December 2, 2021


There is no doubt many patriots like Pamela Geller experience frustration when talking with the “low information” voter or the citizen with “ostrich syndrome” in our country. Call it, conformity, lethargy, or denial of the seriousness of issues facing America today. They are different to those of the past. These issues can fundamentally transform the […]

Explosive! Imam calls for Geller’s death under Sharia – warns America ‘you will live under it one day’

Insults and threats flew during a gripping exchange Wednesday on Fox News’ “Hannity” when radical Imam Anjem Choudary confronted Pamela Geller, organizer of Sunday’s Muhammad cartoon contest, and called for her death. “She should be put before Sharia court and tried,” Choudary said. “And of course she would face capital punishment.” Choudary’s incendiary comments came […]