October 1, 2022

Lisa Daftari: This is a real jab at Russia’s morale | ‘American Agenda’

Fighting Carbon-capture Pipelines: Stopping Environmental Idiocracy – STOP AGENDA 2030

I have just returned from barnstorming the state of Iowa. I was there to rally the citizens and warn them that their property rights are in jeopardy. In Iowa, along with North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska, the push is on to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) and bury it in the ground. The excuse […]

It feels that we lost something about Britain | Alex Phillips and John Browne | ‘American Agenda’

Herschel Walker: Raphael Warnock is a hypocrite profiting off his seat | ‘American Agenda’

Don’t do it, don’t sign this agreement with Iran | Danny Danon | ‘American Agenda’

DOJ to hang their hat on Obstruction | Reaction | ‘American Agenda’

“Systematic Deception” EXPOSES the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party | ‘Saturday Agenda’

AOC is throwing a TANTRUM like a three-year old | Lisa McClain | ‘Saturday Agenda’

AOC challenger Tina Forte sounds off on her socialist agenda | ‘Dick Morris Democracy’

Newsmax Correspondent nearly caught in crossfire in Ukraine | REPORT | ‘Saturday Agenda’

Woke Churches Label Pro-Life Movement a ‘Demonic Agenda’ and Claim ‘God Is Pro-Choice’

Woke churches across the country have celebrated abortion and even gone as far as labeling the pro-life movement a “demonic agenda” in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. It remains to be seen how each individual state will handle the defeat of Roe v. Wade. Several red states have already…

Bernie Kerik: Maxine Waters and AOC are inciting violence | ‘American Agenda’

Target shoves “gender-affirming” products at kids | American Agenda on Newsmax

Stephen Colbert breaks silence, defends staffers arrested at Capitol | Report | ‘American Agenda’

Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony about Trump and January 6th in dispute | Report | ‘American Agenda’

US Navy Seal brings attention to US military pushing ‘woke’ agenda

Schools’ ‘Woke Agenda’ Causes Children ‘Climate Change Anxiety’: Australian Senator

An Australian Liberal Senator has accused the education department of bringing children “climate change anxiety” as she called out the “strong left-wing bend” across the school system. The comment comes as radical climate protesters continued the mass disruption in Sydney’s Hyde Park after bringing the CBD to a standstill on Monday, aggravating the police force […]

EXCLUSIVE: Newsmax reporter embedded with Texas DPS | American Agenda

The Constitution does not say a narrow elite can only carry | Pat Fallon | ‘American Agenda’

Ted Cruz Slams ‘Woke Disney’ for Pushing Gay Agenda in Pixar’s Buzz ‘Lightyear’ Movie

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has slammed the Walt Disney Co. for pushing a gay agenda in the new Pixar movie Lightyear, noting the company has flip-flopped hypocritically between supplicating itself to China — where homosexuality is still taboo in the movies — while promoting an LGBTQ agenda to children at home. Sen. Cruz called out…

Rep. Jodey Arrington | American Agenda on Newsmax – May 25, 2022

‘See My Record’: Tim Ryan Supports 100% of Radical Democrat Leadership Agenda

Ohio Senate hopeful Rep. Tim Ryan asked people to “see [his] record,” claiming he for the working class people despite voting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and President Joe Biden on their radical agenda items, in addition to being a pro-abortion extremist. Ryan recently wrote on social media, “I want to look people in the…

Black Lives Matter purchases home for 250% more than other homes | Rob Smith | ‘American Agenda’

New York Times: Biden wanted Trump prosecuted | American Agenda

Reaction to trans swimmer Lia Thomas’ NCAA Championship | ‘American Agenda’

McCarthy: House GOP Agenda Will Include Probe of Media, Tech on Hunter Laptop Story

On Thursday’s “Mark Levin Show,” House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) stated that when House Republicans lay out their full agenda for the 2src22 elections, one item will be probing if tech companies and media outlets buried the Hunter Biden laptop story “just to influence an election” and stated that the confirmation of the…

The Green Agenda: How St. Patrick’s Day is Used to Push the Great Reset

St. Patrick’s Day has become a bludgeon for leftist elites to push for the politics of the ‘Great Reset’ — such as open-borders and global integration — in both America and beyond. Claiming Irish heritage and getting drunk is what St. Patrick’s Day means for the vast majority of people not living on the island…

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Truckers are NOT leaving despite Trudeau invoking emergency powers | REPORT | ‘American Agenda’

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