July 26, 2021

Mark Levin SLAMS dishonest media coverage of Iowa Caucuses – VIDEO

mark-levin-Mark Levin opened his show today discussing the dishonest media coverage from last night’s Iowa Caucuses which Ted Cruz won. Levin points out the media is playing up Rubio getting 3rd place as though Iowa was a victory for Rubio. But he says it wasn’t. Rubio came in 3rd just like the polls showed beforehand.

Rather, it was a victory for Cruz who won despite attacks from the establishment, attacks from the ethanol lobby and attacks from the super PACS running ads against him.

Levin says Cruz literally beat the Iowa cartel but it’s a non-story. The guy who came in 3rd who was polled to come in 3rd is the big story in the media today.

“Aren’t you tired of being played?”, Levin asks? “I’m fed up with up with it!”

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