question is. Did she wake up the sleeping American? Can we expect a long lasting reaction from the Media? Expect Congress to stop this president and his administration from bringing still more potential terrorists?

Will there now be a move to hold accountable the members of Congress, Supreme Court, the CIA, Homeland Security for their silence and indifference? Statistics show that in the United States today the most prevalent foreign language spoken by the new immigrant, is Arabic, not Spanish.
This administration so far has been impervious to the wishes of “We The People”. We should hold them responsible for failing to uphold and defend our Constitution and allow the easy access of criminal elements into the USA.

The freedoms we enjoy here in the United States, such as freedom of speech, religion, freedom to be who you want to be, is a threat to Islam and they will fight to curtail them. Living in harmony with the neighbors is foreign to them.

In spite of their intolerance and immense influence Muslims enjoy in the United States today, we are still constitutionally free to say, we have been betrayed. In other countries those found guilty would be court-martialed or at least exiled in disgrace, their ill gotten money confiscated. Here in America where not many politician suffers any consequences for their misguided actions, our only recourse is to continue to practice our freedoms without fear or intimidation like Pamela Geller did.

Our time is coming. 2016 is around the corner and this time let us vote for a man that holds the traditional Judeo Christian values and loves the United States of America like most of us do.

God bless the United States of America!