June 28, 2022

Poll: Less than 10% of Americans Following January 6 Committee Hearings ‘Very Closely’

Less than ten percent of Americans are following the January 6 committee’s hearings “very closely,” according to a new ABC News poll. ABC News, in conjunction with Ipsos, found that just nine percent of Americans are following the January 6 committee’s televised hearings “very closely.” The ABC News poll comes after the committee finished its…

NewsMax Adria – UVOD – 12.06.2022.

Nedelja se završava Danom policije čija proslava je više ličila na slet nečega što nadležni ministar zove “srpski svet” nego na smotru profesionalne službe unutrašnjih poslova jedne evropske zemlje. Ono zbog čega policija postoji i kako žive ljudi koji se bave tim odgovornim poslom ostalo je u drugom planu. Na istom skupu je ministar opet […]

Ronna McDaniel: Trump showed Americans they don’t have to accept this

Poll: Americans Think Biden’s Economy Will Only Get Worse

June 10, 2022 10:49 AM ET A majority of Americans believe the key indicators of President Joe Biden’s economy, gas prices and inflation, will only get worse, according to a new YouGov poll.More than 50% of those surveyed said that both gas prices and inflation will increase in the next six months, compared to less…

Why is Joe Biden The only President in U.S. History that Appears to Hate Americans?

The people have a day coming and one peculiarity of Americans is that they love clowns and magicians, but they hate fakers At the Easter Egg hunt on the lawn of the White House, Joe Biden had to be coaxed and cajoled a few times by his wife, Jill Biden, to wave for the cameras. […]

Americans Support Trump’s China Tariffs. So Why Are GOP Senators Trying To Tear Them Down?

Polling indicates Americans want to continue retaliating against China with tariffs, but most GOP senators are attempting to roll them back in a bill meant to increase U.S. competitiveness against the communist power. “It basically undermines the entire of U.S. trade policy, especially when it comes to China,” Nick Iacovella, senior vice president, Public Affairs…

China Risks Missing Economic Growth Target by Supporting Russia

News Analysis Beijing has a number of options to offset the impact of Western sanctions on Moscow, but none are big enough to save Russia, and all would decrease China’s chances of hitting its 5.5 percent growth target, which is already the lowest in decades. Just before the Ukraine invasion, Beijing and Moscow signed an…

Be ‘Real People’: Democrats Argue Over How To Win Back Americans As Party Faces Potential Shellacking In Midterms

As they convene for their party’s yearly retreat, House Democrats are divided on a strategy for boosting flagging polls ahead of the midterm elections.While left-wing members of the caucus want to continue pushing for the Build Back Better social spending package, moderates want to revamp their image out of concern that the party appears out…

Joe Biden Angrily Slams Americans for Blaming Him for Inflation in Lie-Filled Remarks

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP Joe Biden may not have the physical stamina to travel overseas and fulfill his duties regarding foreign policy, but he did manage to give public remarks on Friday. In them, the president slammed Americans for blaming him for the current inflation boom, proclaiming he’s “sick of it” and that “it’s […]

Civilians and veterans helping evacuate Americans from Ukraine: ‘Never leave an American behind’

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! A group of veterans and civilians who have spent the last six months helping Americans escape Afghanistan have now turned their attention to Ukraine after Russia launched an invasion of the eastern European country this week.  As soon as the Russian military started shelling the Ukrainian capital […]

Number of Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck Jumps 7 Percent, Report Shows

A growing number of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck despite increasing wages, a newly released report found. PYMNTS and Lending Club released the report, which says that 61 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, an increase of 7 points since May 2021. The report also found 54 percent of Baby Boomers and…

Hern on NEWSMAX: Biden Admin’s Lack of Action at our Southern Border is Literally Killing Americans

All Americans should leave Ukraine now: Jake Sullivan at White House Press Briefing

Poll: Economy the Top Issue in Determining How Americans Will Vote in Midterms

A majority of Americans say the economy is the top issue in determining how they will vote in the midterm elections, a Redfield & Wilton Strategies survey released this week found. The survey asked respondents to identify which issues are “most likely to determine” how they will vote in the November 8, 2022, midterm elections,…

Biden: I Won’t Send in Troops to Rescue Americans from Ukraine, You Can’t Find Them

During a portion of an interview with NBC aired on Thursday’s edition of “NBC Nightly News,” President Joe Biden stated that he wouldn’t send American troops into Ukraine to get American citizens out if Russia invades, it wouldn’t be possible to do so and to find people and that he’s “hoping” if Putin does invade,…

Americans have yet to see a justification for Ukraine joining NATO: Tulsi Gabbard

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson asked former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard why no one has been able to explain why Americans should want Ukraine to join NATO on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ TULSI GABBARD: I’ve looked at this carefully, Tucker, and I have yet to find any benefit that a political leader has used or could use […]

