May 23, 2022

GOP Sen. Sullivan: China, Russia Will Continue to Get Closer, China Is ‘More of a Co-Conspirator in Ukraine’

On Friday‚Äôs broadcast of the Fox News Channel‚Äôs ‚ÄúSpecial Report,‚ÄĚ Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) said that Russia and China ‚Äúare increasingly working together. I think we‚Äôre going to see more of that soon.‚ÄĚ And predicted that it will ‚Äúbe pretty clear soon‚ÄĚ that China is ‚Äúmore of a co-conspirator in Ukraine.‚ÄĚ Host Bret Baier asked,…

LA Unified Parents Unhappy Students Must Continue to Wear Masks

Though student mask mandates are expiring in California and Los Angeles County this week, students who attend the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) must remain masked‚ÄĒleaving parents and students frustrated. Lisa Sanchez, whose daughter is in LAUSD, called the situation a ‚Äúnever-ending battle.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúWe‚Äôre very upset that the school hasn‚Äôt lifted the mandate sooner,‚ÄĚ…

Ukraine Invasion: Russia continue attacks on key cities of Ukraine

Ukraine Crisis: How Russia’s military forces continue to build on the border

GoFundMe Says Donations for Truck Convoy Heading to Ottawa Continue to Be Accepted

The crowdfunding platform GoFundMe says the fundraiser for the truck drivers who are to heading to Ottawa protest the vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers is still accepting donations, it‚Äôs just that funds are temporarily on hold pending a review of how the money will be distributed…

ABC News Prime: Omicron spreading rapidly; “Sex and the City” star accused of sexual assault

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Omicron cases continue to rise as scientists warn of further restrictions

Bear crashes wedding reception while guests continue to eat

No one likes a wedding crasher. An uninvited guest was caught on camera at a wedding in Mexico. The intruder was actually very easy to spot, considering that it was a young black bear. While the bear‚Äôs appearance was surprising, what‚Äôs more shocking is the reaction from some of the wedding guests. Angie Disa posted […]

China’s Debt Problems Continue to Fester

News Analysis Beijing‚Äôs containment strategy is failing. Instead of abating, China‚Äôs financial strains are intensifying. Last month, when concerns first arose with the insolvency of the real estate giant Evergrande, Beijing held back from getting too involved. The nation‚Äôs leadership no doubt hoped that the financial waves would calm without much effort on their part…

Vatican Mute When Asked if Pope Francis told Biden to Continue Receiving Communion

ROME ‚ÄĒ The Vatican declined to comment Friday about U.S. President Joe Biden‚Äôs claim that Pope Francis had encouraged him to keep receiving Holy Communion at Mass. Biden met with Pope Francis in the Vatican for approximately 75 minutes Friday morning, after which reporters asked him if the topic of abortion had come up during…


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Joe Biden Demands ‘Significant De-escalation’ from Benjamin Netanyahu as Terror Rocket Attacks Continue

President Joe Biden demanded Israel participate in ‚Äúsignificant de-escalation‚ÄĚ of its defensive war against Palestinian Hamas terrorists, the White House revealed Wednesday. ‚ÄúThe President conveyed to the Prime Minister that he expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire,‚ÄĚ the White House said in a readout of the president‚Äôs call with Israeli…

Apple, Retail Groups Continue Lobbying Congress On Chinese Slave Labor Bill

Lobbying disclosure forms filed with Congress this week show that Apple and several retail trade groups continue lobbying on a bill that would crack down on forced labor in China. Apple paid two firms to lobby policymakers on the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.¬† The Washington Post has previously reported that one of Apple‚Äôs lobbyists…

Amazon Vows to Continue Censoring Books Questioning Transgenderism

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Amazon has declared its intent to continue banning books that argue against the reigning progressive narrative on LGBT issues. In a March 11 letter to four Republican Senators, Amazon said that while they ‚Äúprovide our customers with access to a variety of viewpoints, including books that some customers may find objectionable,‚ÄĚ they…

Disengagement With Chinese Regime Will Continue Globally: Mike Pompeo

The¬†hegemonic ambitions of China‚Äôs leadership will see the disengagement with China started by former President Donald Trump continue globally and in the White House, Mike Pompeo said Saturday. ‚Äú[T[here will be no doubt that there will be disengagement‚ÄĒdecoupling, some have called it‚ÄĒthat will almost certainly have to take place,‚ÄĚ he said during an interview with […]

As Obamacare Premiums Continue to Rise, Time to Look at Real Health Care Solutions.

Obamacare has wreaked havoc on America‚Äôs individual and small group health insurance markets. For the last four years, while lavish taxpayer subsidies insulated low-income people from soaring premiums and deductibles, millions of middle-class Americans in the individual Affordable Care Act coverage markets felt both blasts. At the same time, they lost their old plans and […]

Media continue attacking Trump despite his week of accomplishments and strong economic growth.

