July 18, 2024

RNC Will Take Place 2 Blocks from Site of Attempted Teddy Roosevelt Assassination

The Republican National Convention (RNC) will take place next week two blocks away from the spot in Milwaukee where President Teddy Roosevelt survived an assassination attempt in 1912. A display at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, marks the site of the attempted assassination of former President Teddy Roosevelt in 1912. (Matthew Perdie /

Christian Hip-Hop Artist Lecrae Recalls ‘Evil Things Taking Place’ at Parties Hosted by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae said in a January episode of his podcast that he had attended “a couple” of parties hosted by embattled rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs, adding, “If I don’t say ‘evil things’ were taking place, then I’m covering for him.” “I’ve been to a couple Diddy parties — now, I’m risking a lot by

Ultra Woke Google Claims Company Is Not Place to ‘Debate Politics’ After Firing Anti-Israel Radicals

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has taken a comical stance against using the ultra woke company’s offices for political debates and protests after terminating 28 employees who participated in anti-Israel sit-ins at various Google locations. The New York Post reports that in a strongly worded 1,200-word memo sent to Google’s global workforce late Thursday, Pichai made

Jamie Foxx sued for alleged sexual assault that took place at NYC restaurant

Jamie Foxx is being sued by a Jane Doe who claims the “Blame It” singer sexually assaulted her at a New York City restaurant in 2015. In court documents obtained by The Post, a Jane Doe claims she noticed Foxx, 55, sitting at a nearby table at Catch NYC & Roof in August 2015. Around […]

Jeffries: ‘Informal Conversations’ Taking Place for Bipartisan Solution to Speakership

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that “informal conversations” are taking place for a bipartisan solution to the House speakership. Anchor Kristen Welker said, “Are you actually having conversations behind the scenes with the Republican counterparts about trying to create a bipartisan solution, a governing coalition?” Jeffries said

Poll: Ramaswamy Surges to Second Place over DeSantis, Trump Up 40 Points

Robert Perry/Getty Images, LOGAN CYRUS/AFP via Getty Images While former President Donald Trump maintains a commanding 40-point lead over his Republican primary challengers, Vivek Ramaswamy has surged over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to take second place, a new Echelon Insight poll found. Trump is the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination, with 55 percent of

Store all your important digital files in one place for life for only $100

TL;DR: Tired of low storage warnings? That’s not a problem with this 20TB lifetime subscription to Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage, on sale now for only $99.99 (reg. $1,494). With every device comes selective storage capacities for each. An average smartphone carries 64GB of storage whereas a standard laptop can carry 256GB. What if you didn’t have […]

Trump makes surprise visit to Florida pizza place, hands out slices to supporters

Former President Donald Trump held an impromptu pizza party with his supporters Friday after a campaign speech. Trump made a surprise visit to Downtown House of Pizza in Fort Myers, Florida, on Friday after speaking at the Lee County Republican Party’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner. Video from the event shows Trump at the cash register of […]

Selena Gomez’s ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ character could have been gay

The Disney Channel alum starred on the magical sitcom, which aired from 2007 to 2012. What if Alex Russo was part of the LGBTQ+ community? Selena Gomez’s iconic character on Disney Channel’s hit show “Wizards of Waverly Place” was actually bisexual, according to the series showrunner. One of the fantasy sitcom’s executive producers, Peter Murrieta, recently […]

‘I’m In a Good Place Right Now’: Bengals’ Tee Higgins Relieved to Hear Damar Hamlin Improving

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Tee Higgins, the man Bills Safety Damar Hamlin tackled before he collapsed on Monday, said he is relieved to hear Hamlin’s condition has improved. Speaking with reporters after practice on Thursday, Higgins said that he and Damar Hamlin’s mom have been in regular contact since the safety had been admitted to the

GOP debates: Who could take McCarthy’s place?

If Rep. Kevin McCarthy does drop out, Rep. Steve Scalise is the most obvious fall-back option. | Francis Chung/POLITICO If not Kevin McCarthy, then who? It’s the all-consuming question that has started openly percolating among the House GOP, as McCarthy’s speaker bid stalls. So far, though, Justin Amash — a former congressman who switched from

Dem Rep. Moore: DeSantis Moved Migrants to ‘a Wonderful Place,’ But It Was Also ‘Trafficking’ and ‘Exploitation’

On Friday’s broadcast of C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) stated that the “laughable” aspect of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) flying 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is the fact that Martha’s Vineyard “is a wonderful place,” and the people living there “received these people and treated them with dignity.” But the migrant transport

‘In the Heights’ Underwhelms with $11M Opening, Beaten by ‘Quiet Place II’ in Its 3rd Weekend

NEW YORK (AP) — Just when a party was poised to break out in movie theaters, the below-expectation debut of “In the Heights” dampened Hollywood’s hopes of a swift or smooth recovery at the summer box office. Jon M. Chu’s exuberant adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical opened with a modest $11.4 million, according to…

