June 9, 2023

The Dumbest Thing Tim Kaine Said in Last Night’s Debate

So, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is currently under the impression that the terror threat has greatly subsided since President Barack Obama took office. No, he actually said this… during the one and only 2016 vice presidential debate, on live TV. When pressed about the undeniable growing terror threat under President Obama’s reign, Kaine […]

The Numbers Are In From Last Night’s Forum Between Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

Nearly 11 million peopled watched Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton answer questions about national security and the military Wednesday night. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) The two presidential candidates — in their first joint event — went back to back at the Commander-in-Chief forum hosted by Matt Lauer in New York City. According to fast ratings from Nielsen, 10.8 […]

She Cheated! Crooked Hillary Wore Ear Piece During Last Night’s Veteran’s Forum

(http://thetruthdivision.com) ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton wore an ear piece in last night’s Commander in Chief Forum hosted by NBC and MSNBC. This was the first event where both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were invited to attend together. Each candidate received a short period with host Matt Lauer. It was expected that both candidates would provide unaided […]

Who Benefits From Thursday Night’s Debate Bloodbath? 4 Scenarios

If Marco Rubio 79% is destined to lose his bid for the Republican presidential nomination — and, yes, that’s still an “if” — we learned Thursday night he will at least do so on his shield. In the best debate performance of any candidate this primary cycle, the Florida senator took the fight to Donald Trump, at times exposing (often hilariously) […]

Last Night’s GOP Debate: Lies and Liars

The main story for the night was anger and passion.  Does this help or hurt the GOP’s prospects in November? Everyone seemed nervous, including the main moderator.  His voice quavered.  But the moderators were not the story, so we can move past them. Everyone talked about Scalia’s passing and how important this election is.  Two […]

Mark Levin SLAMS dishonest media coverage of Iowa Caucuses – VIDEO

Mark Levin opened his show today discussing the dishonest media coverage from last night’s Iowa Caucuses which Ted Cruz won. Levin points out the media is playing up Rubio getting 3rd place as though Iowa was a victory for Rubio. But he says it wasn’t. Rubio came in 3rd just like the polls showed beforehand. […]

The Big Loser in Wednesday Night’s GOP Debate: THE MEDIA

While the media focus on which of the candidates did well, and which didn’t, they overlooked the biggest loser of the night: the media. Whether intended or not, the difference in the questioning of the Democrats in their October 13 CNN debate versus the questioning of the Republicans in their three debates so far proved […]