August 5, 2021

Kentucky and Oregon Final Results

424e485b-f02f-49ef-911f-72ca151b5a49Tuesday evening, Kentucky’s Democrats voted in their primary, which was narrowly won by Hillary Clinton. They’ll split the delegates. 

On the other side of the country, Oregon Republicans favored Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, and Bernie Sanders had somewhat of an upset victory over Clinton. (However, there was very limited polling.) On the Republican side, Ted Cruz and John Kasich will both receive delegates despite dropping out of the race two weeks ago, as Oregon awards a delegate for every four percentage points earned by a candidate.Here are the final results from last night’s voting:

Democratic Primary:

Hillary Clinton: 46.8% (212,549 votes, 27 delegates)

Bernie Sanders: 46.3% (210,626 votes, 27 delegates)



Democratic Primary:

Hillary Clinton: 46.9% (196,757 votes, 24 delegates)

Bernie Sanders: 53.1% (222,844 votes, 28 delegates)

Republican Primary:

Ted Cruz: 16.3% (43,669 votes, 3 delegates)

John Kasich: 16.9% (45,364 votes, 3 delegates)

Donald Trump: 66.8% (178,842 votes, 17 delegates)

Source: Townhall