April 22, 2024

Stealing Votes from the Very Vulnerable – Nursing Home Voter Fraud

The Untold Story (June 2016)

Mary Miceli, 90, a resident of Altercare of Mentor, gets ready to cast her vote in the primary, assisted by Barbara McMahan, left, and Ron Plumb, volunteers at the Lake County Board of Elections. The voting among nursing home residents took place one at a time in the chapel room on Wed., Feb. 13, 2008 (Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer)

Democrats Trying to Lock Up the Alzheimer’s Vote with ‘Voting Day’ Events
Is This Happening in Your Area? (tips@liberato.us)

It appears that the Democratic Party is trying to commandeer the voting process in nursing homes in at least one locale in Virginia, and perhaps elsewhere.  A well-known Democratic operative asked a local voter registrar for blanket authority to fill out absentee ballot requests for nursing home residents, a Virginia citizen who serves as an election officer told The Truth.  The operative also asked for authority to take possession of all such blank absentee ballots issued and to hold them until the Democratic Party can schedule a ‘Voting Day’ at each nursing home in the district. At ‘Voting day’ events, to be held shortly before the November election, representatives of the Democratic Party would ‘help’ the residents complete their ballots, i.e., assist them in casting their votes. At this writing, two members of the local election board in question are opposed to the Democrats’ request, but the matter is still pending.

The Democrat ‘Voting Day’ proposal does not call for the participation of any government official or representative of another political party.  The participation of election officials would be required by law in some states, e.g., Maryland and Florida.

This news follows the report in The Truth last week about an ‘ice cream social’ the Democrats held in another nursing home in Virginia for purposes of ‘assisting’ nursing home residents (at least one of whom was mentally incapacitated) in the voting process.

Scheduling ‘Voting Day’ events is a clever, time-efficient way to harvest votes from nursing homes en masse, The Truth’s source pointed out. Previously, illicit vote harvesting in nursing homes was a hit-or-miss affair, relying on finding complicit nursing home administrators to work with one absentee ballot at a time. Under the pending request to the registrar in Virginia, however, vote harvesting becomes much more systematic, involving large numbers of ballots and the collection of all absentee votes in several nursing homes a day.  But the operation would depend on intercepting residents’ U.S. mail in apparent violation of federal law, the Truth’s source suggested.  Ballots addressed to nursing home residents would instead be handed to Democratic operatives, then collected and hand-delivered back to the registrar instead of being mailed.  The intended progression from individual ballot to mass operation shows that the Democrats are becoming increasingly brazen in their attempts to commit voter fraud, the source said.

The Truth’s source speculated that the same operation is being rolled out in other places, perhaps in every county in the country where not prohibited by state law.

Heads-up to readers: Are the Democrats attempting this in your area? If the Democratic Party has mounted a nationwide operation, The Truth wants to know – tips@liberato.us

More Evidence of Democrat Voter Fraud in Nursing Homes

The Democrats have a long history of voter fraud in nursing homes.  In addition to the two incidents described above, The Truth cited three cases in its first story on the subject two weeks ago.  Also, in 1998, a Democratic supervisor in Fayette County, Pa., Sean Cavanagh, reported that nursing home administrators frequently forge voter registrations and ballots in the names of their residents. Cavanagh was on the advisory board of a voter integrity project at the time. ) [“Eroding Elections”, Wall Street Journal, 3 Nov 1998: A22.]

he Truth’s source for the ‘Voting Day’ story above has personally witnessed suspicious circumstances pointing to voter fraud in nursing homes. Working with absentee ballots as an election officer, the source went to a nursing home to check on a number of ballots that had been received on one particular day. Election officers look to see if all the necessary information is provided on the ballot – name, address, date, signature, and witness signature. Noticing that several had come in that day with the same address and shaky or off-kilter handwriting indicating an aged person, the source determined the address to be a nursing home (it could have been an apartment building).  Most bore the same witness signature, later determined to be a nursing home employee. On visiting the home, the source found many of the people supposedly casting absentee ballots were in fact demented or had diminished mental capacity. Some could not even tell that the source was in the same room with them. But these people supposedly voted a ballot and signed their name just a few days before. In Virginia, signed assistance forms must be sent in with the ballot if someone helped the voter with the process (Virginia Code 24.2-649 and 24.2-701)..  There were no assistance forms accompanying the ballots in question, the source said.  One person was not at the home; she was in an ICU and had been there for two weeks, the source learned. Yet someone had apparently cast that person’s vote without their knowledge, the source said. The source has heard similar stories from other election officers in Virginia.

The Truth sent the assertions above to the communications director of the Democratic Party of Virginia for comment. There was no response by press time.  The assertions stand unrebutted despite ample opportunity to dispute them, thus constituting constructive admissions of voter fraud on the part of Democrats.