October 14, 2021

San Bernardino killings a result of the left’s P.C. war against ‘hurt feelings’

laurie120315-2In the hours following yesterday’s violence, progressive talking heads offered us every possible reason for the attacks. First it was workplace violence, then it was the work of lone wolf gun nuts, radical Christians, right-wing militias, and on and on and on.  The media was positively desperate not to suggest anything that could even hint at Islam, because that didn’t fit the gun control narrative they were trying so hard to justify.

Now, because we wouldn’t want to jump to conclusions, they’re still waiting for the totally-impossible-to-discern motive to be revealed. No one can say what would make a couple of peaceful Muslims, one of whom had recently traveled to Saudi Arabia, do something so horrible while wearing Go-Pro cameras.  We can, however, say that political correctness helped it happen.

According to CBS Los Angeles, neighbors spotted plenty of suspicious activity at the shooters’ home.  Allegedly, strange “Middle-Eastern” men were seen coming and going over a period of several days, but no one said a word.  …Because witnesses didn’t want to be accused of “racially profiling” anyone.

Keep in mind that California already has virtually every single gun control law that Democrats desire. They have an assault weapons ban, they have universal background checks, they’ve banned large magazines, they’ve banned a wide array of handguns, and they’ve made it so hard to obtain a concealed weapons permit that it amounts to a defacto ban as well.  But yesterday the media ignored all of that, because progressives have a narrative to push.

Unfortunately, while the left was screaming that you should give up your right to defend yourself, it was their own unhinged social agenda that allowed these killers to continue operating.

They may love their little “If you see it say it” campaign, but liberals spent decades waging a politically correct whack-a-mole battle against anyone who dared give voice to their instincts. Now, because they were afraid they’d be ridiculed as racists or bigots, people who could have averted this attack kept their mouths shut.

…As a result, 14 people are dead, 17 are injured, and countless lives are altered forever.

Whatever the motive turns out to be, this – at least in part – is the end result of the left’s tireless war against “hurt feelings.”

Source: Canada Free Press