April 24, 2024

Trump leads Biden by 5 points in new national poll

Former President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden by five points nationally in the 2024 White House race, according to a new poll. The Fox News survey, released Wednesday, shows the ex-commander in chief leading the incumbent  50% to 45% in a head-to-head rematch of the 2020 election.  It represents the largest lead Trump, 77, has […]

Poll: Donald Trump Support in Republican Primary ‘Highest Level Yet’

Former President Donald Trump’s lead in the Republican primary race is at its “highest level yet,” according to the latest CBS News/YouGov survey. The survey asked likely Republican primary voters whom they would vote for if the primary were held today. An overwhelming majority, 69 percent, said they would vote for Trump. Florida Gov. Ron

Nolte: Poll Shows Slight Majority Support States Banning Trump from Ballot

While voters are divided on the issue of how the U.S. Supreme Court should handle fascist Democrats banning former President Trump from state ballots, a slight majority would like SCOTUS to ban Trump or allow the state bans to stand. “The national poll finds a close division on state-level rulings barring Trump from the ballot

Poll: Trump Leads Biden in Georgia as General Election Kicks Off

Former President Donald Trump enters the general election leading President Joe Biden in Georgia by three points, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll. The poll, which includes leaners and was published Tuesday, finds that 51 percent of 1,133 registered voters sampled in the Peach State back Trump for the presidency in a head-to-head race with Biden

Poll: Fewer than Half of Americans Believe Trump Should Be Disqualified for January 6

A poll released Tuesday showed that fewer than half of Americans think former President Donald Trump should be disqualified from the presidency in 2024 due to his alleged actions related to the January 6 Capitol riot — despite Democrat-elected judges and state officials attempting to take him off the ballot. The poll, conducted by the

Poll: 4 in 10 Americans’ Financial Situations Worsened in Past Six Months

More than four in ten (41 percent) Americans say their personal finances have worsened in the past six months, a new Rasmussen Reports survey found. Additionally, 32 percent expect their personal finances to tank further, while 25 percent expect an improvement, and 36 percent expect conditions to stay the same, the survey found. Just 17

New Poll Says Democrats Should Rebel Against Biden ASAP

The following content is sponsored by the Freeport Society. Should Joe Biden drop out of the 2024 presidential race? He should if he wants Democrats to win the White House. That’s what a new poll sponsored by the Harvard University Center for American Political Studies suggests, which shows Trump winning 53 percent to 47 percent

Poll: Record Low Satisfied in U.S. with ‘Way Democracy Is Working’ Under Biden

A record low percentage of Americans are satisfied with the “way democracy is working” during Joe Biden’s presidency, a Gallup poll found. Only 28 percent of adults living in the United States — a constitutional republic — are satisfied with the state of democracy, down from 35 percent when Gallup polled on the issue after

Poll: Donald Trump Leads Biden in Florida, Even Among ‘Non-Binary’ Voters

Former President Trump leads President Biden in Florida, including among “non-binary” voters, the latest FAU/Mainstream Research poll found. The survey, taken October 27 to November 11, among 946 Florida adults registered to vote, asked all voters, “If the election for President were held today, and the candidates were Joe Biden and Donald Trump, which candidate

Poll: Trust in Establishment Media Plunges to 2016 Record Low

Confidence in establishment media to accurately report “news in a full, fair and accurate way” fell to the lowest level since 2016’s record low, a Gallup poll released Thursday revealed. Only 32 percent of Americans said they trust the establishment media “a great deal” or “a fair amount” to report the news. The survey notched American

More voters think Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and Trump broke the law: poll

More than half of US voters believe both first son Hunter Biden and former President Donald Trump have done something illegal — and a growing number believe the same of President Biden, a new poll has found. The Fox News survey found 52% of registered voters believe Hunter Biden flouted the law when it came […]

Poll: 18% of Americans View Mitch McConnell Positively as Age Comes Under Scrutiny

Poll: 18% of Americans View Mitch McConnell Positively as Age Comes Under Scrutiny Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is deeply unpopular with Americans of all political affiliations, as just 18 percent of the country finds him “favorable,” according to a YouGov/Economist poll, while colleagues on Capitol Hill are reportedly “alarmed” over

Louisiana Poll: Donald Trump Holds Commanding 65-Point Lead over Ron DeSantis 

Former President Donald Trump holds a commanding 65-point lead over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis among Louisiana Republicans, the latest Nexstar Media/Emerson College found. Three-fourths of Louisiana Republicans, 75 percent, plan to support Trump. DeSantis came in second place with just ten percent support. Another ten percent remain undecided, the survey found. Trump’s 65-point advantage in Louisiana is significant because

Poll: Ramaswamy Surges to Second Place over DeSantis, Trump Up 40 Points

Robert Perry/Getty Images, LOGAN CYRUS/AFP via Getty Images While former President Donald Trump maintains a commanding 40-point lead over his Republican primary challengers, Vivek Ramaswamy has surged over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to take second place, a new Echelon Insight poll found. Trump is the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination, with 55 percent of

Trump Says He Will ‘Not Be Doing the Debates,’ Citing Poll Numbers

Spencer Platt/Getty Images Former President Donald Trump declared on Sunday that he will “not be doing the debates” amid such strong poll numbers putting him high above his opponents. The former president made his declaration on his Truth Social account, citing a CBS poll that apparently had him 46 points ahead of Republican Florida Gov.

