September 25, 2022

W.H. & Facebook were censoring what you saw | Vince Coglianese

WH Economic Adviser Bernstein: First Quarter GDP Had Some ‘Quite Positive’ Things, We’ll Evaluate Next GDP Report with ‘Contexts in Mind’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “At This Hour,” White House Council of Economic Advisers member Jared Bernstein stated that there were “quite positive” aspects to first quarter GDP even though growth was negative and there are “some real headwinds from price pressures but some real tailwinds from consumer spending and from our very strong labor…

Matthew McConaughey, who’s from Uvalde, emotionally addresses gun violence at WH press briefing

WH Economic Adviser Boushey: Recovering from Pandemic Is ‘The Reason That We See Inflation Today’

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” White House Council of Economic Advisers member Heather Boushey stated that “the reason that we see inflation today is because we’re recovering from this historic global pandemic.” Boushey said, “Well, let me be very clear, you know, the reason that we see inflation today is because we’re recovering from…

WH Spox Psaki Admits Joe Biden Might Get Coronavirus After Contact with Infected Democrats

The White House on Friday set the stage for President Joe Biden to contract the coronavirus, acknowledging it was a strong possibility. “Like anyone else, the President may at some point test positive for COVID,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during the daily briefing on Friday. The president has received four shots of…

Ilhan Omar hammers Biden over reports WH may ask Saudis to pump more oil

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! “Squad” Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., hammered President Biden over reports that the White House may ask Saudi Arabia to pump more oil amid the war in Ukraine. Omar took aim at the possibility of White House meetings with the Saudis, calling the potential exploration of a deal […]

W.H. Deputy NSA on Ukraine’s Call for More Sanctions: ‘There’s Almost a Bloodlust’ for Sanctions, But I’m Not Saying Ukraine Has It

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” Deputy National Security Adviser Daleep Singh responded to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba’s call for harsher sanctions against Russia by stating that he wonders “if there’s almost a bloodlust out there for sanctions as an end in themselves.” But denied he was saying Kuleba has this bloodlust and…

Alberta Premier Says Truckers’ Border Blockade Violates Traffic Laws, Must End

A trucker convoy continues to block a highway at a busy Canada-U.S. border crossing for a second day as part of a national protest against COVID-19 mandates and restrictions. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said the border crossing at Coutts, Alta., has remained open despite the blockade on Highway 4, but the RCMP says only…

‘This Was Coming’: Former State Leader Lambasts Wrong Messaging on Surging Inflation

Former Queensland premier and now-Senate candidate Campbell Newman said it was no surprise that Australia’s official inflation rate released last week was at 3.5 percent and warned lower-to-middle income households would bear the brunt of the increased cost of living. “This was coming. It was quite apparent in February-March last year. The U.S. Federal Reserve…

American Mistakes Now Aiding Chinese Hegemony Building: Loss of US Military Bases in Philippines

Commentary To ensure the survival of its oppressive dictatorship, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is busy building the world’s most powerful military force, on Earth and in space, to achieve a new global hegemony under which it plans to set the rules that determine prosperity and security. The CCP’s path to hegemony has always depended…

Biden Admin Painted Brandon Straka as a Jan. 6 Extremist: Attorney

Brandon Straka, founder of the “WalkAway Campaign” and a self-described “former liberal,” was wrongfully painted by the Biden administration as an “extremist” and as an instigator of violence during the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol, his attorney said. “The government has presented a very aggressive narrative and is trying to paint all the Jan.…

‘Damp Sock Puppet’: Elon Musk Grills Biden After Getting Snubbed By WH

January 29, 2022 4:40 PM ET Tech billionaire Elon Musk tore into President Joe Biden after not being invited to a White House summit meeting with domestic electric vehicle producers, including General Motors (GM) and Ford.Biden held a meeting with top business leaders to promote his Build Back Better Act, according to The New York…

Report: WH Staff Veto Joe Biden, Keep Him from Taking Democrat Lawmakers’ Questions

President Joe Biden’s staff members prevented the president from taking questions during a Democrat caucus meeting on Capitol Hill, amid high-stakes negotiations that have imperiled his multi-trillion-dollar agenda and exasperated the schism between the party’s corporatist and socialist factions. Politico reporter Sarah Ferris said Biden offered to take questions from Democrat lawmakers upon concluding his remarks,…

Axelrod: If I Were in W.H., Dem Leadership, I’d Worry about Dems in Swing Districts Re-Considering Reconciliation Bill

During CNN’s election coverage on Tuesday, CNN Senior Political Commentator and former Obama adviser David Axelrod stated that if he was in the White House or Democratic leadership in Congress, he’d be concerned about Democrats in swing districts re-considering their votes on the reconciliation bill. Axelrod said, “[O]ne of the questions I have is, if…

Ron Kim: ‘There Is a Pattern’ of Cuomo Using W.H. Ties to Evade Accountability, Federal Investigation Should Be Resumed

On Thursday’s broadcast of Hill.TV’s “Rising,” New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim (D) said that “There is a pattern” of outgoing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) “using his personal ties to the White House to dodge accountability.” And that President Joe Biden “has a national responsibility, an ethical duty to see this through, to make…

WH Spox Who Called Hunter Biden Laptop ‘Russian Misinformation’ Wants ‘Conservative News Outlets’ Policed for ‘Misinformation’

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield, who told reporters in 2020 that Hunter Biden laptop stories were “Russian misinformation,” accused “conservative news outlets” Tuesday of “misinformation” on vaccines. During an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Bedingfield told host Mika Brzezinski that “there are conservative news outlets creating irresponsible content sharing misinformation about the virus,” and that…

