July 3, 2022

45 Housing Markets Have ‘Probability of a Price Decline,’ Says Research Firm

While home prices in the United States have appreciated by more than a third over the past two years, prices are poised to fall in several housing markets over the next 12 months, according to data analyzed by research firm CoreLogic. Among the 392 U.S. housing markets that CoreLogic analyzed in June, it found 45 […]

Ric Grenell: Our friends and adversaries are seeing the decline of Joe Biden | ‘The Count’

Family sues Meta over mental health decline

Hedge funds in November Suffer the Worse Decline Since the Pandemic

Hedge funds in November suffered their worse monthly decline since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. A global market selloff sparked by concerns over the Omicron CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus variant led to the poor performance, according to a Dec. 8 report from HedgeFund Research…

JD Vance Blames The ‘Childless Left’ For The Decline Of The American Family

Author and Republican Ohio senate candidate JD Vance blamed “the childless left” for the decline of the American family during a Friday speech. In his remarks at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s (ISI) “The Future of American Political Economy” conference, he reframed the right-left cultural war as a class war, where American elites obsessed with credentialism and…

Report: Facebook Stock Decline Is Largest One-Day Drop in U.S. History.

Facebook’s drop in stock price of nearly 20 percent marks the largest one-day stock market decline in U.S. history, at $119 billion. Facebook has had a tough few days, seeing a massive decline in its stock price which fell by as much as 23 percent in after-market trading on Wednesday. The mass stock sale saw […]


The real Obama, has been associated his entire life with Marxists, socialists, and radicals. Frank De Varona provided an account of Obama’s connections with his racist and unpatriotic pastor, Jeremiah Wright, his friendship with the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and with criminals such as Tony Rezco. Frank revealed in his book “America in Decline” and […]

Republicans and the Decline of Religion

  Americans’ diminishing faith may pose problems for the GOP. About 15 years ago, on Christmas Eve, our family departed from the traditional American Jewish observance of the holiday (ordering Chinese takeout) and elected to find an open restaurant. We drove to the local city center (or what passes for it in suburbia) and were […]

Iraq’s Decline into Chaos Traces Back to 2011 (OBAMA), Not 2003 (BUSH)

Shia militia battle ISIS forces in Anbar province. (Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP/Getty; NRO) Ramadi falls. The Iraqi army flees. The great 60-nation anti–Islamic State coalition so grandly proclaimed by the Obama administration is nowhere to be seen. Instead, it’s the defense minister of Iran who flies into Baghdad, an unsubtle demonstration of who’s in charge — while […]