January 21, 2022

The Radical Pro-Marxist Ideology and Activities of Senator Bernie Sanders

150430-berniesanders-editorialThe election of 2016 partially represents the discrediting of free trade, globalization, open borders, trickle-down economics, union busting, and the domination of our political system by plutocratic oligarchs. The candidacies of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and some of the lesser known third parties serve as channels for the average Americans’ frustration with the above-mentioned policies. However, Sanders represents Marxist-socialist monopoly economics and appeasement of America’s enemies. America’s debt and national security crisis would be heightened if Sanders wins the Democratic primary and is elected President of the United States. Hence, voters supportive of the restoration of Balanced and Nationalist Capitalism should steer clear of Sanders and his crypto-Marxist agenda.

In 1973, Sanders urged Vermont’s congressional delegation to “give serious thought to the nationalization of the oil industry.”

Sanders sought to impose a “public takeover of all privately owned electric utilities in the state.”

In 1976, Sanders called for a state takeover of utilities “without compensation to the banks and wealthy individuals who own them.”

In 1974, Sanders called for the wealth of the Rockefeller family and enterprises to be confiscated by the government and “used to create a decent standard of living for all people.”

Sanders called for television to be “democratically owned and controlled by the people.”

“A handful of people in this country are making decisions, whipping up Cold War hysteria, making us hate the Russians. We’re spending billions on military. Why can’t we take some of that money to pay for thousands of U.S. children to go to the Soviet Union? And, why can’t the Soviets take money they’re spending on arms and use it to send thousands of Russian children to America? We’ve got to start breaking down the walls of nationalism. We’ve got to get people to know one another.” Mayor Bernie Sanders quoted from Yahoo News January 17, 2016

“Markets are a creation of government, just as corporations exist only by authorization of government. Governments set the rules of the market. And, since our government is of, by, and for We The People, those rules have historically been set to first maximize the public good resulting from people doing business.” Thom Hartmann, Sanders supporter and TV/radio political commentator,  2004.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Peter Diamondstone, one of the original Liberty Union Party leaders, had deep ties to the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). Diamondstone claimed that Bernie Sanders approached him in 1979 to get on the SWP ticket as candidate for Vice President. Harry Jaffe Why Bernie Sanders Matters
While Mayor of Burlington, Sanders traveled to Nicaragua, Cuba, and the Soviet Union. In 1981, he attended a meeting of the Parti Quebecois. This meeting was also attended by a PLO delegation.

Officials from Red China, the Soviet Union, and the IRA visited Sanders’ mayoral offices in the 1980s.

1981: As Burlington’s new mayor, Sanders announced he didn’t believe in private charities and favored disbanding them, explaining government should be responsible for all social welfare and charity.
1981: Sanders adopted a Soviet sister city outside Moscow, as well as a city in Nicaragua to support the communist Sandinista revolution there.
1985: Sanders invited officials from the Soviet Union and communist China to stop by his office, while proposing that Washington divert military defense funds to “pay for thousands of U.S. children to go to the Soviet Union.”
1985: In an interview with Vermont government-access TV, Sanders claimed: “The Sandinista government has more support among the Nicaraguan people — substantially more support — than Ronald Reagan has among the American people,” even though Reagan had just been reelected in a historic landslide.
1985: In the same interview, he praised Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, claiming “he educated their kids, gave their kids health care, totally transformed society.” He later showed his affection by traveling to Havana and meeting with its mayor.
1985: In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Sanders proclaimed: “The whole quality of life in America is based on greed. I believe in the redistribution of wealth in this nation.”

Robert Gehl “Underneath Bernie’s “Democratic Socialism” Hides A Dangerous Communist Revolutionary” Federal Papers Project Accessed From: http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/us/underneath-bernies-democratic-socialism-hides-a-dangerous-communist-revolutionary

In July 1985, Bernie Sanders attended what was described as an “anti-U.S. rally” in Sandinista Nicaragua. At this rally, Sandinista militants chanted the song “Here, there, everywhere/the Yankee will die.” Sanders’ trip to Nicaragua was financed by the Sandinista dictatorship.

The commander of the revolution and organizer of the commemoration, Carlos Nunez, sent the invitation in mid-June for the July 19 event. Nunez said it was in recognition of Sanders’ “priceless solidarity and tireless labor on behalf of freedom and self-determination for the Nicaraguan people.” During his visit, largely financed by the Sandinista government — Sanders paid his airfare — Sanders met with President Ortega and other officials. He sat down with the editor of an opposition newspaper, who complained of government censorship. And he walked through Managua’s slums, occasionally asking residents about the impact of the 1979 revolution on their lives.

Seven Days: Vermont’s Independent Voice October 14, 2015

A sympathetic biographer wrote in 1991 that Bernie Sanders “probably has done more than any other elected politician in the country to actively support the Sandinistas and their revolution.”

“Is (the Sandinistas’) crime that they have built new health clinics, schools, and distributed land to the peasants? Is their crime that they have given equal rights to women? Or that they are moving forward to wipe out illiteracy? No, their crime in Mr. Reagan’s eyes and the eyes of the corporations and billionaires that determine American foreign policy is that they have refused to be a puppet and banana republic to American corporate interests.” Mayor Bernie Sanders

In 1987, Sanders hosted top Sandinista official and murderer Nora Astorga in Burlington Vermont.
In 1985, Mayor Sanders agreed with Sandinista repression against dissent and the press, arguing that such measures “makes sense to me.”
“It’s funny, sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is, that people are lining up for food. That is a good thing! In other countries people don’t line up for food: the rich get the food and the poor starve to death.” Sanders commenting on Sandinista rationing and food queues.
Sanders used the Mayor’s Council to import propaganda from Cuban and Sandinista state television stations. This propaganda was aired on Burlington TV channel 15.
In 1989, Sanders traveled to Cuba. This trip was organized by the pro-Castro Center for Cuban Studies. Sanders did not get an audience with Fidel Castro. Instead, he had to settle with a meeting with the Mayor of Havana. The Vermont journalist Peter Freyne remarked that Sanders “came back singing the praises of Fidel Castro.” Sanders observed to the Burlington Free Press that “I think there is tremendous ignorance in this country as to what is going on in Cuba…It’s a country with deficiencies…but one that has made enormous progress in improving the lives of poor people and working people…I did not see a hungry child. I did not see any homeless people…Cuba today not only has free healthcare but very high quality healthcare…The people we met had an almost religious affection for (Fidel Castro). The revolution there is far deep and more profound than I understood it to be. It really is a revolution in terms of values.”
“You know, not to say Fidel Castro and Cuba are perfect—they are certainly not—but just because Ronald Reagan dislikes these people does not mean to say the people in these nations feel the same.” Bernie Sanders Daily Beast February 28, 2016

In May 1988, Sanders also honeymooned with his wife in the Soviet Union. National Review June 24, 2015

Sanders also wrote in his book Outsider in the House that his visit to the Soviet Union was also an effort to forge the Sister Cities propaganda program. Sanders, Bernie. Outsider in the House

In November 1989, Sanders spoke at a conference which was organized by the CPUSA front group, the US Peace Council. The conference titled was “End The Cold War Fund Human Needs: U.S. Peace Council’s Tenth Anniversary National Conference – Boston, Mass., Nov. 10-12, 1989.” Speakers at the conference included Leslie Cagan of the US Peace Council, Congressman Conyers, CPUSA national committeeman and Rainbow Coalition leader Jack O’Dell, Angela Sanbrano of CISPES,  Zehdi Terzi of the PLO, Gunther Dreifahl of the East German Peace Council, and the former communist NJM Grenadian Ambassador Dessima Williams of the Grenada Foundation. “Bernie Sanders” Accessed From: http://keywiki.org/index.php/Bernie_Sanders

In 1990, Sanders even hung a Soviet flag in the mayor’s office. “Bernie Sanders” Accessed From: http://keywiki.org/index.php/Bernie_Sanders

“I am not of the view that we want to isolate China from the rest of the world. I think that we want to bring China into the world economy.” Congressman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China” CSPAN May 24, 2000

Sanders also lent support for the “reset” in relations with Russia spearheaded by President George W. Bush and various Republican Congressmen such as (surprisingly) Curt Weldon (R-PA). Weldon even admitted that Sanders accompanied him on numerous trips to the Russian Federation. A document was issued called A New Time, A New Beginning. Amongst the recommendations, which Sanders supported, included the following gifts for the Putin dictatorship:

“Help facilitate Russia’s accession to the WTO and its acceptance of all WTO agreements.
Increase funding for OPIC and EX-IM Bank projects in Russia.
Eliminate bureaucratic obstacles to joint cooperation on energy.
Increase cooperation in the area of nuclear fuel cycles.
Expand cooperative fusion research on nonpolluting energy solutions.
Involve Russian industry in embryonic U.S. nanotechnology efforts.
Utilize commercial joint ventures to enable Russia to meet its Space Station obligations.
Increase joint projects on space solar power, propulsion technology, and weather satellites.”
“A New Vision for Russian-US Relations” Congressional Record October 2, 2001 AND American Foreign Policy Council. Missile Defenses and American Security 2002 (University Press of America 2004)

Senator Sanders also joined with the left-progressive Congressman Joseph Kennedy (D-MA), the communist Venezuelan Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez, and Citgo corporate officials in announcing the importation of cheap Venezuela oil for his Vermont constituents. “Venezuelan Ambassador Joins Sanders to Announce Details of Discounted Home Heating Oil Program” Press Release February 6, 2006

“American businesses are losing billions of dollars because of the economic embargo. Meanwhile, Canadians and Europeans are creating jobs through their investments in Cuba.” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), 2014

Senator Sanders noted that “I applaud the president for beginning discussions to establish full diplomatic relations with Cuba, just like most of the rest of the world. This is a major step forward in ending the 55-year Cold War with Cuba. Normal diplomatic relations would mean not only that Americans have the opportunity to visit Cuba, but businesses in Vermont and elsewhere can sell products there.” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), 2014

“Sanders, a champion of worker’s rights and an outspoken leader against trade and outsourcing by U.S. corporations, will surely denounce the unscrupulous desire of business interests to partner with Castro’s monopolies and exploit the island’s captive labor.” “Bernie Sanders Wants to Outsource U.S. Jobs to Cuba” Capitol Hill Cubans February 7, 2014

“Money and wealth should serve the people. The people should not have to serve money and wealth.” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), 2015
“Americans are currently looking at a host of presidential candidates – excluding the quite sensible Bernie Sanders – who want to confront either Russia or China. Both are hideously dangerous policies and ones that are certainly not in the interests of the vast majority of Americans – let alone the rest of the planet.” People’s Daily World July 29, 2015

“I happen to believe that when you talk about foreign policy, at the very top of the list is the need for the United States to lead the world, to work with China, work with Russia, work with India in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels and into energy efficiency and sustainable energy. This is not just an “environmental issue,” this is also a global national security issue as well.” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), 2015

Senator Sanders queried whether “we have to make China into an enemy? Absolutely not.” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), 2015

Putin’s choices of Sanders and Trump require no genius to analyze. Sanders’s antiwar pacifism and inexperience in world power politics make him as easy mark for Putin. The Blaze February 19, 2016
“We must work with our NATO partners, and expand our coalition to include Russia and members of the Arab League.” Bernie Sanders, 2015

“Climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.” Bernie Sanders, 2015

The Takeover of the Democratic Party by the Enemies Within

Many leftwing Democrats and liberals continued their fellow-travelling and collaboration with communist despotisms. The old network of Soviet apologists and Fifth Columnists continued to subvert American efforts to neutralize the power of our foreign enemies. Sadly, even in 2016, the Democratic Party continues its leftward shift. Since the 1970s, Congress was loaded with many Democrats who collaborated with America’s enemies; relied on the Communist Party USA and its fronts for political support; and who sought a fundamental transformation of the American economy into a globalized form of crony capitalism or outright socialism.

