June 26, 2022

Newsmax correspondent returns after 4 months in Ukraine, reveals shocking truth about war

Ukraine War: Russia ‘using everything at its disposal’

Depp vs. Heard verdict, infant formula shortage & Ukraine latest | LiveNOW from FOX

After Sending $40 Billion To Ukraine, US Officials Are Only Now Raising Red Flags

U.S. officials say Ukraine has concealed key elements of their war strategy against Russia as the US continues to send billions in support of the Ukrainian war effort, The New York Times reported on Wednesday.U.S. intelligence agencies generally directed intelligence gathering efforts toward Russia over Ukraine, giving them better insight into Russia’s military capabilities and…

Ukraine War: All eyes on the Donbas as Germany sends tanks to help Ukraine

McConnell Leads Secret Meeting Of Republican Senators In Ukraine

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell led a group of Senators through the streets of Kyiv, Ukraine, to meet with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president announced in a video shared Saturday.“The visit of the U.S. Senate delegation led by the leader of the Republican minority in the upper house of Congress Mitchell McConnell is a strong…

Ukraine War: Woman finds her in-laws dead on the street

FACT CHECK: Does This Footage Show A Protest In Russia Against The War In Ukraine?

A video shared on Twitter allegedly shows a recent protest in Moscow, Russia against the country’s invasion of Ukraine.  Anti-war protest yesterday in Moscow. Putin quickly sent out is police to squash it. pic.twitter.com/LwcQFtnUSD — Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) May 2, 2022 Verdict: False The video shows an anti-government protest that occurred in Moscow in 2013.…

One America News: Republican Lawmakers Propose New Law to Hasten Ammo Donations to Ukraine

OAN discusses US Representative Richard Hudson’s new bill “The American Ammo in Defense of Ukraine Act.” Learn more: …

Ukraine War: ‘Putin is trying to dig in like a cancerous growth in Ukraine’

The Great Translation Movement in Historical Perspective

Commentary While Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has seen economic repercussions around the world, from supply chain disruption and to shortages in daily goods like cooking oil and tomatoes in Europe, the impact in China is more ideological. Not only does the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) act contrary to the world by supporting Russia’s “military…

Noam Chomsky: Trump the ‘One Western Statesman of Stature’ Pushing Peace in Ukraine

HEULER ANDREY/AFP via Getty Images Famed leftist MIT professor Noam Chomsky has credited former President Donald Trump for being one of the few prominent statesmen in the West actively pushing for peace in Ukraine as opposed to escalating war with Russia. Though Chomsky called the former president a dangerous figure for a host of reasons…

Noam Chomsky Says Trump Diplomacy Needed To De-Escalate Ukraine War

Arizona University Linguistics Professor and MIT emeritus Noam Chomsky said former President Donald J. Trump is the “one Western statesman of stature” who has consistently tried to peacefully de-escalate the war in Ukraine.“Well there is, fortunately, one statesman in the United States and Europe who has laid a person of, high political figure; who has…

Ukraine War: Putin warns ‘all objectives will be carried out’ in Ukraine

Ukraine War: Sky News journalists flee shelling

Pope Francis: The Attack on Ukraine ‘Must Be Stopped’

ROME — Pope Francis once again called for peace Sunday, which marked the two-month anniversary of the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “I renew my appeal for an Easter truce, a minimal and tangible sign of a desire for peace,” the pontiff told crowds gathered in Saint Peter’s Square for his Regina Caeli message.…

Elon Musk is trolling to draw out the problem employees | Mark Meckler | ‘American Agenda’

Convention of States President Mark Meckler on Elon Musk taking swipes at Twitter’s top executives – Via Newsmax’s ‘American Agenda.’ Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Optimum, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, Suddenlink, CenturyLink 1209, Mediacom 277, Fubo, Sling, WOW!, Armstrong, or the Newsmax smartphone APP. Get the latest […]

Day 65 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine & other top stories | LiveNOW from FOX

Ukraine War: The city encircled by Russian forces – Sky News on the frontline

Ukraine War: Russian missiles ‘destroy hangar containing European and US weapons’ – Moscow

Judge blocks Biden from ending Title 42

Rep. Randy Weber speaks on the disadvantages of President Biden’s effort to lift Title 42. Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Optimum, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, Suddenlink, CenturyLink 1209, Mediacom 277, Fubo, Sling, WOW!, Armstrong, or the Newsmax smartphone APP. Get the latest news, headlines and analysis at […]

Ukraine War: UN boss clashes with Putin and Lavrov

Ukraine war is a ‘perfect storm,’ threatening food, energy, and debt crises across the globe: UN report

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine appears to have set off a “perfect storm,” sparking multiple crises across the globe in the areas of food, energy, and debt, with devastating impacts for developing countries, the United Nations warned in a report Wednesday…

Ukraine War: Why has Putin targeted Lviv in western Ukraine?

Ukraine War: Ukraine calls for special talks with Russia to evacuate Mariupol

Ukraine War: President Putin shifts focus to Donbas region

Ukraine mayor describes ‘hard’ interrogations by Russia during ‘dangerous’ 6 days in captivity

A Ukrainian mayor who recently was freed as part of a prisoner swap is now opening up about his “dangerous” six days in captivity, during which he says he learned that “for Russians my life and the lives of civilians were worth zero.”…

Ukraine War: What could Russia do next?

Ukraine Crisis: Towns in Ireland See Populations DOUBLE as Migrant Surge Continues

Ireland is beginning to see itself buried under a migrant crisis of biblical proportions, with towns in the country’s west seeing their populations double due to the surge in refugees. Officials from towns and villages across the West of Ireland have called for government assistance after seeing their populations spike thanks to an influx of…

CIA Director knew Putin’s plan to invade Ukraine