August 17, 2022

California beach closed after shark knocks man off paddleboard

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! A shark off the central California coast knocked a paddleboarder and his dog off his board on Wednesday morning.  The City of Pacific Grove said the incident occurred at approximately 11:30 a.m. local time off of Lovers Point Beach.  The encounter happened around 150 yards from the […]

Padres offense erupts in victory over Giants

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! This is the team the San Diego Padres envisioned having when they acquired Juan Soto, Josh Bell and Drury at last week’s trade deadline. Yes, there was a five-game losing streak, including losing three games at the rival Los Angeles Dodgers last weekend and a flummoxing 26-inning […]

Melania Trump Slams Her Former Chief of Staff Grisham: ‘Dereliction of Duty’ on January 6

Photo by James Devaney/GC Image, ABC/Screenshot Former First Lady Melania Trump is slamming her former chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, for claiming Trump did not want to speak out against the violence unfolding at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and, in fact, says Grisham is guilty of “dereliction of duty” for not informing her…

WaPo Columnist Slams the Inflation Reduction Act as ‘No Such Thing’

Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein torched the Democrats’ so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” as being “no such thing” because politicians cannot simply turn a dial “to control employment, output, inflation — even the price of gasoline.” Pearlstein said the economy is a complicated organism, and any politician who claims to be able to fix the economy by adjusting…

Watch: Betsy DeVos Doubles Down on ‘Eliminating’ Education Department, Slams Administrative State

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia — Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos reiterated her call to eliminate the Department of Education while calling out entrenched federal bureaucrats, the “vast majority” of whom, she said, are “actually working against you.” “I think anyone who is serious about getting after the size and scale of the federal government has…

5 Ways to Overcome Loneliness

“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” ~ Mother Teresa Loneliness can strike us anytime. And it can leave us feeling emotionally and physically distanced from the rest of the world. While it differs from person to person, it affects us all at some stage of life. Loneliness is often […]

4 Simple Exercises to Eliminate Knee Joint Pain and Help Your Knee Caps Last for 2 More Decades

Many people have experienced knee pain, especially older people whose knee joints are getting increasingly degenerated, which often leads to difficulties in walking. And in the worst cases, they may require artificial knee joint replacement. Some people will put on medicated patches to temporarily relieve the pain, but this may only treat the symptoms and […]

‘Too Bad!’: Donald Trump Slams Eric Schmitt’s Missouri Campaign for ‘Great Dishonesty in Politics’

Former President Donald J. Trump slammed Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s U.S. Senate campaign Sunday night over a poll that Republican strategists told Breitbart News undercounts Trump’s support in the Show Me State to boost Schmitt’s numbers. “Wow, great dishonesty in politics. Too bad!” Trump wrote of the Remington Research Group poll — commissioned by…

Rep. Chip Roy Slams Biden ‘Assault’ on Border: ‘Americans Are Dying, Cartels Are Profiting’

Americans are dying as cartels continue to profit, according to Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), who slammed the Biden administration’s open border policies — claiming, “we’re under invasion” — and accused the “MIA” Democrats of not caring about the impact of such policies on Americans and migrants alike. Rep. Chip Roy, speaking Tuesday at the America…

Ted Cruz Slams ‘Woke Disney’ for Pushing Gay Agenda in Pixar’s Buzz ‘Lightyear’ Movie

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has slammed the Walt Disney Co. for pushing a gay agenda in the new Pixar movie Lightyear, noting the company has flip-flopped hypocritically between supplicating itself to China — where homosexuality is still taboo in the movies — while promoting an LGBTQ agenda to children at home. Sen. Cruz called out…

Liz Cheney’s opponent SLAMS partisan January 6th hearing | Harriet Hageman | ‘National Report’

Republican Senate Campaign Group Slams Democrat Mark Kelly in Both English and Spanish TV Ads

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) released two ads in Arizona, in both English and Spanish, targeting vulnerable Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly, who is up for reelection this November. Kelly has attempted to sound moderate to Arizona voters on border policies heading into the midterms to differentiate himself from President Joe Biden. Both NRSC ads,…

Trump slams Biden’s Afghan withdrawal, says he would have kept Bagram Air Base to monitor China’s nuke testing

Former President Donald Trump warned in a speech Thursday that President Biden had made America more vulnerable to its enemies, including by withdrawing U.S. troops from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, which Trump said he would have kept in order to monitor China’s nuclear program…

‘They Don’t Say A Word’: DeSantis Slams Disney’s Opposition To Florida Bill

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis criticized Disney for its opposition to the state’s parental rights legislation in a video shared by Fox News on Thursday.“When you have companies that have made a fortune off being family-friendly and catering to families and young kids, they should understand that parents of young kids do not want this injected…

Joe Biden Angrily Slams Americans for Blaming Him for Inflation in Lie-Filled Remarks