EXCLUSIVE: Republican Senator Demands Answers From WH For Hunter Biden’s Continued Stake In Chinese Firm

Republican Montana Sen. Steve Daines sent a Wednesday letter to President Joe Biden asking him about his son, Hunter Biden, who continues to hold a minority stake in a Chinese private equity firm 100 days into Biden’s term, the Daily Caller has learned. Hunter Biden holds a 10% equity stake in BHR Partners through his…

Dem Rep. Khanna: W.H. ‘Has Every Power to Disregard’ Parliamentarian on Minimum Wage Increase

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Last Word,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) stated that the White House “has every power to disregard” the Senate parliamentarian’s decision if the parliamentarian rules that a $15 minimum wage cannot be passed through budget reconciliation. Khanna said, “There is no provision in the Constitution that says that the Senate parliamentarian…

Joe Biden’s Transition Team Announces First All-Female WH Communications Team

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team announced the incoming White House communications team Sunday, and for the first time in history, the entire team is female. CBS News political reporter Grace Segers tweeted the announcement, saying, “Inbox: Biden and Harris have announced their WH comms staff. It is the first time that all members of the…

Trudeau ‘stabbed us in the back,’ did ‘a great disservice to the whole G7,’ WH economic adviser Larry Kudlow says.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow Trump slams ‘meek’ Trudeau for ‘dishonest’ news conference Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “stabbed us in the back” with a “double cross” at the G7 summit, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said Sunday, ratcheting up already sky-high tensions between the two neighboring allies. “He holds a press conference, and […]

Former WH Spox: Obama Knew About #Spygate – No FBI Director Would Put Spies Inside of a Campaign Without President’s AUTHORIZATION.

Obama knew; the fish rots from the head down. Obama knew about the spies planted into Trump’s campaign. Obama knew about Hillary’s phony dossier. Former White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush, Ari Fleischer broke down why Obama must have known about the informants spies planted in Trump’s campaign. In fact, Ari Fleischer says […]

WH: Trump supports efforts to improve gun background checks.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Trump indicated Monday he supports gun-background-check legislation in response to last week’s mass shooting at a Florida high school. “The president is supportive of efforts to improve the federal background check system,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement. The statement comes five days after a gunman […]

Got ‘Em: Secret Meeting Held at WH Before Trump’s Inauguration, Who Was In Attendance Says It All

Any objective person who has been reading about how the FBI went about investigating Hillary Clinton knows full well that the fix was in from the beginning. She wasn’t going to get in trouble. In fact, the FBI had decided Hillary was going to be let off the hook even before they interviewed her. That […]

Sarah Sanders Begins WH Briefing By Reminding #FakeNews Reporters Of POTUS Trump’s Many Accomplishments.

After a half hour delay due to the House’s vote on historic tax cuts, Sarah Sanders approached the podium to remind the many reporters in the room of President Trump’s many accomplishments that the #FakeNews seems to never want to report on. Listing just a few of President Trump’s many (underreported) accomplishments from job creation, […]

Gen. Kelly Serves: Moving Defense of American Soldiers, Gold Star Families, POTUS. WH COS: ‘Stunned’ Rep. Wilson Politicized President’s Call *Must-Watch Video*

Gen. John Kelly: ‘Stunned’ After ‘Empty Barrel’ Frederica Wilson Politicized President’s Phone Call White House chief of staff General John Kelly sternly lectured Congressman Frederica Wilson for listening to and politicizing President Donald Trump’s phone call to the grieving widow of a slain soldier. “It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened […]

Senators get North Korea briefing in unusual WH visit.

Senators piled into buses Wednesday for a rare trip to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the White House for a closed-door briefing on North Korea. The meeting comes as President Trump nears his 100th day in office with few legislative accomplishments. It also marks the first time the president has met with the […]

WH: Trump’s Immigration Order Is No Muslim Ban

  In the 2,853-word order issued Friday by President Trump, which bans immigrants for 90 days from seven predominantly Muslim countries, there’s one word that doesn’t appear once: Muslim. The order does say things like, “Implementing Uniform Screening Standards for All Immigration Programs,” and “Realignment of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for Fiscal Year 2017,” […]

Robert Creamer – Felon (Bank Fraud) – Incited violence at Trump rallies – Organized voter fraud – 340 visits to WH – Fired

Bob Creamer helped with Obama’s 2008 campaign in BATTLEGROUND STATES. Is this why he’s all over TV whining about “””””””fake””””””” voter fraud today? Robert Creamer: – Felon (Bank Fraud)– Incited violence at Trump rallies– Organized voter fraud– 340 visits to WH– Fired#DrainTheSwamp — Jared Wyand ?? (@JaredWyand) October 19, 2016 SURPRISE: Bob Creamer, who […]

Clown Update: WH Weighs In on Creepy Clown Epidemic, ‘Clown Riot’ at Penn State, More Sightings

The White House weighed in on the creepy clown epidemic for the first time during the daily press briefing Tuesday. “Obviously, this is a situation that local law enforcement authorities take quite seriously and they should carefully and thoroughly review, you know, perceived threats to the safety of the community and they should do so […]

FBI Investigators: Hillary Humiliated Former WH Aide Vince Foster, Drove Him To Suicide

FBI investigators claim that verbal abuse from Hillary Clinton drove Vince Foster, a former White House aide to President Bill Clinton, to commit suicide in 1993. “In interviews for my book The First Family Detail, the FBI agents revealed the truth about Foster’s death on July 20, 1993 when he shot himself at Fort Marcy Park along the […]