The Theses and Statutes of the Comintern in 1920 noted that “it is only possible to use this bourgeois state organization parliamentarism with the object of destroying it.” The same document noted that “the communist party enters such institutions not for the purpose of organization work but in order to blow up the whole bourgeois machinery and the parliament itself from within.” Walling, William English. Sovietism: The A B C of Russian Bolshevism

In 1962, Soviet Communist Party International Department defector Igor Glagolev traveled to the United States and studied at the Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. Glagolev recalled that he “noticed a definite pro-Soviet mood among the liberals with whom I spoke.” Glagolev, Dr. Igor S. Post-Andropov Kremlin Strategy

Fidel Castro stated at a New Year’s Eve celebration at the home of the top Cuban communist official Nunez Jimenez.: “If the Democratic Party were in power for twenty years Communism would make considerable progress in the world.” Llovio-Menendez, Jose Luis. Insider

Peter Gutzeit, who was the KGB Station Chief in New York, noted that Moscow’s financial support for pro-Soviet US Senators and Congressmen was necessary to “create a group of our people in the legislative bodies, define their political positions, and insert them there to actively influence events.” Lilleker, Darren G. Against the Cold War

In 1986, Senator McGovern reflected that “I believe that a majority of the American people now accept the views that I advocated in 1972. To repudiate the McGovern Democrats in 1988 is to repudiate what is now the mainstream of the Democratic Party.” Lucom, Wilson. Communists in the Democratic Party

Barbara Walters queried the Democratic candidates as to their response to a communist takeover in Mexico. Senator Gary Hart (D-CO) noted: “If that government requested our assistance I would give that serious consideration…” Hart also stated that the real cause of revolution was poverty, not communism.  Mondale recommended that “We have to let these people develop their own traditions their own history and their own respect for themselves and show some restraint. We can’t solve everything with an American gun.” Reverend Jesse Jackson ducked the question and instead denounced the deposed Somoza regime and the Salvadoran government of Christian Democratic President Jose Duarte as a “killer regime.” Jackson also praised the Sandinistas’ call for elections in 1984 and urged the United States to recognize that government immediately. Senator Alan Cranston (D-CA) stated that the US “backed tyrants or even imposed tyrants on the people.” Senator McGovern added “I agree with Cranston all the way. One of the things we need to be skeptical about is your hypothesis…that a revolution…coming out of Mexico would necessarily be a communist revolution…” McGovern blamed the United States for backing dictators which helps “recruit people for the communist cause.” Gregorsky, Frank. What’s the Matter With Democratic Foreign Policy?

“I don’t think you want to involve American troops even if El Salvador was about to fall to communist-backed guerrillas.” Senator John Glenn (D-Illinois), member of the Foreign Relations Committee, 1983

Jesse Jackson was opposed to legislation that would require imports such as automobiles to contain a percentage of United States-made products. The New York Times February 8, 1984

“I don’t believe Cuba is in Africa because it was ordered there by the Russians. I believe that Cuba is in Africa because it really has shared in a sense of colonial oppression and domination.” Andrew Young, quoted in Charen, Mona Useful Idiots

Young observed that the Cubans brought “a certain stability and order to Angola.” Andrew Young, quoted in Charen, Mona Useful Idiots

“We must recognize that they (the Soviet Union) are growing up in circumstances different from ours. They have, therefore developed a completely different concept of human rights. For them, human rights are essentially not civil and political but economic…” Andrew Young, quoted in Charen, Mona Useful Idiots

Young also called the trial and jailing of Soviet dissidents a “gesture of independence.”  “We also have hundreds maybe thousands of people in our jails that I would call political prisoners.” Andrew Young, quoted in Charen, Mona Useful Idiots

Congresswoman Bella Abzug (D-NY) opposed the granting of political asylum to Vietnamese refugees who fled the communist takeover. She callously argued that they “deserved the punishment that awaits them.” Congresswoman Bella Abzug (D-NY) quoted in Kincaid, Cliff. “Hillary Clinton’s Global Agenda” Accessed From: http://www.usasurvival.org/home/ck061903.shtml

Former Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver observed in 1984 that Congressman Ron Dellums (D-CA) “doesn’t even favor BB guns in the hands of the American military…I know him personally, and the man believes the world would be better off if America would lose power and the Communists would take over. His approach has been to oppose every, not just some, every-appropriations bill for the Pentagon. By opposing military budgets, Dellums aids ‘the communists by destabilizing and frustrating American foreign policy.’” Human Events January 21, 1984

In a 1980 symposium in Berkley CA, Congressman Dellums proposed: “We should totally dismantle every intelligence agency in this country piece by piece, brick by brick, nail by nail.” “Ronald Dellums: Congressman 9th California District” Accessed From: http://www.knology.net/~bilrum/dellums.htm

A captured document which outlined the December 15, 1982 minutes of a New Jewel Movement (NJM) Political Bureau meeting highlighted the joint deception strategies with Congressman Dellums’ office: “Ron Dellums: His Assistant-Barbara Lee is here presently and has brought with her a report on the International Airport that was done by Ron Dellums. They have requested that we look at the document and suggest any changes we deem necessary-they will be willing to make the changes.” Loudon, Trevor. “S.I.C.O.S. 2 Barbara Lee” November 13, 2006 Accessed From: http://www.trevorloudon.com/2006/11/s-i-c-o-s-1-barbara-lee/

“Ron had a long talk with Barb and me when we got to Havana and cried when he realized that we had been shouldering Grenada alone all this time. Like I said, he’s really hooked on you and Grenada and doesn’t want anything to happen to building the Revo and making it strong. He really admires you as a person and even more so as a leader with courage and foresight, principle and integrity. Believe me, he doesn’t make that kind of statement often about anyone. The only other person that I know of that he expresses such admiration for is Fidel. (I’ve known and worked with Ron for many years and the last time I heard him say something like that was in 1977 after a meeting with Fidel).” Dellums chief aide Carlottia Scott quoted in Brownfeld, Allen. Revolution Lobby

Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) and Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) publicly pretended that they were interested in the fate of Soviet dissidents. However, behind the scenes, Senators Biden and Lugar did not want to push this issue in a meaningful manner because they did not want to disrupt Soviet-American relations. An April 1979 memo written by Vadim V. Zagladin, the Deputy Head of the International Department of the CPSU Central Committee, reported “…that, this time, the delegation did not officially raise the issue of human rights during the negotiations. Biden said he did not want ‘to spoil the atmosphere with problems which are bound to cause distrust in our relations…Unofficially, Biden and Lugar said that, in the end of the day, they were not so much concerned with having a problem of this or that citizen solved as with showing to the American public that they do care for ‘human rights.’ They must prove to their voters that they are ‘effective in fulfilling their wishes.’ In other words, the collocutors directly admitted that what is happening is a kind of a show, that they absolutely do not care for the fate of most so-called dissidents. In the same conversation, Biden asked us to ensure that Senators’ appeals on those issues are not left unanswered-even if we just reply that the letter is received but we cannot do anything.” April 1979 memo written by Vadim V. Zagladin, the Deputy Head of the International Department of the CPSU Central Committee quoted in Frontpagemag.com October 14, 2008

“I want to send a message to the American people that if the Angolans are good enough for us to work and trade with, they should be good enough to have diplomatic relations with.” Jesse Jackson, speech to workers of the state-owned Angolan oil corporation Sonangol. Quoted in Kenneth R. Timmerman Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson
“Our problem is the President has a war policy and a weapons policy when what we need is a peace policy.” Jesse Jackson, Quoted in Kenneth R. Timmerman Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson “We know how long you have fought and suffered in the battle for peace and justice…We know that now, even after having won your revolution, you must still defend the sovereignty and integrity of your nation against those who would invade your borders, mine your harbors, disrupt your economy and murder your citizens.” Jesse Jackson, Quoted in Kenneth R. Timmerman Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson “Long live Fidel Castro! Long live Che Guevara! Long live Patrice Lumumba!” Jesse Jackson
Jackson Presidential campaign attorney Edward Coaxum admitted that Cuba and Nicaragua provided money to a campaign “humanitarian fund” of Jesse Jackson’s Presidential campaign. Kenneth R. Timmerman Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson “Many find it difficult to overlook the embrace of Yasser Arafat, the cheerleading for Fidel Castro and the Sandinistas, the appearances before pro-Soviet ‘peace’ groups, and the presence of veterans of the authoritarian Left among Jackson’s closest advisors.” Democratic Party activists Penn Kemble and Joshua Muravchik quoted in Kenneth R. Timmerman Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson.

