September 30, 2022

Video Shows NYPD Cop Punch Woman, Knock Her to Ground — Now She’s Facing Charges | NBC New York

Video shows Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz attacking jail officer, grabbing taser | LiveNOW from FOX

VIDEO: Teacher Arrested Second Time in a Month for Alleged Child Sex Crimes

A Fresno, California, elementary school teacher has been accused of having sexual contact with children, and it was not his first runin with the law. Authorities recently arrested Robert William Duprey regarding charges of sexual assault and battery on children, ABC 3src reported. “Their investigation into the Wolters Elementary School teacher led to a first arrest in…

POTUS Biden Paid for Hunter’s Russian Escort. Sent Coke-sniffing Sex Maniac $100K in Five Months. Video: Hunter Worried That He Hurt Prostitute

Hunter Biden (AP Images) Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell might be the most significant political disaster since Argentinian stripper Fanne Fox, 50 years ago, leapt into the Tidal Basin from the car of House Ways and Means Chairman Wilbur Mills. The latest from the computer shows that his father, President Joe Biden, paid for Hunter’s […]

VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi confronted by Newsmax reporter on SCOTUS security

VIDEO: Milwaukee Bucks Cancel Game 7 Watch Party After Shooting Following Game 6

The city of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Bucks have announced extra precautions in the lead-up to Sunday’s Game 7 against Boston, following an explosion of gunfire after Game 6. Hundreds of fans were sent racing for cover after shots rang out in Milwaukee’s Deer District on Friday night. #BREAKING: People are being evacuated after reported…

YouTube Censors Heritage Foundation Video of Trump Speech

Well over a year since Joe Biden’s inauguration, Big Tech continues to take a zero-tolerance approach to claims of fraud in the 2020 election, with YouTube recently removing a video of a speech by former President Donald Trump discussing the issue at an event in Florida. In a comment to Breitbart News, a spokeswoman for…

Video Shows Apparent Antifa Attack On GOP Candidate’s Rally

A Republican candidate for governor in Oregon posted videos of alleged Antifa members attacking his Portland campaign rally Saturday on social media.Republican Mayor Stan Pulliam of Sandy, Oregon, who is running for the Republican Party of Oregon’s gubernatorial nomination, posted the footage on Twitter Saturday. The videos show masked demonstrators in black throwing smoke bombs…

Russian warship in Snake Island video damaged in Black Sea | REPORT | ‘John Bachman Now’

Nigeria: Terrorists Release Hostage Video of Train Abductees

A group of unidentified Nigerian terrorists released a video on Monday appearing to show hostages abducted from a passenger train attacked by the terror group on March 28, Africnews reported. The roughly two-minute video began circulating on social media platforms on April 11. The footage shows “2src people [sat] in a forested area. One of…

WATCH: Ukrainian forces defeat Russian tank column in remarkable video | Wake Up America

Video: 43-Year-Old Working in Poland to Return to Ukraine to Join Civilian Force

Roman Medvedev, 43, was living and working in Poland for four months, and on March 12, he is going back to Ukraine to join the civilian force. He spoke with The Epoch Times before he crossed the border into Ukraine. Video credit: Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times Follow Bringing you the latest video content, livestreams, and premieres.

Understanding the Constitution: Why Joe Biden is Wrong to Think the 9th Amendment Protects Abortion

Commentary President Joe Biden recently reaffirmed his long-standing position that the Constitution’s Ninth Amendment protects abortion, and he wants the courts to start enforcing that provision. Abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution, but Biden is one of many who claim the Ninth Amendment protects unmentioned rights. In the Supreme Court’s notorious 1965 “emanations and…

Canada’s Foreign Minister Meets Counterparts at NATO to Ramp up Pressure Moscow

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau looks on as Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly responds to a question during a news conference, Feb. 24, 2022 in Ottawa. (The Canadian Press/Adrian Wyld) Canada’s foreign affairs minister met counterparts at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Friday to co-ordinate continuing efforts to sanction Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.…

Georgia woman captures surprise visit by dairy cows on security video: Udderly ridiculous!

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Alisha Cooper of Warner Robins, Georgia, had an unusual group of visitors show up outside her new home recently. It was all caught on video — and the images and story behind it offer a lighter moment for anyone curious about what some sophisticated home security systems […]

VIDEO: Indiana Teacher Granted Early Retirement After Slapping Student in Face

An Indiana teacher is retiring early and could face criminal charges after a shocking video emerged appearing to show him slapping a student in the face. Teacher Mike Hosinski, who has taught at Jimtown High School in Elkhart for 4src years, reportedly struck the student during morning classes in February, the South Bend Tribune reported. Watch below: …

Belarus Set to Amend Non-Nuclear Constitution Amid Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Belarus is set to make amendments to its non-nuclear constitution to allow for nuclear weapons after a referendum was held on Sunday amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Belarus Central Election Commission said that voter turnout stood at 78.61 percent, of which 65.2 percent voted in favor of the change. The amendments give Belarusian President…