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP Joe Biden may not have the physical stamina to travel overseas and fulfill his duties regarding foreign policy, but he did manage to give public remarks on Friday. In them, the president slammed Americans for blaming him for the current inflation boom, proclaiming he’s “sick of it” and that “it’s […]

Kid Rock releases politically charged single ‘We The People’ that slams Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Kid Rock released a politically charged new single to help promote his upcoming Bad Reputation Tour that pulls no punches in mocking people like President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci.  The artist dropped his latest track “We The People” along with two others at midnight on […]

Russian envoy slams troop numbers and western intelligence

Durham probe: Trump slams ‘corrupt’ corporate media for downplaying ‘very big revelation’

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Former President Donald Trump blasted the “corrupt” corporate media for failing to give proper attention to the bombshell court filing from Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.  “This is a very big revelation… the press is corrupt and they don’t like to cover […]

Bill Maher slams cancel culture after Whoopi Goldberg, Jeff Zucker scandals

Media top headlines February 4 In media news today, an AP reporter spars with the State Department’s Ned Price over allegations on Russia, a report claims that Jeff Zucker and Allison Gollust gave Andrew Cuomo COVID ‘talking points’ to combat Trump, and an MSNBC broadcast gets interrupted by a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ flag. “Real Time” […]

US F-15s Scrambled to Intercept Russian Jets Over Baltic

U.S. F-15 jets in Estonia were scrambled late last week to intercept Russian jets over the Baltic region, NATO confirmed. On Feb. 4, NATO Allied Air Command revealed an intercept incident the day before, as tensions between the U.S.-led bloc and Russia remain on edge. “US F-15Es scrambled and intercepted Russian fighters operating near Allied…

Building Back Worse

Commentary Say it ain’t so Joe. Your decision on Feb. 4 to remove tariffs on bifacial solar panels imported from China is a death sentence for U.S. solar panel producers, and a giant step toward building American industry down instead of back as you claim you wish to do. Let’s go back in history a…

Joe Rogan Responds After Video Shows Him Saying N-word

Podcast host Joe Rogan apologized after a heavily edited video compilation surfaced over the weekend that showed him saying the “N-word” several times. It came after an edited video compilation of Rogan saying the word surfaced, although it’s not clear who made the video, which was compiled from previous podcasts. It was shared by musician…

Ford Curbing Vehicle Production Citing Shortage of Chips

Ford is cutting down production at eight factories starting Feb. 7 as the company recently warned that a shortage of computer chips would cause a fall in vehicle volumes for the first quarter of 2022. Production at plants in Chicago, Michigan, and Cuautitlan, Mexico, will be suspended, according to Reuters. At factories in Kentucky, Louisville,…

Billionaire Ronald Lauder Slams Whoopi Goldberg, Warns Of Anti-Semitism

Kellen McGovern Jones Kellen McGovern Jones is a graduate student studying public administration at the University of Alabama, where he graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s of political science and a minor in history. February 05, 2022 7:06 PM ET Billionaire Ronald Lauder cautioned against a “rising tide of Jew-hatred,” while excoriating Whoopi Goldberg and…

Biden slams Jefferson Davis –

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Decades before President Biden asked senators on Tuesday if they were “on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?” he voted to restore the U.S. citizenship of the president of the Confederacy, according to a report.  Biden used the reference during a fiery speech in Atlanta, […]

Marjorie Taylor Greene slams Ted Cruz | John Bachman Now

Kevin McCarthy Slams Twitter’s ‘Continued and Dangerous Efforts to Silence Americans’ Following MTG Ban

Alex Wong/Getty Images House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) slammed Twitter’s “continued and dangerous efforts to silence Americans” on its platform following the permanent suspension of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) — vowing to “take action that protects Americans when they express their constitutionally safeguarded views” when the GOP retakes the majority. “Diversity of opinion…

‘Blood On Her Hands’: Chicago 911 Dispatcher Slams Mayor Lori Lightfoot Over Skyrocketing Murder Rate

A Chicago 911 dispatcher slammed Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot over the skyrocketing crime rate in the Windy City, saying that she has “blood on her hands.” “All hell has broken loose,” dispatcher Keith A. Thornton, Jr. told Fox News on Tuesday. “In my opinion and fact, the blood is on her hands,” Thornton said.…

Defiant Mark Meadows Slams the Democrats: ‘They’re Not Going to Intimidate Me’

ATLANTA, Georgia — Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows slammed partisan Democrat efforts to attack him with a criminal contempt of Congress resolution on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday night, as he delivered a rousing speech to conservatives gathered to mark the launch of a Georgia state legislature…

Chris Christie slams White House for ‘mixed signals,’ lack of leadership amid omicron variant

The White House is suggesting the public break out their masks once again amid the arrival of the omicron variant, but former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie expressed his disdain for the mixed messaging on “America Reports.” Christie: I think this is why we’ve had such trouble getting people to become vaccinated because initially, the […]