The goal of the IPS was to “move the Democratic Party’s debate internally to the left by creating an invisible presence in the party.” Robert Borosage, Director of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), quoted in Kenneth R. Timmerman Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson
As President, Jesse Jackson would have:
Supported the Sandinistas with economic aid.
Recognized the PLO.
Reduced aid to Israel.
Forced Israel to create a PLO-controlled state.
Ordered all American companies to pull out investments in South Africa.
Provided sanctuary for the ANC.
Provided aid to various Marxist nations which border South Africa.
Slashed our defense spending by 25 percent.
Eliminated the MX, Midgetman and Trident D-5 missiles as well as cruise missiles and the Stealth bomber.
Terminated SDI research development.
Withdrew 100,000 American troops from Europe, nearly 30 percent of our forces stationed there.
Raised personal and corporate income taxes to pay for a massive welfare state.
Accuracy in Media Report April B 1988

“Both of our countries were born in revolution. Both strive–in different ways–to achieve a better life for our people. Our two great countries have never been at war against each other. If you will write me a little note and tell me that you saw this program, I would like to send you one of these little pins that I am wearing in my lapel. It contains small replicas of the flags of our two nations flying side by side.” Speaker of the House of Representatives/Congressman Jim Wright (D-TX) 1987

“I first heard of Bill Clinton 16 years ago. Here is how it happened. I was getting a teaching credential, and one of my classes was on adolescent psychology. The professor in this course, who was a very admirable teacher, seemed to favor me. One day, after class, she invited me to a 7 p.m. meeting at the Science Lecture Hall. At the time I didn’t know she was a Marxist, and I didn’t know the meeting would be political. She said that if I cared about education in the state of California I would attend. Having the night off from work I decided on going, partly owing to curiosity. Well, I couldn’t have been more surprised if it had been a coven of witches. Arriving early at the Science Lecture Hall, I found communist literature — books and pamphlets — stacked on tables in the lobby. A visiting professor was the speaker. He gave a rousing talk on overthrowing the “dictatorship of the bourgeoisie” in America. How would this be accomplished? By taking over the Democratic Party through its left wing. The speaker said it was possible to elect a stealth socialist president, who would effect a peaceful transition to socialism during the next great economic down-turn. Capitalism would be unmasked as a bankrupt system. The people would then support a new socialist system. All businesses would be nationalized by the government and run like the Post Office. This socialist president, said the speaker, could be elected in either 1988 or 1992. The only problem was that of timing. Some days later I went to visit my professor at her office hours. We talked about the speaker and the book he had written. We talked about Marxism and the idea of changing the system. Then, suddenly, my professor said: “We have such high hopes for this young Arkansas
governor, Bill Clinton.” Worldnetdaily, July 22, 1999

“Seven months ago an intelligence professional, whose credentials are impeccable, told me something quite alarming. He told of a taped conversion between two Czech Communist officials. They were discussing a young American college student — Bill Clinton — who was then visiting Prague. They mentioned that he was expected to attend a meeting at a certain place
which was reserved for the recruitment of Communist bloc agents. “Where is this tape now,” I asked. “Nobody seems to know,” he answered. In February there was another curious incident involving a retired CIA official. This particular fellow was genuinely alarmed at information he had on President Clinton’s ties to the Russian security services. When pressed by a famous journalist to provide details, the CIA man shrank away. Publicity is death to people involved in secret intelligence work. And now, more recently, I have received information from a third
source inside U.S. intelligence. His story is even more fantastic. It is so fantastic that I dare not repeat what he reported.” Worldnetdaily, July 22, 1999

During his stay in England, Bill Clinton joined the British Peace Council, a front of the Communist Party of Great Britain. Clinton helped organize anti-American demonstrations in front of the US Embassy in London. Clinton joined with other pro-communist and anti-American protesters on a trip to Norway to demonstrate in opposition to that Nation’s desire to join NATO. Bill Clinton visited the USSR in 1970 and was lodged in the KGB-monitored, elite National Hotel in Moscow. He traveled to the Soviet Union two times during the month of January 1970. He also was a guest of old-line Czechoslovak Communists in Prague. Clinton was also a member of the Mobilization Committee, “a Communist-front organization dedicated to undermining the strength of the United States and opposing American initiatives against the communist world movement.” Information quoted in Worldnetdaily April 30, 1999

“Clinton then continued by train through Leningrad to Moscow. In Moscow, where he arrived on New Year’s Eve, he had booked through the Soviet travel agency Intourist to spend a week at the expensive Hotel National. His autobiography says the only person he knew in Moscow was Tom Williamson’s girlfriend Anik “Nikki” Alexis, a daughter of a French diplomat who was now studying at the Patrice Lumumba Peoples’ Friendship University, a KGB training ground famed for turning out alumni such as the terrorist Carlos the Jackal. Clinton recalls, “One night I took a bus out to Lumumba University to have dinner with Nikki and some of her friends. One of them was a Haitian woman named Helene whose husband was studying in Paris.” On the bus back home Clinton says there was only one other passenger, Oleg Rakito, who “spoke better English than I did” and “asked me lots of questions and told me he worked for the government, virtually admitting he was assigned to keep an eye on me.” “Bill Clinton’s Road to Moscow” Frontpagemag August 24, 2007

The KGB/SVR defector Sergei Tretayakov also identified that the SVR classified Strobe Talbott as a Special Unofficial Contact. Talbott was Deputy Secretary of State under Clinton. The Special Unofficial Contact was the classification used by the SVR for a top level intelligence source who had a high level social and/or political status who identity needed to be carefully guarded. Tretayakov reported that Talbott was “tricked and manipulated” by the SVR. The SVR massaged Talbott’s ego as an expert on Russia and was influenced to be pro-Yeltsin. For example, Talbott denounced the Cox Committee report on Clinton’s Russian policy as politically motivated. Earley, Pete. Comrade J
In fact, the current CPUSA Chairman John Bachtell admitted that the Party utilized the Democrats to slowly advance the communist agenda: “At this stage we are about building the broad people’s movement led by labor that utilizes the vehicle of the Democratic Party to advance its agenda.” People’s World January 22, 2015

In 2010, several member of the CPUSA’s Young Communist League (YCL) noted that “Currently, the conditions rarely if ever allow us to run open Communists for office. When members do run for office, it is within the auspices of the Democratic Party. Otherwise, we find ourselves supporting progressive (and in some instances not-so-progressive) Democratic candidates. Despite how much many of us would love to run comrades for office as Communists, we all agree that this is how we currently have to function in this political climate.” “Convention Discussion: A Time to Grow” February 2, 2010 Accessed From: http://www.cpusa.org/convention-discussion-a-time-to-grow/

In November 2012, the CPUSA noted its preference for the Democratic Party in its efforts to defeat the conservative elements of the Republican Party: “Faced with a choice between the victory of either the Democratic Party or Republican Party, the Communist Party viewed a victory of the far-right Republican Party as an extreme disaster. In this situation, we saw the necessity of a policy of center-left alliances in order not to separate ourselves from the people’s struggles for dealing with the far right onslaught, The basis of such an alliance now includes the labor movement, organizations of African Americans and Latinos, the women’s movement, gay and lesbian civil rights groups, and organizations of the elderly and retirees. On some issues, these groups are joined by a few far-sighted elements of capital.”

The CPUSA saw elements of the transnational capitalist elites as allies against policies that would check the power of Red China: “What do we mean by ‘far-sighted’ elements of capital? As in all capitalist countries, big capital is not a monolith of common interest…Corporations with heavy investments in China are somewhat wary of China bashing by the Republicans and even by Obama.” Contribution of the Communist Party USA 14th International Meeting of CWP Presented by Erwin Marquit, Organizational Secretary Minnesota/Dakotas District, CPUSA; member of International Department CPUSA November 25, 2012

“Our present strategy is build alliances both inside and outside the Democratic Party to curtail the dominance of big capital over the lives of our people. We are well aware that mass political activity on issues of social justice domestically and anti-imperialist solidarity internationally will not spring from within the Democratic Party. The Communist Party must continue to work with other components of this alliance to generate mass activity independently of the two parties to pressure the president and the Congress to act on its demands.” Contribution of the Communist Party USA 14th International Meeting of CWP Presented by Erwin Marquit, Organizational Secretary Minnesota/Dakotas District, CPUSA; member of International Department CPUSA November 25, 2012

On the electoral front, the CPUSA continued its strategic policy of aligning and collaborating with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party: “In our electoral policy, we seek to cooperate and strengthen our relationship with the more progressive elements in Democratic Party, such as the Progressive Caucus in the U.S. Congress, a group of seventy-six members of the Congress co-chaired by Raul Grijalva, a Latino from Arizona, and Keith Ellison, an African American Muslim from Minnesota. We also will strengthen our relationship to the Congressional Black Caucus (formed by African Americans in the Congress), which has been the point of origin of innovative policies including an end to the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba, and with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus…In its foreign policy, the Progressive Caucus and the Black Caucus are outspoken in their opposition to U.S. imperialist policies abroad.” Contribution of the Communist Party USA 14th International Meeting of CWP Presented by Erwin Marquit, Organizational Secretary Minnesota/Dakotas District, CPUSA; member of International Department CPUSA November 25, 2012

On the electoral front, the CPUSA continued its strategic policy of aligning and collaborating with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party: “In our electoral policy, we seek to cooperate and strengthen our relationship with the more progressive elements in Democratic Party, such as the Progressive Caucus in the U.S. Congress, a group of seventy-six members of the Congress co-chaired by Raul Grijalva, a Latino from Arizona, and Keith Ellison, an African American Muslim from Minnesota. We also will strengthen our relationship to the Congressional Black Caucus (formed by African Americans in the Congress), which has been the point of origin of innovative policies including an end to the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba, and with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus…In its foreign policy, the Progressive Caucus and the Black Caucus are outspoken in their opposition to U.S. imperialist policies abroad.” Contribution of the Communist Party USA 14th International Meeting of CWP Presented by Erwin Marquit, Organizational Secretary Minnesota/Dakotas District, CPUSA; member of International Department CPUSA November 25, 2012

In the mid-1980s, Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-CA) led the Federation for Progress, which was a front of the virulently Maoist Communist Workers’ Party (CWP).  Associates of Chu such as the Director of the Center for Labor Research and Education at UCLA Kent Wong and Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland California worked to establish links between American organized labor and the Communist Party of China-controlled All-China Federation of Trade Unions. Chu visited China in 1990, 1994, and 1999 while she served as the Mayor and City Council member in Monterey Park California. In late August 2011, Congresswoman Chu visited Red China as a guest of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs. She was accompanied by Congressman and House Progressive Caucus members Mike Honda (D-CA) and Eni Faleomavaega of American Samoa. In a meeting with Senior Chinese Communist Party legislator Lu Yongxiang, who was also the Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, they agreed to “step up dialogues, enhance mutual trust and carry out more extensive cooperation in order to boost the development of China-U.S. ties…There are some in Congress who are saying negative and angry things about China…I felt that we needed to have this trip in order to help balance the perspective that is out there. We have more to gain in our relationship between US and China than we have to lose. There is also much that the US can learn from China.” Congresswoman Chu also attended the White House dinner between Obama and Hu Jintao. In a 2011 visit to Guangzhou China, Congresswoman Chu noted that “I am a daughter of China, now I’m coming home…” Loudon, Trevor. “Judy Chu Exposed, Part 5: Judy Chu – “I Am a Daughter of China, Now I Am Coming Home” March 18, 2013 Accessed From:http://www.trevorloudon.com/2013/03/judy-chu-exposed-part-5-judy-chu-i-am-a-daughter-of-china-now-i-am-coming-home/

