September 26, 2021

VIDEO: Look how millennials react when they learn the TRUTH about Hillary…

video-millennial-voters-duped-in-759x500When it comes to a presidential election, character does indeed matter, which is why it’s essential voters look into the past activities of those running for office, particularly when it’s the highest office in the land. You’d think…

Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton might end up being one of the most corrupt politicians in our nation’s history, but sadly, many of those who have decided to support her for president are woefully uninformed about her misdeeds.

Campus Reform recently hit the streets to discover whether or not young voters cared about Hillary’s deeds, and the results are incredibly interesting.

Campus Reform reports, Nearly every young person we spoke with was shocked to learn that the list of quotes presented to them belonged entirely to Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump.

“Which candidate made a joke about colored people time saying that black people are always late?” Campus Reform asked.

“Trump… because he’s racist,” one student responded.

“Which candidate suggested a 12 year-old rape victim made up accusations because she enjoyed ‘fantasizing about older men’,” we asked.

Students were again shocked to discover the answer was not Trump, but Hillary.

“What she said about the rape victim was the worst,” a student replied.

“She’s kind of a sketchy person because she is about feminism and everything, but then I saw this quote,” another noted with a sense of betrayal.

Upon discovering that Clinton is more than capable of matching Trump in the insensitivity department, many students admitted that their opinion of her had soured.

This video is proof the left relies on ignorance and uninformed voters to continually push their agenda and keep their political careers in motion without ever having to produce any real results.

If the majority of voters paid close attention to Hillary and took time to do their research before choosing a candidate to support, they’d likely have an epiphany similar to the one had by these college students.

It’s clear Hillary Clinton should not be allowed to sit in the White House given the corruption that she’s been involved with over the course of her career.

Let’s hope she can be stopped come this November, because the last thing America needs is another Clinton administration.

Source: Allen West