July 30, 2021

Al Qaeda Bomb Expert Released From Gitmo



Last week the Obama administration announced the release of a Gitmo detainee who once vowed to kill as many Americans as he could upon release. Today, the Pentagon made known the transfer of two more—one of which was (will continue to be?) an al Qaeda explosives expert.

Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed al-Sawah, 58, developed specialized improvised explosive devices for the terror group to use against U.S. military forces and civilians.

“These IEDs included the limpet mine to sink US naval vessels and the prototype for the shoe-bomb used in a failed attack on a civilian transatlantic flight,” according to his file posted by The New York Times.

Because of his cooperation with the U.S. it has been determined that it is unlikely he reestablishes ‘extremist associations,’ his file notes, although the possibility certainly exists.

Al-Sawah was transferred to Bosnia, where he holds citizenship.

Also released was Abd al-Aziz Abduh Abdallah Ali al-Suwaydi, a Yemeni citizen and former explosives trainer, who was transferred to Montenegro.

The two transfers marked the 15 and 16th releases of January, bringing the total number of Gitmo detainees still at the prison down to 91.

Source: Townhall