In May 2015, sixteen progressive Democratic Congressmen called for the lifting of all sanctions levied against 7 Venezuelan communist government officials. The Congressmen included John Conyers (D-Michigan), Barbara Lee (D-CA), Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), Keith Ellison (D-MN), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Jim McDermott (D-WA), Bobby Rush (D-IL) (former Black Panther), Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-NY), Charles Rangel (D-NY), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), and Mike Capuano (D-MA). People’s Daily World May 18, 2015

In April 2009, Fidel Castro noted in Granma on his first visit with Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA): “She first traveled to Cuba accompanying the then black Congressman Ronald Dellums. She was his assistant and afterwards occupied his seat when he retired. On that occasion I had the honor of meeting her and admiring her combative spirit and capacity for struggle.” “Barbara Lee” Accessed From: http://www.keywiki.org/Barbara_Lee#cite_note-106

In September 2010, Congressmen Charles Rangel, Jose Serrano, and Maxine Waters attended the funeral of the staunchly pro-Cuba Reverend Lucius Walker in New York City. It was reported that “Joining the wide representation of Cuba solidarity, socialist and progressive activists” were the Cuban UN Ambassador, the Nicaraguan Sandinista Ambassador, and officials of the Nation of Islam. Workers World September 26, 2010

According to documents filed by the Venezuelan diplomatic mission in Washington DC, the Chavez dictatorship maintained close ties with the following progressive Democratic Congressmen: Barbara Lee (D-CA), Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX), Yvette Clarke (D-NY), Gregory Meeks (D-NY) , Karen Bass (D-CA), and Jose Serrano (D-NY). “Barbara Lee” Accessed From: http://www.keywiki.org/Barbara_Lee#cite_note-93

Various progressive Democratic Congressmen also supported the Cuban Humanitarian Trade Act of 1998. This piece of legislation sought to life sanctions on sales and donations of food, medical supplies, and medicines to Cuba. This bill was supported by Senator Carol Moseley Braun (D-IL) and Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY), and Maxine Waters (D-CA). The progressives and the communists joined with big business associations in support of this bill. This bill was supported by the US Chamber of Commerce, US Wheat Association, and the Medical Devices Manufacturers. “Carol Moseley Braun” Accessed From: http://www.keywiki.org/Carol_Moseley_Braun#cite_note-20

Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) led agricultural missions to Communist Cuba in efforts to increase food exports to that nation. She met with Fidel Castro and the Director of Alimport, which was one of Cuba’s myriad of trading companies. In February 2003, Senator Cantwell attended the US-Cuba Business Conference in Havana, Cuba. Attendees at this conference included longtime Cuba trade fixer Kirby Jones, the Chairman of Alimport Pedro Alvarez, Fidel Castro, the President of the Assembly of People’s Power Ricardo Ricardo Alarcon, the Cuban Minister of Trade Raul de la Nuez, and assorted American politicians from states with a heavy dependence on agribusiness. “2000s” Alamar Associates Accessed From: http://www.alamarcuba.com/photogallery5.html

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) praised efforts to increase trade relations with communist Cuba. She noted “This is the business an agricultural communities that might have the most influence on helping us to make this bi-partisan effort more successful.” Yahoo News February 17, 2015

In 1992, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) endorsed the CPUSA call in the May 1992 People’s Daily World for the “support our continuing struggle for justice and dignity.” “Maxine Waters” Accessed From: http://www.keywiki.org/Maxine_Waters#cite_note-49

In September 2000, Congresswoman Maxine Waters shouted “Viva Fidel!” when the Cuban dictator visited Riverside Church in New York City. It should be no surprise that Fidel Castro reportedly noted that “I came to Harlem because I knew it was here that I would find my best friends.” “Maxine Waters” Accessed From: http://www.keywiki.org/Maxine_Waters#cite_note-49

Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum was the part owner of DHL Airlines, which channeled funds to an unnamed Cuban communist government entity. Canada Free Press September 7, 2006

Richard Blum engaged in heavy investment activities with the Red Chinese. Such activities were heavily criticized by Feinstein’s political detractors. Blum owned an investment firm which garnered over $100 million for Red China. Worldnetdaily April 17, 2001

When Feinstein was the Mayor of San Francisco from 1978 to 1988, she personally led trade and other delegations to Red China. She made Shanghai a sister city with San Francisco. China then opened a consulate in San Francisco during this time. Senator Feinstein and her husband also maintained a close relationship with Chinese Communist leader Jiang Zemin. Worldnetdaily April 17, 2001

“I think the American economy is much better off with China as a member of the WTO than it is with China outside of the WTO, doing whatever it wants whenever it wants to do it…I think the key to world trade is everybody playing by the same rules…And it’s important to do it now…As China’s economy grows and its people have more money to spend, they’ll want to buy foreign goods.” Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), 2000 quoted in the Washington Post January 9, 2010

In 1985, while serving as Mayor of San Francisco, Dianne Feinstein issued a proclamation in support of the Soviet front World Youth Festival in Moscow. This event was organized by the Soviet front World Federation of Democratic Youth and supported by the CPUSA and its apparatus in the Left. “Dianne Feinstein” Accessed From: http://www.keywiki.org/Dianne_Feinstein#cite_note-9

Mayor Feinstein also accompanied a high-powered delegation of multinational corporate executives (e.g. Du Pont, General Electric, and IBM) and détente-minded Reagan Administration officials (Commerce Secretary Malcolm Baldrige) on a trade trip to the USSR. This trip was organized and led by the US-Soviet Trade and Economic Council (USTEC), which was involved in promoting free trade and technology transfers to the Soviet Union. Washington Post December 10, 1985

In 2012, Feinstein was among one of many Democrats and Republicans who voted to give Putin’s Russia PNTR. She was joined by Senators John Kerry and Max Baucus in promoting increased trade relations with Russia. Pittsburgh Tribune Review December 7, 2012

In May 2008, while questioning John Hofmeister of Shell Oil, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) noted that “…And guess what this liberal will be all about? This liberal will be all about socializing, uh, umm-will be about, basically. Taking over, and the Government running all of your companies.” “Maxine Waters Wants To ‘Socialize’ Oil Companies” Accessed From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niJAkR_6tKQ

Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-MA) hailed the Chinese intelligence front company China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) for bailing out the Port of Boston. He dubbed the COSCO head executive as a “people’s ambassador” to the United States. Washington Post January 9, 2010

“The forces of change and reform will win out sooner if the United States is engaged than if we play into the hands and forces of repression. Isolation simply does not work….A vote for normal trade relations will hasten human rights, environmental protection and a stronger economy in China and the United States.” Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), 2000 commenting on his support for PNTR for China

Congressman Earl Blumenauer remarked that his colleagues “are starting to understand that the Chinese are not communist but that the Chinese are Chinese…China is an overarching backdrop to almost everything that I am involved with…China is something that no one can ignore.” Hindustan Times January 11, 2010

Senator Feinstein also opposed measures to strengthen the American relationship with Taiwan. Senator Feinstein condemned the sale of what she termed “offensive” arms to Taiwan, noting that they “would clearly be viewed by the People’s Republic of China as outside the bounds of the relationship with Taiwan to which we committed ourselves. For those reasons, we would oppose it.” These weapons included Patriot surface-to-air missiles. Worldnetdaily April 17, 2001

In 2002, Congressmen David Bonior, Jim McDermott, and Mike Thompson traveled to Iraq in order to denounced American policy towards the Saddam dictatorship. It was later revealed that Iraqi intelligence funded the trip through Muthanna Al-Hanooti, who was involved in efforts to undermine sanctions imposed against the Saddam dictatorship. “Jim McDermott” Accessed From: http://keywiki.org/Jim_McDermott

Congressman McDermott also supported “meaningful sanctions relief that bolsters Iran’s flagging economy and allows U.S. businesses access to a potentially vibrant market.” People’s Daily World November 18, 2014

Frank Marshall Davis was a longtime operative of the American Communist Party. He was responsible for manipulating and channeling CPUSA funds to the Democratic Party in Hawaii. Declassified FBI documents also revealed that Davis “was observed photographing large sections of the (Hawaii) coastline with a camera containing a telescopic lens…Informant stated that DAVIS spent much of his time in this activity. He said this was the third different occasion DAVIS had been observed photographing shorelines and beachfronts. Informant advised that it did not appear he was photographing any particular objects.” Even in the 1960s, the FBI collected intelligence on Davis. He was tagged by the FBI for immediate arrest if World War III broke out between the Soviet Union and the United States. “Frank Marshall Davis” Accessed From: http://keywiki.org/index.php/Frank_Marshall_Davis

Former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers also admitted that he briefed Obama “every Monday in the White House, and he never listens!” Ayers also reported that “David Axelrod said we were friendly, that was true; we served on a couple of boards together, that was true; he held a fundraiser in our living room, that was true; Michelle (Obama) and Bernardine were at the law firm together, that was true.” He also believed that the election of Obama “would strike a small blow to white supremacy, and I wanted to help create the conditions for a more just government.” The Daily Beast April 3, 2013

In 1995, the prominent pro-communist activist Alice Palmer introduced her handpicked successor for her seat in the Illinois State Senate to the unrepentant Weather Underground terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Her successor was Barack Obama, who was previously a law professor and community organizer. Alice Palmer was a former executive board member of the CPUSA front US Peace Council. Palmer attended the Prague Assembly in 1983, which was an event fostered by the World Peace Council to cripple NATO defenses. In 1986, Palmer attended the Soviet Communist Party’s 27th Congress in Moscow as an American delegate. Palmer loved the “Soviet plan to provide people with higher wages and better education…”  Palmer also praised what she termed the “central planning” of the Soviet government. The CPUSA hailed Obama’s presidential victories in 2008 and 2012 as a defeat for reactionary Republican politicians and their capitalist allies. Frank Chapman, a member of the US Peace Council Executive Committee, noted in the People’s Daily World in reference to Obama’s rise in the Democratic Presidential primary that “Obama’s victory was more than a progressive move…It was a dialectical leap ushering in a new era of struggle. Marx once compared (the) revolutionary new era of struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface.” Investor’s Business Daily August 22, 2008

Obama attended the church of the virulently anti-American Reverend Jeremiah Wright. He was associated with the Cuban Ecumenical Council and Institute for the Friendship of the Peoples (ICAP). The Cuban Ecumenical Council was an arm of the DGI-controlled Cuban Institute for the Friendship of the Peoples (ICAP). Wall Street Journal November 2, 1984

