June 25, 2022

China launches new aircraft carrier amid Taiwan invasion fears | Gordon Chang

Trump Was Right: Leaked Internal TikTok Meetings Show China Repeatedly Accessed U.S. User Data

Recently leaked audio from over 80 internal meetings reveals that China-based employees of the massively popular app TikTok repeatedly accessedU.S. user data, despite the company’s claims to the contrary. BuzzFeed News reports that leaked audio from over 80 internal TikTok meetings reveals that China-based employees of the popular video sharing app have accessed U.S. user data on…

China Still Far from Iron Ore Self-Sufficiency, Despite Years of Exploration

As the world’s largest consumer of iron ore, China has long relied on imports as the country’s iron ore resources cannot meet its domestic demand. According to public data from the U.S. Geological Survey, as of 2021, China’s uncovered iron ore resources, including raw and iron-bearing ore, are about 26.9 billion tons, accounting for 10 […]

Oregonians Say Education on Wrong Track, Overwhelmingly Support School Choice, Poll Finds

A new poll suggests that Oregon voters are extremely dissatisfied with the state’s K-12 education system and would overwhelmingly support school choice. Of 727 registered voters polled on June 1, just 25 percent of Democrats, 9.7 percent of Republicans, and 14.1 percent of independents believe that Oregon’s public K-12 education system is on the right […]

Woman Sues Cosmetic Company Alleging False Claims About Mink Fur Lashes

LOS ANGELES—A woman is suing a cosmetic company with many celebrity clients, alleging its false eyelashes that contain mink fur are falsely advertised as being manufactured in a “cruelty-free” way when in fact they made in China in a manner abusive to the semiaquatic mammals. “The animals frequently show signs of extreme psychological distress, such […]

3 US Companies That Allegedly Sent Defense Blueprints to China Receive Export Denial Order

The Commerce of Business has issued a temporary denial order (TDO) for 180 days to three U.S. companies for the illegal export of data relating to satellite, rocket, and defense technology to China. On June 7, the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) accused three U.S.-based companies of unauthorized export of technical drawings […]

Amazon Says It Prevented 4 Billion Bad Listings in 2021

Amazon, which has been under increasing pressure to tackle counterfeit products, said in its second-annual report that it prevented 4 billion bad listings from making it onto its site and got rid of more than 3 million phony products last year. The results, released Wednesday, were mixed compared with 2020, when Amazon blocked 10 billion […]

‘The China Market Doesn’t Mean as Much as It Used to for Hollywood’: Chris Fenton on Tides Turning

In this special episode, we sat down with Chris Fenton, author of “Feeding the Dragon: Inside the Trillion Dollar Dilemma Facing Hollywood, the NBA, & American Business.” He talks about “Top Gun: Maverick” not appearing in China, if there’s tide turning in Hollywood when it comes to the China market, and how this could all play […]

China’s Clamp Down in Hong Kong Drives Exodus, Dismantles Free Press: Part 1

Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) implemented the Hong Kong National Security Law in June 2020, the situation in Hong Kong has become increasingly restrictive. Faced with pressure, elites from all walks of life have chosen to leave Hong Kong. Human rights organizations point out that the freedom of the press in Hong Kong is…

China Takes a Break from Genocidal Forced Sterilization to Worry About Women’s Rights in U.S.

The Chinese government-run newspaper Global Times expressed concern Wednesday over the potential reversal of Roe v. Wade in America — responding to this week’s leak of a draft Supreme Court decision — claiming such a move would indicate America is choosing a path of “regression and ignorance.” The leak, published in the American outlet Politico, was a…

Horowitz: The Bidens were involved in a very large conspiracy with China | ‘The Chris Salcedo Show’

Billionaire Cat Fight: Jeff Bezos Trolled After Knocking Elon Musk’s China Connections

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been getting mercilessly trolled on Twitter after he wondered aloud if billionaire Elon Musk’s acquisition of the social media platform could potentially give the Chinese government leverage over free speech. Following news that Twitter agreed to Elon Musk’s offer to buy the company and take it private, Bezos retweeted a…

FCC Commissioner Criticizes Apple CEO Tim Cook Over App Store Censorship in China

A Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner has accused Apple CEO Tim Cook of hypocrisy, arguing that his company’s dealings with the Chinese communist regime contradict his words about commitment to human rights. “I am concerned that your words in Washington founder upon the harsh reality of your actions in China,” Brendan Carr, the FCC’s senior…

Americans Support Trump’s China Tariffs. So Why Are GOP Senators Trying To Tear Them Down?

