June 2, 2020

CHAOS IN ST. PAUL=> POLICE INJURED After #BlackLivesMatter Attacks Cops With Rocks, Rebar, Bottles, Fireworks, Molotov Cocktails


Several police officers have been injured by Black Lives Matter protesters who took over the I-94 freeway in St. Paul, Minnesota Saturday night over the deadly police shooting of Philando Castile, attacking police officers who tried to clear the road by throwing chunks of concrete, rebar, rocks, bottles, fireworks and Molotov Cocktails. The attacks have gone on for three hours.

“More images of the protest that closed I-94 in St. Paul #PhilandoCastile #I94closed”

St Paul Police Fireworks Twitter Fox9
Fireworks thrown by Black Lives Matter protesters explode, injuring police, image via Twitter/Fox9

Video shows fireworks being thrown onto the midst of officers.

“#Blacklivesmatter protestors using fireworks as improvised explosive devices to attack police in Minnesota.”

A spokesman for the St. Paul police said via Twitter that an officer was injured by the thrown fireworks.

“Image of fireworks being thrown, injuring officer. #I94closed”

The St. Paul PIO also tweeted that two other officers were injured by thrown objects by Black Lives Matter protesters that have included chunks of concrete, rocks, bottles and rebar from a construction site.

The evening’s protest started off peaceful.

“SPPD negotiating with protesters on I-94 to make symbolic arrests. Protesters in process of choosing those who will be arrested. #I94closed”

“SPPD has given 16 dispersal orders. Protesters still not leaving the freeway, continue to create safety hazard. #I94closed”

“Protesters throwing objects at officers. #I94closed”

Person with laser sight pointing it at officers. Fireworks being fired at officers by protesters. #I94closed”

Officer injured by fireworks thrown by protesters. #I94closed”

Protesters now arming themselves with rebar from construction site. #I94closed”

Protesters on overpasses throwing objects at officers, dumping liquid on officers. #I94closed”

Officer injured after being hit with a glass bottle thrown by protesters. #I94closed

Aggressors now throwing rebar from construction zone at officers. Rocks continue to fly at officers. #I94closed”

Another officer has been injured by aggressors throwing objects. Three injured so far. #I94closed”

Bricks now being thrown at officers, along with more rocks and bottles. #I94closed”

An officer has been hit in the head with a rock. Unclear the extent of injuries. #I94closed”

Another officer hit in the head with a large piece of concrete, possibly dropped from bridge. #I94closed”

Molotov cocktail thrown at officers. Unclear if anyone injured. #I94closed”