Cuomo Sees No Place for God in Crisis

Unjust treatment of churches in lockdowns shows how disordered our priorities are. Now of all times we should turn to God, in community.Nov. 15, 2020 – Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks about COVID vaccination at Riverside Church, NYC. (By Ron Adar/Shutterstock)Here’s the main point, it seems to me, concerning the U. S. Supreme Court’s by-now-famous decision…

The Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening – the Grand Battle Taking Place Right Now for the Future of America and the Free World

Trump’s legal team — consisting of Rudy Giuliani, Joe Digenova, Sidney Powell and others — held a very hard-hitting press conference today in which they laid out Trump’s clear path to victory in the courts. That full press conference is currently in the process of being posted to Brighteon.com, and our transcription team is working […]


A fourth alleged witness in Christine Blasey Ford’s alleged sexual assault accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh has denied the allegations. Leland Ingham Keyser says she has no recollection of EVER BEING AT A PARTY with Brett Kavanaugh and does not know him. Ms. Keyser is a lifelong friend of Christine Blasey Ford. THERE ARE NO WITNESSES WHO […]

FEMA’s Long Defends Trump on Puerto Rico Death Dispute — Studies Are ‘All Over the Place’.

   Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” FEMA administrator Brock Long defended President Donald Trump dispute over the death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria. Long said, “These studies are all over the place the Harvard study was done differently studies a different period of time versus the George Washington study. There’s a big discrepancy […]

On the Fourth of July, teach your kids about what made America great in the first place.

I have vivid memories of celebrating Independence Day in my hometown of Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Each Fourth of July I rode on a parade float down Myrtle Avenue, competed in watermelon seed-spitting contests with my cousins and watched colorful fireworks burst over the beach. But even in my grade school years, I understood that […]

Dan Bongino Puts California Governor In His Place Over Illegal Immigrant Pardons — ‘It’s An Abyss Of Stupidity’

California Governor Jerry Brown. Radio host and Fox News commentator Dan Bongino held nothing back when he learned that California Governor Jerry Brown had granted pardons to five illegal immigrants. Brown pardoned 56 in total on Friday, in addition to commuting 14 sentences. Bongino, like President Donald Trump, took issue with the pardons granted to […]

Gowdy: Trump Has Done More Than Obama Ever Did To Put Putin In His Place.

GOP South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy said Sunday that President Donald Trump has done more to hold Russia accountable for its actions than the Obama administration ever did. “I think he’s done a hell of a lot better job than President Obama did,” Gowdy said on “Fox News Sunday” in response to a question about whether […]

‘Conservative’ WaPo Writer: There’s a ‘Special Place in Hell’ for Kellyanne.

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is trying to bat off allegations that he sexually abused minors when he was in his 30s. Both President Trump and White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, while not explicitly endorsing Moore, are, however, warning Alabamans not to vote for his opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, who they say will […]

Pat Buchanan: Bitter Obama in ‘Despair,’ Leaving With ‘Let’s Wreck the Place’ Attitude

Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” conservative political commentator and former staffer for Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan Pat Buchanan said President Barack Obama was acting with “bitterness” when today at a meeting on Capitol Hill he told Democrats to resist helping Republicans replace his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act. Buchanan […]

Benghazi Victim’s Mother: ‘Special Place In Hell’ For People Like Hillary, “I Hope She Enjoys It There’ – VIDEO

Patricia Smith, whose son Sean was killed in the 2012 terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, responded to Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement about her being “absolutely wrong” by saying there’s “a special place in hell” for people like Clinton “and I hope she enjoys it there” […]

Obama on Cuba and looking for love in the wrong place

We hear that Secretary Kerry is canceling his trip to Cuba over human rights.  Good for him!  The issue is dissidents, or having the Cuban government decide which ones will meet with President Obama. President Obama is still going to Cuba.  He will join Mick and The Rolling Stones in Havana. Frankly, I can understand […]

New Hampshire primary: Trump, Sanders win; Kasich projected to take GOP 2nd place

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Sen. Bernie Sanders and billionaire Donald Trump have won the Democratic and Republican presidential primaries in New Hampshire, in victories so decisive that the drama of primary night shifted to the Republicans battling for second, third and fourth place. Projected to finish in second was Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a relatively moderate […]

Obama: Criticism of Muslim Americans ‘Has No Place In Our Country’

On Wednesday, President Obama, who has become the executive branch equivalent of a professional Salon.com commenter troll, took his traveling roadshow of perverse failure to the Islamic Society of Baltimore. There, he lectured Americans – as always – on our own intolerance, the glories of Islam, and how if we just gaze longingly into his […]

Of Course There’s No Place For Jim Webb In The DEMOCRATIC PARTY

It might be one of the most cliched sayings in politics, but Jim Webb would be exactly right in stating that he didn’t leave the Democratic Party — the Democratic Party left him. On Tuesday, the former Virginia senator announced his withdrawal from his party’s primary due to its abandonment of “millions of dedicated, hard-working […]