June 30, 2022

10 Great Ways to Help Your Memory With Chinese Medicine

If you worry that your memory is going, you’re not alone.  Do you regularly walk into a room and forget what you went there for?  Have you ever drawn a blank on a close friend’s name?  Do you routinely forget common words?  Join the club.  These little episodes are embarrassing and frustrating, but are you…

So You Wanna Move (to a Red State)?

Commentary In the now three and a half years since I have decamped with my family from Los Angeles to Nashville—some have called us “early adopters”— I have spent considerable time on phone, email and texts with old friends and acquaintances in New York and California who are asking me what it’s like. Am I…

COVID-19 Outbreak Reported on Royal Caribbean Cruise Despite Fully Vaccinated Adult Passengers

Forty-eight people who were onboard the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas cruise ship tested positive for COVID-19, the illnesses caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, although Royal Caribbean requires everyone aged 12 and older to show proof of vaccination in order to board their ships. The cruise operator said Sunday that each person…

Former Federal Scientist in Canada Charged With Fraud for Alleged Links to Chinese University

A former federal scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has been charged with fraud and breach of trust for allegedly covertly working for a Chinese university while employed by the Canadian government. The RCMP issued a statement on Dec. 10 saying Yantai Gan, 65, was arrested on Nov. 9, 2019, at AAFC’s facility in…

VIDEO: Crime Increases in Mayfield, Kentucky, After Devastating Tornado

A week following the tornado disaster in Kentucky, residents are getting back on their feet. However, other kinds of problems have also surfaced. Several individuals were arrested Friday for allegedly stealing storm damaged vehicles, copper, and additional items from devastated Mayfield, which was one of areas hardest hit, Fox Weather reported Saturday. The Graves County…

Mayfield, Kentucky wiped out from tornados over the weekend | Mike Carter reports

MyPillow CEO’s election fraud ‘proof’ implodes in front of live audience

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan reports on MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s recent symposium, where Lindell continued to make false claims …

Kentucky declared a state of emergency after tornadoes level towns

Pastor recounts the traumatic aftermath he witnessed in Mayfield, Kentucky

Kentucky man rescues wife, sister-in-law from candle factory demolished by tornado

MAYFIELD, Ky. – An MMA fighter rescued his wife, her sister and others trapped in the Mayfield, Kentucky, candle factory a tornado leveled. “It’s a miracle I even found them. I don’t know how it happened,” Brian Brooks told Fox News. Tornadoes flattened and destroyed entire communities across multiple states Friday and Saturday. At least […]

Tornadoes sweep US states, killing up to 100 people | DW News

As many as 100 people may be dead after one of the most devastating tornado storms in years struck the US. The state of …

Kentucky town devastated by tornadoes

FACT CHECK: Biden Claims Kentucky Tornado Linked to ‘Climate Change’

CLAIM: The devastating Kentucky tornado is the result of a warmer climate, which is making storms more frequent. VERDICT: UNCERTAIN. Scientists do not actually know if there is a correlation between storms and a warmer climate. President Joe Biden could not let a tragedy go by — even one of the worst tornadoes in living…

Kentucky candle factory owner talks FEMA rescue mission after tornado leaves at least 8 workers dead

Good morning and welcome to Fox News First. Here’s what you need to know as you start your day … Kentucky candle factory owner speaks out on FEMA rescue mission after devastating tornadoes“Sunday Night in America” spoke with Mayfield candle factory owner Troy Propes, whose factory was destroyed after deadly tornadoes hit the U.S. and […]

Kentucky candle factory worker live-streams after building collapse: ‘We are trapped’

There was little that Kyanna Parsons-Perez could do inside a candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, on Friday night after a furious tornado made the building collapse. So she started a live stream on Facebook as she and co-workers waited to be rescued. “This is the only thing keeping me calm, so I’m going to keep […]

Miss Kentucky Eliminates First Trans Contestant, Wins ‘Woke’ Miss USA Pageant

The most woke Miss USA ever was held on Monday, crowning Miss Kentucky, Elle Smith, as the winner but eliminating the pageant’s first-ever transgender contestant early in the competition. Smith, 23, was amazed at her big night, saying on Instagram: “A little over a year ago, I sat in bed and watched Miss USA. I remember…

Report: Supreme Court Will Consider Kentucky Abortion Case

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear its first abortion case since the balance shifted to a 6-3 court. The High Court agreed to intervene in a lawsuit over a state abortion ban after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron asked the Court to do so. “This case began as a challenge to a Kentucky statute regulating…

6-Year-Old Kentucky Girl Beats Cancer, Starts Online Bakery

A six-year-old from Kentucky has defeated leukemia and is now starting her own online bakery, serving up treats just in time for Valentine’s Day. Naiya Garner was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of two, received her last treatment last year, and is now cancer-free and looking ahead at her life without cancer. “I do…

Good News: Kentucky Passes Blue Lives Matter Law, Makes It A Hate Crime To Target Police.

To counter the instances of shooting in which police officers were targeted, the state of Kentucky has passed a new law that makes it a hate crime to target law enforcement. Republican Gov. Matt Bevin signed the blue lives matter bill into law. Louisiana also passed a law that afforded hate crime protections to police […]

Kentucky and Oregon Final Results

Tuesday evening, Kentucky’s Democrats voted in their primary, which was narrowly won by Hillary Clinton. They’ll split the delegates.  On the other side of the country, Oregon Republicans favored Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, and Bernie Sanders had somewhat of an upset victory over Clinton. (However, there was very limited polling.) On the Republican side, […]

Kentucky Clerk To Be Released From Jail

The Kentucky clerk who has been jailed for almost a week for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses is set to be released. U.S. District Judge David Bunning removed his contempt ruling Tuesday and told the clerk, Kim Davis, that she must not interfere with the issuing of gay marriage licenses, The Associated Press reports. […]

Kentucky County Clerk Defies Supreme Court Order to Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

Abraham Lincoln was supposed to have said on the occasion of meeting Uncle Tom’s Cabin author Harriet Beecher Stowe, “So you’re the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war.” Kim Davis, a lowly county clerk in Kentucky, has singlehandedly reignited the debate over same sex marriage. She is invoking “God’s authority” […]