American businessman Tom Fife made frequent trips to the Russian Federation during the period February 1992 to mid-1994 to start a software development joint-venture company with some people from the Russian scientific community. During this time, the Soviet Communists transformed the state-owned assets of Russia into crony capitalist firms which sought to sustain what one CPSU document referred to as “the invisible party economy.” Fife was exposed to some hair-raising predictions by an assembled delegation of Russian negotiators. A female member of the Russian negotiating team remarked to Fife and the other Americans that “What if I told you that you will have a black president very soon and he will be a Communist? Well, you will; and he will be a Communist.”  One of the Americans commented: “It sounds like you know something we don’t know.” The Russian female, who was also a strongly anti-American Marxist-Leninist retorted “Yes, it is true. This is not some idle talk. He is already born and he is educated and being groomed to be president right now. You will be impressed to know that he has gone to the best schools of Presidents. He is what you call Ivy League. You don’t believe me, but he is real and I even know his name. His name is Barack. His mother is white and American and his father is black from Africa. That’s right, a chocolate baby! And he’s going to be your President. It’s all been thought out. His father is not an American black so he won’t have that social slave stigma. He is intelligent and he is half white and has been raised from the cradle to be an atheist and a Communist. He’s gone to the finest schools. He is being guided every step of the way and he will be irresistible to America.” Fife noted that “She made it quite obvious that she thought that this was going to breathe new life into world Communism. From this and other conversations with her, she always asserted that Communism was far from dead.”  Fife also recalled that “She rattled off a complete litany. He was from Hawaii. He went to school in California. He lived in Chicago. He was soon to be elected to the legislature. ‘Have no doubt: he is one of us, a Soviet.’  At one point, she related some sort of San Francisco connection, but I didn’t understand what the point was and don’t recall much about that. I was just left with the notion that she considered the city to be some sort of a center for their activity here.”  The female Russian communist noted that the future American communist president would be a “blessing for world Communism. We will regain our strength and become the number one power in the world.” Rense.com November 20, 2008

“Obama is a very strategic thinker. He knew precisely what it would take to get elected and didn’t blow it. He used community organizing methods to mobilize a base consisting of many people who had never voted before or who regularly don’t vote…But he also knew that what he said had to basically play to the center to not be run over by the press, the Republicans, scare centrist and cross-over voters away. He made it. So he has a narrow mandate for change, without any direction specified. What he’s doing now is moving on the most popular issues…the environment, health care, and the economy. He’ll be progressive on the environment because that has broad popular support; health care will be extended to children, then made universal, but the medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance corporations will stay in place, perhaps yielding some power; the economic agenda will stress stimulation from the bottom sometimes and handouts to the top at other times. It will be pragmatic…(Larry) Summers is talking about the growth in income disparity as a significant problem. On foreign policy and the wars and the use of the military there will be no change at all. That’s what keeping Gates at the Pentagon and Clinton at State and not prosecuting the torturers is saying. And never, never threaten the military budget. That will unite a huge majority of congress against him.” Rudd, Mark. “Let’s Get Smart About Obama” November 2008

“And I agree with this strategy. Anything else will court sure defeat. Move on the stuff you can to a small but significant extent, gain support and confidence. Leave the military alone because they’re way too powerful. For now, until enough momentum is raised. By the second or third year of this recession, when stimulus is needed at the bottom, people may begin to discuss cutting the military budget if security is being increased through diplomacy and application of nascent international law.” Rudd, Mark. “Let’s Get Smart About Obama” November 2008

“…you have to be able to look like you’re doing one thing but do another. That’s why all these conservative appointments are important: the strategy is feint to the right, move left. Any other strategy invites sure defeat. It would be stupid to do otherwise in this environment.” Rudd noted that “Obama learned many lessons of strategy and patience.” Rudd, Mark. “Let’s Get Smart About Obama” November 2008

In a conversation with the Canadian Consulate officer Joseph De Mora, Obama’s senior economist admitted that Obama’s anti-NAFTA rhetoric “should be viewed as more about political positioning than a clear articulation of policy plans.” New York Times March 4, 2008

”There are some who believe that we must try to turn back the clock on this new world (of globalization); that the only chance to maintain our living standards is to build a fortress around America; to stop trading with other countries, shut down immigration, and rely on old industries. I disagree. Not only is it impossible to turn back the tide of globalization, but efforts to do so can make us worse off. Rather than fear the future, we must embrace it.” Barack Obama, Remarks at the 79th Annual League of United Latin American Citizens Convention in Washington, DC July 8, 2008

The office of the USTR Michael Froman sought to rewrite the notion of what constituted an export. Goods produced by American firms or their subcontractors abroad, shipped to a US port, and then trucked to another country such as Mexico were defined by the Obama USTR as exports. “Public Citizen: Job Killing Trade Deficits Surge Under US FTAs Unpacking USTR’s Main Trade Data Tricks and Deceits” March 22, 2015

Obama White House Communications Director Anita Dunn noted in a speech to high school students that Mao Tse-tung was one of her favorite political philosophers. Breitbart.com October 17, 2012

Chavez led “really an incredible revolution-a democratic revolution…The property owners and the folks who then controlled the media in Venezuela rebelled-worked, frankly, with folks here in the U.S. government-worked to oust him…But he came back with another revolution, and then Chavez began to take very seriously the media in his country.” Diversity Chief of the FCC Mark Lloyd praising the Chavez dictatorship, The Washington Times September 23, 2009

“Obama’s victory was more than a progressive move; it was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle. Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary ‘mole,’ not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through.” Frank Chapman “Letters January 12, 2008” People’s World

The National Chairman of the Communist Party USA Sam Webb observed that “The Left can and should advance its own views and disagree with the Obama Administration without being disagreeable. Its tone should be respectful. We are speaking to a friend.” Worldnetdaily December 1, 2008

On a state visit to Russia, President Obama met with the former Soviet dictator Gorbachev and the Chairman of the Russian Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov. Zyuganov admitted to Obama that he “had thoroughly studied (Obama’s) anti-crisis program, that I liked it, as well as that it is socially oriented and primarily aimed at supporting poor people and enhancing the state’s role…I said all this to President Obama.” The New American July 22, 2009

In January 2009, the Red Chinese news agency Xinhua lambasted free market economics in a commentary titled “Opportunity to Transform the US Economy.” The Chinese commentary cheered Obama’s initial shift to the Left in certain domestic economic policies: “In this predicament, relying solely on market forces will not help matters, so the government must take ‘resolute and rapid’ action. In other words, the US economy must carry out major changes, and only by truly being resolute and determined will it be possible to help the US economy get out of the recession quagmire, and only then will it be possible to avoid going down the same disastrous road of the Great Depression of the 1930s…it seems extremely important for the government to invest and stimulate it…The financial crisis exposed various bad practices by Wall Street, as well as symbolizing the predicament of the original ‘laissez-faire’ liberal capitalist model of the United States. Bringing the market into play and, at the same time, complementing that with government oversight will become another of the features of Obama’s economic transformation. Just as Obama stated in his inaugural address, this financial crisis has reminded the United States that ‘without strict oversight, the market may go out of control.’ On his first day in the White House, Obama will sketch out a blueprint for the US economic transformation. It is safe to say that history has not only put unprecedented pressures on Obama, it has also given him a golden opportunity. If he can accomplish the transformation of the US economy and enable the United States to get out of the recession fairly quickly, this major change may also have a major and far-reaching impact on the world economy.” Xinhua News Agency Domestic Service January 21, 2009

Educational exchange agreements were also signed with Red China. In April 2009, the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan signed the Joint Statement of Exchange and Cooperation with the Chinese Minister of Education Zhou Ji. The Joint Statement called for “The U.S. Network for Education Information (USNEI) Web site be expanded to include links to the academic accreditation Web site in China and other countries (timeline 2009 and forward), and MOE links to USNEI” and the “Consultation with the higher education community (academic institutions and organizations) take place on direct collaboration with China or the United States that includes the sharing of best teaching practices and deepening of existing ties (timeline 2009-2013).” State Councilor Madame Liu remarked that “Secretary Duncan, you have been so courageous in carrying out reform in the field of education, I’m sure that’s also the reason why President Obama has nominated you as the education secretary…Cooperation in education between our two countries can go way back into the past as a long tradition and also meets our immediate needs.” Secretary Duncan noted that “It amazes me how absolutely similar the challenges are and the huge sense of urgency that we both share…We worry a lot about equality of opportunity and we think the only way to move children and families out of poverty is through quality education…We also think we have to raise the bar and raise standards for everybody because our expectations are too low.” CNSNews.com April 21, 2009

The Obama Administration also created the conditions for increased commerce with Cuba.  Leonardo Sanchez, spokesman for International Port Corporation, commented favorably on Obama’s economic appeasement of the Cuban Communists: “It’s one of the best things that has happened. We have to start to do things like this now and we have to start to create bridges like this.” In 2009, President Obama eased the US embargo by allowing unlimited travel and remittances to Cuba by émigrés and American tourists. Newsmax March 10, 2009

President Obama also ended the cash prepayment requirement for Cuban imports of food products from the United States. Newsmax July 13, 2012

The Obama Administration also sought to place the Bush-Clinton appeasement of Yeltsin and Putin on steroids. This conflicted with his earlier criticisms and concerns regarding a more aggressive Russia during the 2008 presidential campaign. Once Obama entered the presidency, he sought to reduce America’s strategic nuclear weapons, granted Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) for Russia, and denied that Moscow posed a threat to world peace. Putin complained that a “military lobby” and “conservative” State Department officials were restraining President Obama. Putin noted that “My feeling is that he is a sincere man and that he sincerely wants to implement positive change. But can he do it, will they let him do it? There is…the military lobby, and the Department of State, which is quite conservative.” In 2012, President Obama noted privately to President Medvedev that “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.” Medvedev replied: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you.” President Obama then stated “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Medvedev said: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.” Worldnetdaily September 10, 2012

Moscow continued its typical pattern of violating arms control agreements before the ink dried on the documents. According to State Department START Treaty documents, the Russian Federation increased the number of nuclear warheads by 131, while the United States inventory increased by only 57. Mark Schneider, a former Pentagon strategic weapons specialist, noted that “All U.S. numbers have declined since New START entry into force. The fact that this is happening reflects the ineffectiveness of the Obama administration’s approach to New START.” Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) pointed out that “Not only did Russia violate the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (IRNF) Treaty, signed by President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987, it did so while negotiating with the Obama Administration over new START, a 2010 arms reduction treaty.” He pointed out that the Russians developed new weapons systems such as the ground-launched cruise missile (GLCM) in violation of the 1987 INF Treaty. Senator Inhofe excoriated the Obama Administration in weakening the American nuclear capability when he stated that “The White House was at best naïve to Russian duplicity; at worst, it was complicit…The United States under President Obama, on the other hand, has tried to set a disarmament and nuclear nonproliferation example by reducing the role and numbers of nuclear weapons in U.S. strategy in the hope that the rest of the world would follow…It hasn’t.” Newsmax.com October 2, 2014