Poll: Majority of Republicans View Chris Christie Unfavorably

(Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images) Most potential Republican primary voters have an unfavorable view of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the latest Morning Consult survey found. For weeks, Christie has maintained the status of having the highest unfavorable rating in the GOP race. But this week’s figures not only show his favorability under

Poll: Majority of Democrats Say Having Fewer Children Is ‘Positive’ for Environment

Getty Images/Branislav Novak/EyeEm Having fewer children is good for the planet, more than half of Democrat voters believe. A majority (55 percent) of Democrats say the trend of people having fewer children has a “positive impact” on the environment, according to a Pew Research Center survey of 5,073 U.S. adults conducted between April 10-16 and published

Poll: U.S. Church Attendance Below Pre-Pandemic Level

Sabrina LeBoeuf/The Baltimore Sun/Tribune News Service via Getty Images Church attendance in the United States is lower than before the coronavirus pandemic, a Gallup News survey found. “U.S. church attendance has shown a small but noticeable decline compared with what it was before the COVID-19 pandemic,” the survey report states. The report details: In the

Increasing majority of Americans view sex as biological reality, new poll reveals

A growing number of Americans believe that an individual’s gender should be determined based on the sex listed on their birth certificate, a new poll has found. The NPR, PBS NewsHour and Marist poll released Wednesday found that 61% of Americans — up 10 percent from May 2022 — say “defining gender as the sex […]

Poll: Trump Leads Biden, West in Hypothetical Race for White House; DeSantis Craters in Primary Contest

Poll: Trump Leads Biden, West in Hypothetical Race for White House; DeSantis Craters in Primary Contest Jeff Swensen/Getty Images, JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images, BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images, Fernando Leon/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden and Green Party presidential candidate Cornell West in a hypothetical three-way

Poll: 69 Percent of Americans Oppose Men Competing in Women’s Sports

A majority of Americans reject the radical notion that men should be allowed to play on women’s sports teams just because they “identify” as women. A new Gallup News poll found that opposition to transgender athletes playing on teams that match their “gender identity” is rising, up to 69 percent in 2023 from 62 percent

Menendez approval drops amid latest federal investigation, poll finds

Sen. Bob Menendez has been involved in a series of federal investigations, with one happening each decade since 2srcsrcsrc. | Francis Chung/POLITICO New Jerseyans gave lower approval ratings to Sen. Bob Menendez as he faces a new federal investigation, according to a new poll from Monmouth University. Menendez, who is up for reelection next year

Americans’ confidence in the U.S. military lowest in 2 decades, poll finds

The results of the Gallup poll mark the lowest level of public confidence in the U.S. military since 1997 and the steepest decline in the past five years. | John Moore/Getty Images Public confidence in the U.S. military continues to decline, reaching its lowest point in over two decades, according to a new poll. Only

NYT Poll: Donald Trump and Joe Biden Tied Nationally

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are tied nationally in a hypothetical 2src24 presidential matchup, a recent New York Times/Siena College survey found. The survey asked respondents who they would choose if the presidential election were held today: Biden, Trump, or another candidate. Across the board, Trump and Biden are tied, as 43

Fox News Poll: Top reactions to AI? Voters say ‘dangerous’ and ‘afraid’

Most voters think artificial intelligence technology will change the way we live in the U.S. in the next few years. Whether that is a good thing or bad remains to be seen. In the latest Fox News national survey, voters were asked their main reactions — without the aid options — when they think about […]

Fox News Poll: Majority says only increase debt ceiling with spending cuts

With under two weeks until a potential default on the nation’s debt, a majority of registered voters says increasing the debt ceiling should only happen with spending cuts, and two-thirds believe that failing to raise that limit will result in financial catastrophe. That’s a complete reversal from 12 years ago during the last debt ceiling crisis. […]

Fox News Poll: More than half of voters think Trump is a strong leader, Biden isn’t

Big announcements in the Republican presidential primary race produce little movement in the latest Fox News survey.  Former president Donald Trump maintains his lead with 53% support among GOP primary voters nationally, and Ron DeSantis once again comes in second at 20%. Last month, it was 53-21%. Since February, Trump has gained 10 points and […]

Poll: Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden by 18 Points Among Independents

Former President Donald Trump holds an 18-point lead over President Joe Biden among independent Americans, the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris poll revealed. The survey found that Donald Trump holds a five-point lead over Biden among all voters, with 45 percent supporting Trump to 4src percent who back Biden. However, 16 percent of voters remain undecided in a

Poll: Trump Leads Biden by Four Nationally, Voters Find Him Stronger Leader

Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden by four points among registered voters in a hypothetical general election match-up, according to a national YouGov/Economist poll.  The poll, released Wednesday, shows that 44 percent of 1,314 registered voters sampled back Trump in a rematch of the 2src2src race, while 4src percent support Biden. In that

Nearly Half Of Californians Are Considering Fleeing The State: POLL

Nearly half of Californians are considering leaving the state, according to a June California Community poll. The top cited reasons residents had for wanting to leave the state included the cost of living and political disagreement, according to the poll results. The poll was conducted between June 6 and June 16 and is an “ongoing