August 16, 2022

Explosive! Imam calls for Geller’s death under Sharia – warns America ‘you will live under it one day’

Explosive! Imam calls for Geller’s death under Sharia – warns America ‘you will live under it one day’Insults and threats flew during a gripping exchange Wednesday on Fox News’ “Hannity” when radical Imam Anjem Choudary confronted Pamela Geller, organizer of Sunday’s Muhammad cartoon contest, and called for her death.

“She should be put before Sharia court and tried,” Choudary said. “And of course she would face capital punishment.”

Choudary’s incendiary comments came after Geller was threatened online Wednesday, reportedly from an American jihadist who called for her “slaughter” over the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas.

Two terrorists attacked the center where the contest was being held but were killed by a police officer guarding the event.

“This is a terrorist threat, and the FBI [and] President Obama should provide security,” Geller stated after saying she hasn’t heard from the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security.

Geller told show host Sean Hannity that she has been in contact with the New York Police Department and increased her own private security – but she still can’t be sleeping well.

Choudary said Geller has it coming by organizing an event that she knows, “full well, carries the death penalty in Islam.”

“You cannot continue to go down this road and expect the Muslims to stand back,” Choudary said.

During the heated back-and-forth Choudary said, “What I would say to you, and the American people, that instead of insulting the prophets, why don’t you follow them?

“Why don’t you abide by what they say? It’s completely absurd …”

Hannity interrupted, “We don’t live under your oppressive Sharia law.”

“You will though one day,” Choudary said.

Geller explained how Sharia seeks to control every aspect of people’s lives, even those who are not Muslim, while Choudary blamed America for the killing of innocents.

The heated exchange came to a crescendo when Hannity cut off Choudary.

“You’re just pathetic,” Hannity said. “You’re evil and pathetic.”