In July 2009, President Obama declared at the US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue that “Some in China think that America will try to contain China’s ambitions; some in America think that there is something to fear in a rising China. I take a different view, and I believe President Hu takes a different view as well. I believe in a future where China is a strong, prosperous, and successful member of the community of nations, a future when our nations are partners out of necessity, but also out of opportunity. This future is not fixed, but it is a destination that can be reached if we pursue a sustained dialog like the one that you will commence today and act on what we hear and what we learn.” President Barack Obama, US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue New York Times July 27, 2009

“…there has been no sector of our societies that have been stronger proponents of U.S.-China relations than the business sector.  And so I’m very pleased that we have some of America’s top businesses here.  Many of them have a longstanding relationship with China; have been selling American goods, promoting American services in China.  And they, I think, can testify to the benefits that the United States obtains from strong relations with China… And so I think our goal here today was to make sure that we break out of the old stereotypes that somehow China is simply taking manufacturing jobs and taking advantage of low wages; the U.S. is importing cheap goods and thereby having cheaper products, but also putting strains on our employment base — the relationship is much more complex than that, and it has much more potential than that.” During this meeting, Obama betrayed the American worker by asserting the alleged importance of eliminating “old stereotypes that somehow China is simply taking manufacturing jobs and taking advantage of low wages.” Remarks by President Obama and President Hu in a Roundtable with American and Chinese Business Leaders January 19, 2011

In 2011, the Obama Administration cancelled shortwave radio broadcasts by Voice of America into China. Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz noted that this action occurred while “Beijing is expanding its propaganda operations in the United States and around the world…China is about to launch 60 U.S. affiliates for its propaganda broadcasts here. China’s CCTV state television also is widely available on U.S. cable television networks.” Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) commented that “This is another alarming sign that America is cowering before China’s gangster regime…The Chinese people are our greatest allies, and the free flow of information is our greatest weapon.” Radio Free Asia also suffered budget cuts, whose consequences would be the limitation of the effectiveness of that news organ. An Administration official close to the VOA noted that “This cut will send a very wrong message to China…By eliminating all VOA radio and TV broadcasts to China, the United States will remove one of the most important sources of unfiltered news broadcasting into China.” Former Broadcast Board of Governors member Blanquita Cullum commented that “When it comes to pro-democracy broadcasting to the world and with events like Egypt happening, this is not the time to retreat…This is the time to advance and reach out with more broadcasting…Our broadcasts must not only be focused only on the elites but should target the masses who are protesting against the elites.” An Administration official close to the VOA noted that “China has appropriated $7 billion on international propaganda in the past two years…In 2011, CCTV (state television) North America in Washington, DC, plans to increase its reporters from 12 to 20 people. Meanwhile, VOA Chinese staff will be cut over 50 percent.” Washington Times February 16, 2011

In 2010, the National Security Council (NSC) directed American intelligence agencies to lower the priority placed on China as a threat to the United States. China was placed on the Priority 2 list, which was at the same level as natural disasters. Such a downgrade was challenged by the Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair and CIA Director Leon E. Panetta. John Tkacik, a former State Department intelligence official, commented that this NSC decision “means that the Obama administration doesn’t understand the profound challenge that China has become or, even more disturbing, it cannot understand that China’s challenges to America’s policies are becoming even more threatening with each passing week.” Washington Times January 20, 2010

Obama increased the number of military exchange programs between China and the United States. In 2011, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Chief of Staff General Chen Bingde visited Washington DC for a high level military exchange. General Chen also visited Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, a sophisticated base. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) commented that “We should not open to Chinese generals and admirals major military bases like the Norfolk Naval Station, the Army National Training Center, and Nellis Air Force Base, where our famous Red Flag air and cyberwarfare exercises are held…The People’s Republic is not an allied, or even a friendly country, and should not be given this kind of privileged access.” Congressman Rohrabacher also noted that “These visits will not reduce tensions arising from Chinese expansion…The Beijing dictatorship will only see such gestures as signs of an appeasement policy by the Obama administration.” A senior House Republican aide cautioned the Obama Administration’s “eagerness to restore military-to-military relations with China, the Obama administration needs to take care not to violate the restrictions on such exchanges that are clearly set forth…Chinese military writings describe the U.S. as an enemy, and we should bear that in mind even during the most friendly exchanges.” John Tkacik, a former State Department China specialist, reported that the visiting Chinese delegation included the Communist Party control officer for nuclear weapons, intelligence officials, and commanders in charge of potential aggressions against Taiwan and Japan. Tkacik commented that these officials “will be looking for intelligence relevant to their commands.” Washington Times May 18, 2011

In 2012, the Obama Administration released $1.6 billion in assistance, of which $1.3 billion was channeled to the Egyptian military under Morsi. The United States also provided Egypt with $1 billion in loans. Worldnetdaily September 15, 2012

“It is obvious that the finalisation of the deal on 11 December, which happened to be at the height of the mass demonstrations in Tahrir Square against Morsi, conveyed a political message. Between the lines, Washington was sending a message to three parties. The first was to Morsi and it stated, ‘We support you. Move ahead.’ The second was to the army and it said, ‘We are encouraging this man,’ meaning Morsi. The third was to the opposition forces and it said the same thing.” Retired Brigadier General Safwat Al-Zayat commenting on the American sale of F-16s to Morsi’s Egypt January 14, 2013 Frontpagemag.com

“President Obama has been very helpful, very helpful…And I can say really that his deeds coincide with his intentions.” Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, quoted in Politico November 28, 2012

In February 2009, the US Department of Commerce approved an export license for Boeing 747 spare parts to the Syrian Arab Airways. In July 2009, the Obama Administration pledged to grant more waivers which allowed increased American exports to Syria of dual use goods related to information technology, telecommunications, and civil aviation. In 2005, American exports to Syria totaled $155 million and rose to $300 million in 2009. American imports from Syria totaled $323 million in 2005 and fell to only $285 million in 2009. Sharp, Jeremy M. “Syria: Background and U.S. Relations” Congressional Research Service April 26, 2010

Gerecht noted in a May 2013 issue of The Weekly Standard that “The White House offered Tehran an oil-for-gold deal allowing the Islamic Republic to sell crude in exchange for bullion. According to American and European officials, this arrangement could have been sufficiently lucrative that Washington effectively was offering Tehran a hard-currency lifeline. Whatever coercive utility American and European sanctions have had on the nuclear question would have ceased, since hard-currency reserves keep Iran’s currency from cratering. What’s more, Iran’s ability to pocket Western concessions is probably greater than the West’s ability to rescind them. Foreign gold traders, once fearful of Washington, are again trading more with Tehran. If the Iranian regime had been less ideological (read ‘religious’) and more pragmatic, it could have aggressively used the gold loophole to gut the most crippling financial sanctions and possibly fracture the trans-Atlantic alliance against it.” The Weekly Standard May 20, 2013

In 2012, it was reported that American trade with the Islamic-Fascist regime in Tehran totaled at least $318 million, which consisted of mostly farm products. Iran Times International August 24, 2012

In January 2013, the Russian firm Rosatom took over a Canadian company which owned uranium mines from Central Asia to the western United States. The Canadians who sold this company (known as Uranium One) provided donations of $31.3 million to the Clinton Foundation. The Russians soon owned 20% of America’s uranium reserves. Uranium One declared that it intended to become “a powerhouse in the United States uranium sector with the potential to become the domestic supplier of choice for U.S. utilities.” The deal was approved by Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State under the Obama Administration. New York Times April 23, 2015

Kerry was an active member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW).
In May 1970, Kerry met with Vietcong and North Vietnamese officials at the Paris Peace Talks. He recommended that Hanoi’s terms be accepted by the US Senate.
In the summer of 1971, Kerry met with North Vietnamese and Vietcong officials about the terms and conditions for the release of American POWs.
“Vietnam announced it had granted Colliers International, based in Boston, Massachusetts, a contract worth billions designating Colliers International as the exclusive real estate agent representing Vietnam. That deal alone put Colliers in a position to make tens of millions of dollars on the rush to upgrade Vietnam’s ports, railroads, highways, government buildings, etc. C. Stewart Forbes, Chief Executive Officer of Colliers International, is Kerry’s cousin.”

“John Kerry” Discover the networks Accessed From: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=1346

In 1978, VVAW splits and form the splinter group Vietnam Veterans Against the War-Anti-Imperialist (VVAW-AI). Former VVAW leader Robert Muller founded the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA). In the late 1980s, Muller and a faction of the VVA formed the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF). In 198, Muller led a VVAF delegation to Hanoi where he laid a wreath on the grave of former North Vietnamese communist dictator Ho Chi Minh. He also provided fulsome praise for the communist leadership in Vietnam.
In February 1971, the VVAW issued a press release which threatened virtual sabotage if American forces crippled North Vietnamese troop and supply convoys on the Ho Chi Minh Trail: “We, as veterans of the war in Vietnam, give notice that if Laos is attacked, we will respond at once. We call for mass civil disobedience to take place all over this country. We call for industry to shut down. We call upon the students to close the schools. We call upon our brothers who are still in uniform to close the military bases throughout America and the world. We call on the anti-war movement to shut down the major cities of America….If this be a threat, let us make the most of it… We have been trained to fight. If need be we will use the knowledge we have gained against those who are seeking to extend this war.”

In August 1971, the FBI reported that “sources had provided information that VVAW was stockpiling weapons, VVAW had been in contact with North Vietnam officials in Paris, France, VVAW was receiving funds from former CPUSA members and VVAW was aiding and financing U.S. military deserters. Additionally, information had been received that some individual chapters throughout the country had been infiltrated by the youth groups of the CPUSA and the SWP (Socialist Workers Party).

In August 1971, VVAW Executive Committee member Joe Urgo traveled with other antiwar leftist leaders to North Vietnam, where they met with Prime Minister Pham Van Dong and other communist leaders. According to the FBI, Urgo proposed the following strategies with the North Vietnamese leadership:  1) that the VVAW make tapes to be broadcast over Radio Hanoi to get U.S. troops to stop fighting, and 2) to send a VVAW delegation to Hanoi in the near future.