Polling indicates Americans want to continue retaliating against China with tariffs, but most GOP senators are attempting to roll them back in a bill meant to increase U.S. competitiveness against the communist power. “It basically undermines the entire of U.S. trade policy, especially when it comes to China,” Nick Iacovella, senior vice president, Public Affairs…

Taiwan State Media Accidentally Announces Non-Existent China Military Invasion

Oleksii Liskonih/Getty Images Taiwan’s government-funded Chinese Television System (CTS) accidentally broadcast a running news ticker on Wednesday morning falsely declaring Chinese forces had launched a military invasion of New Taipei City, the Taipei Times reported on Thursday. The Taiwanese public broadcaster CTS allowed mock alerts intended for an upcoming disaster drill in New Taipei City…

Asian Shares Sink as China Says First Quarter Growth at 4.8 Percent

BANGKOK—Shares were mostly lower in Asia and U.S. futures fell after China reported Monday that its economy expanded at a 4.8 percent annual pace in January-March. Benchmarks fell in Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and Shanghai. Seoul edged higher. Markets in Europe and in Hong Kong and Sydney were closed for holidays. Wall Street benchmarks declined last…

What Happened on the Junket to China in February 2020?

Commentary The last two years have been such a disorienting blizzard of shock and awe that it is truly hard to keep up. We went from lockdowns to mitigation theater to mandates so quickly, and now one gets the feeling that we aren’t supposed to think or talk about any of this. We are just…

Mehmet Oz’s China Ties Deepen: Financial Disclosures

Celebrity Doctor Mehmet Oz, who is running as a tough-on-China candidate in the race to fill Pennsylvania’s Senate seat, is coming under fire again for his long history with the communist country. Dr. Oz, who had attempted to smear one of his top opponents — David McCormick — for his record on China from when he was a former…

China Can’t Fight a Virus Let Alone a War

Commentary The COVID lockdowns in Shanghai seem like an impressive display of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) power. But authorities are doubling down on the bad policy, which shows how they will have supply and morale problems during any potential war. The regime is trying to fight COVID-19 with draconian lockdowns. They have shut down…

Shanghai Residents Trade Food to Survive Lockdown; Can Japan Join AUKUS to Deter China?

Shanghai’s residents in lockdown have resorted to bartering for food—exchanging Diet Cokes for garlic, a bottle of soy sauce for eggs. We explore how the city’s lockdown has impacted the livelihood of the people. Australia is getting more help with AUKUS. The security pact between the United States, the UK, and Australia will help to…

Chinese Official Rejects Comparisons of China to Russia, Says Taiwan Is an ‘Internal Affair’

Zhu Haiquan, the chief of the political section of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC, rejected comparisons of China’s stance with Taiwan to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a letter to the editor published in the Washington Post on Friday. “The Taiwan question and the Ukraine crisis are totally different in nature,” Zhu argued. “Ukraine is sovereign state,…

Another Round of Lockdowns in China

Do lockdowns actually work? The answer appears to be a rather resounding no. The argument in favor of lockdowns—both from a scientific and medical standpoint—carries very little weight. Not only are lockdowns ineffective, they are unnecessarily cruel. This cruelty comes in many forms: economically, psychologically, spiritually, and existentially. Human beings are social creatures. We are not…

Searchers Find Wing, Engine Parts From China Eastern Crash

The Chinese regime has sealed off the crash site and controlled the flow of information WUZHOU—Searchers found engine parts from a China Eastern passenger jet that crashed in southern China with 132 people on board earlier this week. No survivors have been found. Some human remains and engine parts were found, as well as items from the…

China Versus Taiwan And The United States, Just The Facts

  A hacking group has compromised at least nine global organizations in the fields of technology, defense, energy, and other key sectors as part of an apparent espionage campaign. Attribution is still ongoing, specific tools and methods used in the apparent hacking efforts are in line with those used by the Chinese cyber-espionage group Emissary Panda, also […]

Newsmax LOSES IT Over Free Speech

A Newsmax panel had a strong reaction to one high schooler switching out “God” for “Allah” in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Cenk Uygur, Benjamin Dixon, and Lance from The Serfs discuss on The Young Turks.Support TYT by becoming a member: http://tyt.com/join Read more HERE: https://www.mediamatters.org/newsmax/newsmax-panel-melts-down-over-high-school-student-saying-allah-during-pledge-allegiance “Newsmax panel melts down over a high school student […]

China plane crash: Boeing 737 crashes with 132 aboard | LiveNOW From FOX

House Armed Services Chair Smith: We Need ‘Maximum Pressure on China’ So They Don’t Bail out Russia

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) called for “maximum pressure on China” to ensure they do not bail out Russia from the consequences of sanctions. Smith stated, [relevant remarks begin around 3:25] “I don’t think China has a clear sense right now of…

DOD Officials: Growing Aggression from China, North Korea Is Not Biden’s Fault

Although top Pentagon officials recognized that China and North Korea have become more aggressive than ever in recent years, they refused to say it is tied to the Biden administration’s time in office during a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday. Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Ely Ratner agreed with Rep.…

Rob Schmitt: Is President Putin getting desperate?

Two weeks into their invasion, Russia begins their assault on Kyiv while authorities in Maripol are digging mass graves for the city’s dead, Rob Schmitt reports. Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Optimum, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, Suddenlink, CenturyLink 1209, Mediacom 277, Fubo, Sling, WOW!, Armstrong, or the […]

Russia-Ukraine: Pentagon update as China looks to aid Russia | LiveNOW from FOX