August 17, 2022

Biden’s Border Blunders: Red States Are Taking the Lead

With the anticipation that President Joe Biden will end the Trump-era Title 42 program that has allowed border agents to turn away migrants and reduce immigration due to the pandemic, a new border crisis and surge are expected after this green light for immigrants. And although Republicans have warned against this lack of logic, now…

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams Revels in Kemp and Perdue’s Bitter Primary Battle

Stacey Abrams, the uncontested Democrat candidate in Georgia’s gubernatorial race, is leveraging on the infighting between the top two candidates in the Republican primary as she awaits the general election. Abrams and her campaign have repeatedly framed the Georgia Democrat as the candidate who is focused on her state while framing her potential Republican opponents,…

Bitter cold weather forecast across Northeast

One more day of bitter cold across the Northeast, where wind chills will make it feel below zero in many cities.  AT WHAT TEMPERATURE CAN YOU GET FROSTBITE? SIGNS, SYMPTOMS AND EVERYTHING ELSE TO KNOW Northeast wind chill forecast (Credit: Fox News) Wind chill warnings and advisories are in effect.   Thankfully, milder air will start […]

AL GORE: Global Warming Means Bitter Cold — Duh.

For the last dozen years or more, the Left has been doing some fancy footwork over “global warming. First, it turned out that the Earth wasn’t really warming — the temperature rise stopped for more than a decade. So global warmists said it was just a “pause.” (They’d later say they “found” the rise — […]

Pat Buchanan: Bitter Obama in ‘Despair,’ Leaving With ‘Let’s Wreck the Place’ Attitude

Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” conservative political commentator and former staffer for Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan Pat Buchanan said President Barack Obama was acting with “bitterness” when today at a meeting on Capitol Hill he told Democrats to resist helping Republicans replace his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act. Buchanan […]

Angry, Bitter Obama: “Domestic Propagandists” Bigger Threat to US Democracy Than Russian Hackers

This guy has some nerve. The liberal media has treated him with kid gloves and Eskimo kisses for eight years. But not ALL media outlets carry his water. So today he lashed out at the conservative news outlets. Obama blasted talk radio and conservative propagandists for making voters vulnerable to fake news. Obama: "Domestic propagandists" […]