In early November 1971, VVAW leader Al Hubbard met with North Vietnamese and Vietcong delegations in Paris. His trip was financed by the CPUSA.
Jane Fonda is quoted in the Detroit Free Press as telling a Michigan State University audience “I would think that if you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would someday become communist.”

On December 12, 1971, The Boston Herald Traveler reported that VVAW demonstrators waved an “abundance of Vietcong flags, clenched fists raised in the air, and placards plainly bearing legends in support of China, Cuba, the USSR, North Korea and the Hanoi government.”

Wintersoldier.com Accessed From: http://www.wintersoldier.com/index.php?topic=Timeline

PNTR for Putin YEAs include Corporate/Progressive Democrats: Max Baucus, Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray, John Kerry, Sherrod Brown, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer. US Senate Roll Call List voting for PNTR for Putin, 2012

A Minnesota DFL candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives Dan Kimmel noted that “ISIS isn’t necessarily evil. It is made up of people doing what they think is best for their country.” Quoted in Star Tribune November 15, 2015

“Our electoral policy has for 25 years been expressed in the phrase ‘the three legs of a stool’…The stool was constructed at a time when the Party was under sharp attack…a reflection of the Party’s response to the difficulties. The flexibility was contained in the idea that no one leg of the stool was the main leg. Depending on the political pressures, one could choose a particular leg or legs. In fact the concept was built on the idea that when the other two legs namely the Communist Party and the forces of political independence got strong enough then and only then would the stool sit on three legs. But until that day comes the one operating leg would be the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.” Gus Hall A Lame Duck in Turbulent Waters 1972

Defeat of the American Worker, Middle Class, and American Sovereignty: The Triumph of Wall Street in the Democratic Party

Another force which corrupted the party of Roosevelt and Jefferson were the so-called New Democrats. They harked from the McGovern campaign and combined far left views on social and foreign policy issues with an anti-labor agenda which combined selective deregulation and free trade globalism. The culmination of the rule of the New Democrats occurred under the Presidency of Bill Clinton. During that period, wages continued to fall for average Americans, outsourcing accelerated, NAFTA and PNTR for China passed, the WTO was born, appeasement of Russia and China continued, and the surrender of Israeli-captured territories to the PLO occurred. Government subsidies for low wage employers (“welfare reform”) were born, while the interests of working Americans were betrayed. The old coalition with patriotic workers was abandoned entirely. The “New Economy” of technology, finance, and services were heralded as the wave of the future, while workers and professionals formerly employed in the old factories were told to pursue retraining classes and higher education. However, the Clinton house of cards economy unraveled under the Bush and Obama Administrations. No amount of education could prevent the ravages of globalization on the American workforce.

Bill Clinton noted in September 1991 to a group of Democratic Party supporters “If you want me to become an isolationist or a protectionist, get another candidate because I won’t do it.” Quoted from Al From The New Democrats and the Return to Power

“Expanded trade was one of the three essential parts of the Clinton-New Democrat economic growth strategy…The first was fiscal discipline to assure a firm foundation for private investment and growth. The second was investment in people and technology to stimulate innovation and assure that every American had the tools to get ahead. The third was expanded trade and opening markets abroad so that more American goods and services were sold in the international economy. Competition from imports-as long as it was fair-also helped keep prices and inflation down, which benefited low-income people, those on fixed incomes, and American manufacturers concerned with the cost of supplies.” Al From

“One night at the White House, Erskine Bowles, Clinton’s Chief of Staff, walked over and asked me to run a meeting with the President and about 40 DLC-type Democrats on PNTR (for Red China).” Al From’s recollection on the Clinton/DLC strategy to secure Democratic support for PNTR for China.

In late 1992, the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) published a “blueprint for a new America” entitled Mandate for Change. Mandate for Change served as a “guide to the progressive ideas and themes that energized Bill Clinton’s winning campaign” and an outline of “a new governing agenda for a new era in American politics.”

“These changes should be viewed neither as the betrayal of the Democratic Party’s purpose in the late 1960s nor as a product of the DLC’s political genius. Rather, they reflect a broader shift in the balance of power within the party. Since the 1960s, suburban knowledge professionals and high-tech corporations have supplanted urban ethnics and labor unions as the party’s core constituency. This shifting base intensified structural inequality and constrained the party’s ability to deliver progressive reforms.”

“Engineers, tech executives, scientists, lawyers, and academics in postindustrial, high-tech enclaves across the country…broadly share a political agenda that combines economic and cultural issues. They generally favor environmental protection, low taxes, freedom of choice, promotion of high-tech industry, education as a means to advancement, and expertise as a solvent for social problems.”

“Knowledge workers” had “sharp antipathy toward labor unions.”
“By the late 1960s and early 1970s, the priorities of suburban knowledge workers were beginning to receive a stronger hearing from Democratic politicians — especially George McGovern. While Richard Nixon’s rout of McGovern in the 1972 presidential election often serves as a symbol of the party’s disarray following the tumult of the late 1960s, the South Dakota senator was one of the first Democrats to recognize the burgeoning clout of this constituency and the larger changes in the power balance of the party.”
The McGovern-Fraser Commission weakened the role of the AFL-CIO as powerbrokers within the Democratic Party and opened the door for the influence of white collar professionals in the Party.
“In his bid for the presidency, McGovern engaged in concerted outreach to engineers and other science-based professionals. He backed it up with targeted policies, calling for research and development spending to concentrate on improving the environment, schools, and technology sectors (especially small start-ups) instead of on defense.”
“McGovern was the first Democratic presidential candidate to do better with white-collar than blue-collar voters, winning 42 percent of knowledge professionals around the country and making considerable gains in affluent suburbs…the 1972 election marked a key moment in the movement of the party’s center of gravity away from its traditional urban union base and toward professional-class suburbanites.”

The Atari Democrats “earned the support of a white suburban base through issue-oriented, reform-minded platforms, and all sought to distance themselves from the ‘old politics’ of the New Deal. Their shared platform combined liberal stances on foreign policy, civil rights, feminism, and especially the environment, with a commitment to stimulating entrepreneurship and private-sector growth.”

The mantra of the Atari Democrats was “The solutions of the thirties will not solve the problems of the eighties.”
“The emphasis on creating jobs in high-tech companies and related service-sector businesses made employment overly dependent on the boom-and-bust cycles of the post-industrial economy.”

Obama and Clinton assiduously courted support from upper middle class knowledge workers.

“While in office, Obama developed close and personal ties with many of Silicon Valley’s leading tycoons, routinely giving his ear to figures like LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, a well-known promoter of entrepreneurship and Internet-based networks as solutions to the country’s economic woes.”
Lily Geismer ‘Atari Democrats” Jacobin February 2016

Economist Charlie Schultze denied that the United States was losing its industrial base: “With two exceptions (autos and steel) individual American industries had not suddenly turned into problem children.” Judith Stein Pivotal Decade

Charlie Schultze noted that there “was no evidence that we needed a new and vastly enlarged federal role in channeling investment among industries or locations.”
“Without a critique of Reaganomics, identity politics took over” while ideology and politics were debated in the Democratic Party of the 1980s. Judith Stein Pivotal Decade
1984 Democratic Presidential Candidate Walter Mondale consulted with Wall Streeters such as Robert Rubin and Robert Altman during the 1984 campaign. Judith Stein Pivotal Decade
“Both sides ignored the role of the decline of manufacturing in the production of poverty, black or white. Indeed, the party was weighted by the post-industrial wing, which welcomed the decline of manufacture and looked forward to what some called ‘the information age.’” Judith Stein Pivotal Decade

Alvin Toffler complained in a speech that the Democrats were afflicted with “creeping Mondale-ism,” which was defined as a belief in “bringing back basic industry” and politicians “wooing the faded power centers of our industrial past.” Toffler also observed that Republicans “are even more chained to the past.” Toffler urged governors to adopt “a more compassionate policy, aimed at smoothing the transition” to a post-industrial society of much greater diversity and more rapid change.” The Washington Post November 14, 1983

Occupy Wall Street

It is a fact that Wall Street investment banks and their wholly owned politicians lobbied for policies which harmed the American economy. The repeal of Glass Steagal, the uptick rule, and free trade agreements were some of the more damaging victories which Wall Street achieved against the real American economy, independent businesses, and people. Leftwing extremists, communists, and Islamists sought to capitalize on popular discontent with Wall Street’s abuses. The totalitarian extremists as represented by the movers and shakers in Occupy Wall Street sought to destroy capitalism and political freedom and replace it with totalitarian slavery. The corruption of Wall Street would be replaced by the tyranny of a bloodthirsty mob. Hence, the American worker, middle class, and independent businessmen would suffer under such an arrangement. Constitutional American Nationalism is the best answer to the corruption of Wall Street and the potential tyranny imposed by Occupy Wall Street.

OWS declared that “the only solution is World Revolution.” OWS slogans included “Smash Capitalism”; “Capitalism Isn’t Working”; “Death to Capitalism”; “Capitalism = Systematic Exploitation”; and “F*** Capitalism.” Other OWS slogans included: “Tax the Filthy Rich”; “Eat the Rich”; “Taxidermy the Rich”; “Declare War on Banks”; “Nationalize the Banks”; “Turn Workers’ Anger into Communist Revolution”; “This is the Revolution”; “Worker-Communism Unity”; “Try Socialism”; “Viva la Revolucion”; and “No War but Class War.” “Occupy Wall Street: A Comprehensive Study” Discoverthenetworks.org Accessed From: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewSubCategory.asp?id=1533

Former radical Leftist terrorist and Occupy Wall Street militant Brandon Darby noted at a seminar sponsored by Citizens’ United that “at the core of this movement are people who believe that you are less than human…and that this world will have peace only when they do away with you.” One Occupy Wall Street militant present at Zucotti Park in New York City was questioned by Darby on handling people who disagreed with the goals of OWS if they seized national power. The OWS militant replied that “we only need 70%” of the American population. Darby then queried “What do you do with the other 30 percent” who disagreed with the goals of OWS? The OWS militant responded ominously: “Well they would have to be re-educated.” The militant then responded to Darby by stating that they supported “direct democracy…but we need to figure out a system where we elect people who represent us.” “Breitbart ‘Occupy Unmasked’ Panel, CPAC 2012” February 10, 2012 Accessed From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22WUQkeVi0Y

Former Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 President Mike Golash noted to a “People’s Assembly” of Occupy Wall Street leftists of their collective intention to “make revolution in the United States, overthrow the capitalist system and build communism.” Golash noted that the Occupiers were “trying to learn something from the examples of the Soviet Union, Red China and Castro’s Cuba…What can we learn from them so we can build a more successful movement to transform capitalist society.” “Occupy Admits Its Real Goal: Communism” Investors Business Daily August 20, 2012