Russia-Ukraine: Pentagon planning for US troops to help evacuate Americans: LIVE UPDATES

Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin has the latest on U.S. troops responding to the tensions between Russia and Ukraine on ‘Your World.’ Posted by Andrew Mark Miller Posted by Andrew Mark Miller Don’t write off Kyiv, but if Vladimir Putin attacks “any day” under cover of wargames in Belarus starting this week, President Biden will […]

Poll: Over Half of Americans Say Country Is Headed on the ‘Wrong Track’

Over half of the country believes the United States is on the “wrong track” over a year into President Biden’s presidency, a Reuters/Ipsos survey released this week found. The survey asked respondents to reveal their current view on the direction of the country and found 63 percent indicating that it is “off on the wrong…

5.4 Million Americans Purchase Guns For First Time in 2021: NSSF Survey

An industry trade group has found that at least 5.4 million Americans purchased a firearm for the first time in 2021 (pdf), based on retailer surveys and background checks, with one in three buyers being women. Out of all firearm buyers, nearly 30 percent were first-timers…

Papadopoulos: The Clinton campaign involvement will shock Americans | ‘John Bachman Now’

Gutfeld: The out-of-touch media should be glad Americans haven’t caught on to them

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! This is a great show, and I’m a great person. I’m a great person.  Happy Jan. 11, America. Yes, Jan. 11. Just a year ago today, it was also Jan. 11. I know — never forget.  So why is Jan. 11 so important? Because it’s this great […]

Tucker Carlson: Biden’s speeches reveal what he thinks of Americans

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Time for civics class, the abbreviated version. Here’s how democracies work: In a democracy, voters strike a highly straightforward deal with a government that rules them. Here’s what it is: Politicians do their best to improve your life. In exchange for that, you vote for them. That […]


Across the country, Americans are fleeing “blue” cities and states led by progressive Democrats and moving to “red” communities governed by Republicans Across the country, Americans are fleeing “blue” cities and states led by progressive Democrats and moving to “red” communities governed by Republicans. Americans are voting with their feet in substantial numbers. This trend […]

Kevin McCarthy Slams Twitter’s ‘Continued and Dangerous Efforts to Silence Americans’ Following MTG Ban

Alex Wong/Getty Images House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) slammed Twitter’s “continued and dangerous efforts to silence Americans” on its platform following the permanent suspension of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) — vowing to “take action that protects Americans when they express their constitutionally safeguarded views” when the GOP retakes the majority. “Diversity of opinion…

Survey: Americans Overwhelmingly Distrust Teachers, Schools with Children’s Sexual Identity

Americans across all demographics and political persuasions overwhelmingly do not trust teachers with counseling children on their sexual or gender identities without parents’ knowledge, according to a Rasmussen Reports survey. The survey asking if “schools and teachers [should] be allowed to counsel students on their sexual and gender identities without parental knowledge or consent” saw…

White House Dismissed October Proposal To Provide Free At-Home Tests To Americans For The Holidays

President Joe Biden’s administration rejected a proposal back in October that would have provided rapid, at-home COVID tests to Americans in anticipation of a surge over the holidays.The president announced Tuesday his administration’s plan to purchase 500 million at-home rapid COVID-19 tests that will be available for free to Americans. The announcement follows testing shortages…

Poll: More Americans to Attend Religious Service This Christmas After ‘Suppressed Attendance’ Last Year

More Americans plan to attend a religious services this Christmas after attendance waned during the coronavirus pandemic last year, a Rasmussen poll released on Friday found.This year, 44 percent of American adults plan on attending a religious service, up from 39 percent last year when the pandemic and government induced shutdowns “suppressed attendance.”  Forty-three percent of…

Survey: Two-Thirds of Americans Believe Schools Are Political

American parents are overwhelmingly concerned with what is being taught in schools and believe schools have gotten political over the last two years, according to a survey conducted by Free to Learn (FTL). Overall, 81 percent of Americans are concerned with the quality of education today, with 59 percent concerned specifically with what their children…

Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain Defends Threatening Unvaccinated Americans

President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, defended on Monday recent messaging from the president threatening unvaccinated Americans with death from the coronavirus. “The truth is the truth,” Klain wrote on social media, sharing a comment from New York Magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi about their messaging tactics. The truth is the truth. https://t.co/uUpRA9L13U —…

Ingraham: Biden 'isn't listening' to Americans, has 'failed on almost every front'

President Biden and the congressional Democrats will conclude 2021 with a slew more issues than the beginning of the year, said Laura Ingraham. “They are not listening,” she said Friday on “The Ingraham Angle.” “Biden and the congressional Democrats end 2021 having failed on almost every front. Inflation is skyrocketing. Violence is on the rise. […]