If Ronald Reagan was the ‚ÄúTeflon president,‚ÄĚ Donald Trump must be the Incredible Hulk president. The more the left and the media attack him, the stronger he gets. 1. This past week was a great example. It began with CNN worrying that fears of Russian collusion had seeped into the ‚Äúbloodstream‚ÄĚ of American politics after […]

Nicaraguans to Continue Fighting Without Fear, Student Protesters Say

MANAGUA ‚Äď Nicaragua will continue carrying out without fear a ‚Äúpeaceful fight‚ÄĚ so that ‚Äúthe genocidal government abandons power,‚ÄĚ a young student, who joined a sit-in protest in which some 500 people participated, said under the pseudonym ‚ÄúChampiolla.‚ÄĚ Between 295-448 people in Nicaragua lost their lives during protests against the administration of President Daniel Ortega […]

Report: Harvard, Yale Defy Federal Guidelines, Will Continue Racial Discrimination in Admissions.

New reports suggest that Harvard and Yale are ignoring Federal guidelines against the use of race in university admissions. A¬†report from Fox News claims that some Ivy League universities are doubling down on their affirmative action policies after receiving a ‚ÄúDear Colleague‚ÄĚ letter from¬†Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos that requested they stop using race in […]

Media, Political Elites Continue Their Hypocritical Attack on President Trump Over Arpaio Pardon

The Washington establishment media and political elites continue their hypocritical attack on President Trump‚Äôs pardoning of Maricopa, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The criticism began last week with their disingenuous outrage that the president would free Arpaio (charged with a misdemeanor), a Korean War veteran, 23 year tenured sheriff; a man who dedicated his life to […]

Central Americans continue to surge across U.S. border, new DHS figures show

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection, helicopter searches brushland for undocumented immigrants near Falfurrias, Tex. (John Moore/Getty Images) U.S. officials are grappling with a 15 percent surge in illegal immigration, reflecting continued failures by the Obama administration to deter illegal immigration along the country‚Äôs southwestern border. Homeland Security officials apprehended 530,250 illegal immigrants and sent […]

NYC and L.A. Mayors Learn Nothing, Promise to Continue as Sanctuary Cities

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)   Alternative, more realistic headline for the article: “Mayors of NY and Los Angeles pledge to keep Democrats in extended minority.” Officials in New York and Los Angeles on Thursday said they hoped President-elect Donald Trump would not follow through on a campaign promise to withhold federal funds from “sanctuary cities” that […]

Hillary and the Democrats Continue Their War on Blacks

Forget all the back and forth on the first¬†debate, the pundits, the people, the polls, the bizarre claims and counter-claims of an aging Venezuelan porn star. ¬†All that can and will change, if it hasn’t already. Or will disappear among a new set of talking points, real or imagined,¬†after the second debate. Only one assertion¬†of […]

Governor calls out National Guard as Charlotte police shooting protests continue – VIDEO

CHARLOTTE, N.C. Protests turned violent for a second night in Charlotte after Tuesday‚Äôs fatal police shooting of a black man. Late Wednesday, Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency for the city and deployed the National Guard and State Highway Patrol troopers to assist local police. One person was shot at the protest and […]

Milwaukee: Police Reveal Officer Is Black, Shooting Justified; Riots Continue

The violence¬†that erupted in Milwaukee¬†Saturday after a¬†police officer¬†fatally shot a¬†black man¬†continued Sunday night, with rioters throwing glass bottles, rocks, and bricks at officers¬†and¬†firing shots, resulting in one man suffering a serious gunshot injury.¬†The riots Sunday occurred despite the police department revealing earlier that the officer involved was black and releasing more information indicating that his […]

Veterans Continue To Suffer Under Obama Administration’s Care

While the Veterans Administration scandal lingers over multiple years, the mainstream media continue to perpetuate the fiction of a ‚Äúscandal-free‚ÄĚ Obama administration. Reporters are loath to report anything that might reflect badly on President Obama‚Äôs reputation and legacy. Excluding the Christian Science Monitor and USA Today, there has been a virtual mainstream media blackout regarding […]

After Paris Attacks, Will the West Continue on the Road to Suicide?

If there was any doubt that the world is now in crisis, the mass casualty attack on Paris a few hours ago should lay the question to rest. ¬†In response to the assault, France closed its borders, declared a state of emergency and declared a curfew, a trifecta of measures unseen since World War 2.¬†The […]

Cuban Athlete Defections Continue

I wrote last week about the surprising number of Cuban athletes who have defected to the United States in the past month at various athletic tournaments. The string of Cuban defections continued this weekend, as one half of Cuba’s men’s field hockey team defected to the United States at the Pan-American Games in Toronto. Eight […]

Email Dumps Continue to Undermine Clinton Candidacy

Hillary Clinton‚Äôs reputation is taking repeated blows as the drip, drip, drip of email productions from her private email server draw attention to her many lies. The Obama administration has admitted that she did not, in fact, turn over all the necessary emails from her private mail server to the government. It also has released […]