New York Orders Russia Sanctions, Invites Ukrainian Refugees

NEW YORK—New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed an executive order Sunday forbidding her state from doing business with Russia, including cancelling its investments there. The governor also said New York will welcome Ukrainian refugees in response to Russia’s invasion, noting at a press conference in Albany that her state is home to the largest Ukrainian…

Russia, Ukraine ‘deepfake’ video, audio are concerns for US intelligence

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! As tensions continue to rise in Ukraine and Russia, U.S. intelligence officials are on the watch for manipulated video and audio that could result in multiple cases of misinformation. The FBI continues to wage a campaign against illegal deepfakes, as the technology continues to improve. “Audio, video, […]

Video: Ottawa Protesters Link Arms to Block Police

OTTAWA, Ontario – Demonstrators supporting the Freedom Convoy locked arms to block law enforcement’s advancement towards Parliament Hill on Friday. The protesters sang Canada’s national anthem while standing in front of the police. Some shouted, “Hold the line,” “freedom,” and “peace and love.” Many wore and held Canadian flags. Law enforcement included mounted officers on…

Exclusive Video — Canadian YouTuber Viva Frei: ‘Legacy Media’ Are ‘Outright Lying’ About Freedom Convoy

Canadian YouTuber David Freiheit, who operates under the name Viva Frei, told Breitbart News on Tuesday in Ottawa, ON, that the “legacy media” and “politicians” are “outright lying” about the Freedom Convoy in Canada’s capital city. Freiheit has done hour-long livestreams from Ottawa across recent days, documenting events at and around Parliament Hill in the…

VIDEO: Pregnant Woman Allegedly Hit with Own Car in Alabama Carjacking

Shocking surveillance footage caught the moment a reportedly pregnant woman was run over by her own car during a carjacking in Alabama. The incident occurred on February 6 at approximately 1:28 a.m. at a Chevron on Azalea Road in Mobile, according to WKRG. The woman had entered the Chevron to purchase a drink, and on…

Sofi Stadium attack caught on video, report says

Los Angeles officials released new information Thursday about an altercation in a parking lot of SoFi Stadium last weekend that left a 40-year-old Oakland man in a medically induced coma, according to reports.  Questions are also mounting ahead of the Super Bowl, about the response to the incident, including why it took so long to tell […]

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Freedom Convoy Supporter: ‘Our Kids Will Have No Freedoms’ if ‘We Don’t Fight’ for Them Now

“If we don’t fight for our freedoms now, our kids will have no freedoms to fight for later,” Mark, a demonstrator in Ottawa, Ontario, told Breitbart News on Wednesday. Mark was near Parliament Hill in the nation’s capital with a Canadian flag in support of the Freedom Convoy demonstration. He was with Mike, another demonstrator…

VIDEO: BLM Activist Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Illegally Registering to Vote

Pamela Moses, a Memphis-based Black Lives Matter activist, has received a sentence of six years behind bars for illegally registering to vote in 2src19. The 44-year-old was sentenced Monday inside the Shelby County Criminal Court by Judge Mark Ward, the Daily Memphian reported Friday. He sentenced her to six years and a day but explained that…

Los Angeles motorcyclist topping 130 mph dies after horrific crash caught on video

A motorcyclist going upward of 130 mph down a street in Los Angeles Thursday afternoon died after crashing into another vehicle.  The Los Angeles Police Department told Fox News that the driver’s license plate came back as stolen. A department official said officers were tracking the motorcycle and were not in pursuit at the time […]

John Ondrasik warns of ‘political’ censorship after YouTube temporarily removed Afghan withdrawal music video

Five for Fighting frontman John Ondrasik spoke out against censorship on Monday during an appearance on “America’s Newsroom” after YouTube temporarily removed and then reinstated a music video of his song “Blood on my Hands,” which criticized the U.S. for its handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.  “It seems that freedom of expression only matters when […]

VIDEO: Detroit DoorDash Driver Saves Toddler Roaming Streets in Frigid Temperatures

A DoorDash driver in Detroit saved a toddler when he observed the child wandering frigid Eight Mile Road Sunday in only a diaper and a pair of socks. Robert Jackson III was on his way to make a delivery on Sunday when he came across the child, according to Fox 2 Detroit. “I saw something…

Damning Report: Canadian COVID Care Alliance Explains Why Pfizer Shots Can Do More Harm Than Good (VIDEO)

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance, which consists of over 500 independent Canadian doctors, scientists, and health care practitioners, released an in-depth analysis of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine claiming that it can do more harm than good to people. According to its website, the Pfizer 6 month data shows that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines cause more illness […]

VIDEO: Man Allegedly Tries to Strangle Woman at Bus Stop with Shoelace

Video footage showed a Florida man approach a woman at a bus stop and allegedly try to strangle her with a shoelace, the New York Post reported Wednesday. Twenty-seven-year-old Aaron K. Quinones is facing an attempted felony murder charge following the incident at a Miami-Dade Transit bus stop, police explained. Florida man caught on camera…