July 27, 2021

Europe Deals With Terrorism, While The U.S. Heads To Canada For Global Warming Chat

23b6f291-5be8-483a-8be2-a872e336c46dWhile Europe is still reeling from a brutal terrorist attack at the hands of ISIS, U.S. Special Envoy on Climate Change, Dr. Jonathan Pershing, is traveling to Canada today to discuss how both countries can move forward together on the issue of global warming, according to the State Department:

Dr. Jonathan Pershing will travel April 12 – 13 to Ottawa, marking his first official trip as U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change.Special Envoy Pershing’s trip follows soon after the March 10 official visit by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – a historic visit during which both leaders committed to expanding cooperation on climate action, including reducing respective greenhouse gas emissions, developing clean sources of energy and advancing global climate action.

Special Envoy Pershing will engage senior Canadian officials on continuing and expanding this special partnership as both nations prepare for key upcoming events including the Paris Agreement signing ceremony, the Major Economies Forum, this year’s UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations and the North American Leaders Summit.

Keep in mind that in the past couple of years, we’ve had the quietest tornado season in six decades, the calmest hurricane season in 30 years (2015 was another low-key year), the Arctic Ice Cap has grown by 533,000 square miles, even though it was suppose to be gone by 2013. In fact, Antarctica gained more ice than it lost, but let’s talk about how we can force exceedingly expensive and ineffective alternative green energy on the American people that in no way can keep up with the energy demands of the country.

Three days ago, Belgian police arrested the “man in the hat” featured next to the two Brussels bombers on security footage prior to the March 22 attack that left over 30 people dead and hundreds wounded–four Americans were killed in the attack. President Obama offered his condolences to the Belgian prime minister before doing the wave with Cuban dictator Raul Castro.

Source: Townhall