One Occupy Wall Street protestor held a sign that stated “A government is an entity which holds the monopolistic right to initiate force.” Infowars.com October 2, 2011

It was noted that in 2011“the Chinese Government took advantage of the Occupy Wall Street protests in the US to launch a propaganda campaign. The country’s media published many reports that were critical of the US financial and social system.” Australasian Business Intelligence November 20, 2011

The October 2011 edition of the Chinese television show Focus Today featured Song Hongbin, President of Global Business and Finance Institute. He observed that Occupy Wall Street “hit the nail on the head” on “corporate greed and economic unfairness that have irritated the general US public.” “Chinese TV show discusses ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Movement in US” October 11, 2011 CCTV4, Beijing

In October 2011, the state-owned Xinhua news agency reported that “The Occupy Wall Street protests have grown over the past three weeks into a coast-to-coast movement targeting corporate greed and money influence in the United States…the United States…is suddenly confronted by its people defending their own rights from the greedy Wall Street and demanding to change the status quo.” Xinhua News Agency October 10, 2011

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences publication Qiushi noted in October 2011 that: “The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest movement is a true manifestation of current U.S. social problems. It shows that the American government’s economic and financial policies following the financial crisis have greatly disappointed people…The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest demonstrates the non-democratic and extremely hypocritical nature of the capitalist political system.” “Qiushi: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ a Reflection of the Failure of Capitalism” ChinaScope.org  Accessed From: http://chinascope.org/main/content/view/4032/106/

In November 2011, the Russian official state television channel Rossiya 1 noted that “The impact of the global crisis has generated a wave of social discontent. Riots in London and the campaign Occupy Wall Street, which started in the USA and has spread around the world, have demonstrated that something is going on with capitalism.” “Russian TV Audience Sees Occupy Protests as Sign of Collapse of Capitalism” Channel One TV November 12, 2011

The President of the Experimental Creative Centre international public foundation, Sergey Kurginyan noted that “just like the Russian October Revolution in 1917 gave the world historic hope after the dead end of World War I, Russia is facing the same choice now: either to plunge with the world into the abyss of World War III, or again offer the world a project that can save history.” “Russian TV Audience Sees Occupy Protests as Sign of Collapse of Capitalism” Channel One TV November 12, 2011

Mikhail Dmitriyev, an economist and President of the Centre for Strategic Studies noted that the OWS movements “are the USA’s last hope to make financial markets of capitalism truly efficient.” “Russian TV Audience Sees Occupy Protests as Sign of Collapse of Capitalism” Channel One TV November 12, 2011

In December 2011, Konstantin Dolgov, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law on Protest Actions in the USA and a Number of Western European States stated that “In a number of cities of the USA and some states of Western Europe there continue the demonstrations of citizens who are dissatisfied with the economic and social situation and with the policy of the authorities, within the framework of the Occupy Wall Street campaign…As for the official response to these protests, including in the US, it is possible to ascertain the presence in it of elements of unjustified harshness, and in some cases, disproportionate use of force. News channels regularly show scenes of brutal dispersal of encampments and peaceful demonstrations of protesters by police…It is clear that force alone cannot remove the existing problems in society and satisfy the legitimate aspirations of protesters. This calls for a thorough adjustment of national policy in the social, economic and financial spheres in an increasingly unstable global economy.” “Russian Foreign Ministry Official Slams US, EU Handling of Street Protests” Ministry of Foreign Affairs website December 13, 2011

Hugo Chavez sympathetically described Occupy Wall Street on Venezuelan state television “This movement of popular outrage is expanding to 10 cities and the repression is horrible, I don’t know how many are in prison now.” “Iran, Venezuela, Nation of Islam Express Support For ‘Occupy Wall Street’” October 10, 2011 Accessed From: http://www.thoughtsfromaconservativemom.com/2011/10/iran-venezuela-nation-of-islam-express-support-for-occupy-wall-street/

The North Korean state media praised the Occupy Wall Street Movement as the “stern judgment” of “millions of people” against a capitalist system that “brings exploitation, oppression, unemployment and poverty to the popular masses.” National Review December 5, 2012

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) of North Korea noted that the Occupy movement was “sweeping across the capitalist world.” KCNA also noted that in the capitalist world, “1% of privileged class is granted all preferential treatment while 99% of working masses are forced into poverty and death.” KCNA predicted “The end of capitalism is one of inevitabilities of history.” National Review December 5, 2012

Betrayal of America by the Domestic Left

Imagine this…tanks on every corner…firing squads shooting oppositionists…Soviet and Chinese occupation troops in America…property severely controlled or nationalized…could this happen in America? Could Americans cooperate in enslaving their compatriots? Sadly, the short answer is yes! Potential fifth columnists amongst the Left would gladly betray America in the name of ideology, power, and greed.

“When a communist heads a government in the United States-and that day will come just as surely as the sun rises (applause)-that government will not be a capitalistic government but a Soviet government and behind the government will stand the Red Army to enforce the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.” Communist Party USA (CPUSA) head William Z. Foster, 1928 quoted in Haynes, John Earl and Klehr. Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America

“Best of all, the new regime would have the clearest idea of what an economic system was for. The sixteen methods of becoming wealthy would be proscribed—by firing squad if necessary—ceasing to plague and disrupt the orderly process of production and distribution. Money would no longer be an end, but would be thrust back where it belongs as a labor-saving means. The whole vicious pecuniary complex would collapse as it has in Russia. Money making as a career would no more occur to a respectable young man than burglary, forgery or embezzlement.” New Dealer Stuart Chase, A New Deal

“I dream of the hour when the last Congressman is strangled to death on the guts of the last preacher-and since Christians love to sing about the blood, why not give them a little of it.” Gus Hall, February, 1961, funeral eulogy for CPUSA National Chairman Eugene Dennis

“Of course the Cuban government is totalitarian. Of course it’s a dictatorship! But I like it.” Dr. Samual Shapiro, Assistant Professor of History at Michigan State University and Fair Play for Cuba Committee member quoted in a visit to Cuba, 1960

An American ex-Marine and criminal named Captain Herman F. Marks was the former Security Director for La Cabana Prison in Castro’s Cuba. While serving as Security Director, Captain Marks gained a reputation for extreme brutality. For example, Marks encouraged his pet dog to lap up the spilled blood of the executed prisoners. “Cuba: Hired Guns in Havana” Soldiers of Fortune: Mercenary Wars Accessed From: http://www.mercenary-wars.net/cuba/hire-guns-in-havana.html

“Cleaver’s most astonishing experience abroad was to be invited to gatherings where the plans of other nations for the United States were freely discussed. ‘What was being said was really the projection of an entire strategy – namely that, first, the international communist movement would liberate the so-called Third World, and would colonize the world. That would isolate the United States. At the same time, the superiority in the balance of armed power would be shifting in favor of the new world. And then the moment would come when, because of the internal disintegration of the United States, it would be possible to destroy the U.S. military machine.’ Then the revolutionaries within the United States would seize power. The revolutionaries abroad have a slogan: ‘We will destroy them from without; they will destroy them from within’…They (communist powers) take for granted that they can count on certain elements inside the United States. This is part of their perspective: that they are eventually going to conquer and destroy; that they will win. These revelations Cleaver says he heard sometimes over cocktails at embassies. ‘I’ve talked with generals from the Soviet Union and marshals from China. I’ve been present when they toasted the destruction of the United States. They carry on constant planning of surprise attacks. They are out to eliminate, if possible, but in any case, to surround and surpass and neutralize the United States.” Former Black Panther Party (BPP) terrorist Eldridge Cleaver quoted in Reader’s Digest September 1976

“Panthers say they are attempting to ‘liberate’ the area by chasing the police out then forming alliances with nonwhite foreign countries…According to a member, the Panthers hope to immobilize the police by making them afraid to enter the ghetto, to make South Central Los Angeles ‘liberated territory.’ Some members report that the overall plan of the party is to create several pockets of ‘liberated territories’ across the country and then form an alliance with the Chinese, North Vietnamese, North Koreans, Africans and other nonwhite people for mutual protection.” Black Panther official Roy Haynes, Los Angeles Times April 1970

Black Panther (BPP) Minister Eldridge Cleaver noted to his North Korean allies that “the revolutionary forces inside the United States must be supported by the revolutionary peoples of the whole world because the people outside of the United States will slice the tentacles of the hideous octopus of U.S. oppression. The revolutionaries inside the United States will cut out its imperialist heart and give the decisive death blow to U.S. fascism and imperialism.” “Our Common Struggle Against a Common Enemy: North Korea and the Radical American Left” Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars February 2013 Accessed From: http://www.wilsoncenter.org/sites/default/files/NKIDP_eDossier_14_North_Korea_and_the_American_Radical_Left.pdf

Black Panther Party (BPP) leader Eldridge Cleaver informed their Algerian allies that the BPP called “for the elimination of the capitalist system and the establishment of a Socialist America.” Cleaver noted to a meeting of the Afro-American Vietnam Society in August 1970 that “The combination of the external revolutionary forces and the internal revolutionary forces is an unbeatable combination and together, we are going to crush U.S. imperialism and thus usher in a new and happy day for mankind.” Rafalko, Frank J. MH/CHAOS

“I brought up the subject of what’s going to happen after we take over the government. You know, we become responsible for administrating, you know, 250 million people. And there was no answer. No one had given any thought to economics. How are you going to clothe and feed these people? The only thing that I could get was that they expected that the Cubans, the North Vietnamese, the Chinese and the Russians would all want to occupy different portions of the United States. They also believed that their immediate responsibility would be to protect against what they called the counter-revolution. And they felt that this counter-revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing re-education camps in the Southwest where we would take all of the people who needed to be re educated into the new way of thinking and teach them how things were going to be. I asked, ‘Well, what is going to happen to those people that we can’t re educate, that are die-hard capitalists?’ And the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated and when I pursued this further, they estimated that they’d have to eliminate 25 million people in these re education centers. And when I say eliminate, I mean kill 25 million people. I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of whom have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well-known educational centers and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people and they were dead serious.” Former Weather Underground terrorist/FBI informant Larry Grathwohl, Transcript of No Place to Hide (Western Goals Production 1982 VHS) Accessed From: http://www.realityzone.com/noplacetohide1.html

In 1970, Venceremos Brigade (VB) member Julie Nichamin was quoted in the Cuban military magazine Verde Olivo as stating that the mission of the VB was “to destroy the imperialist monster from within as the rest of the peoples of the world are doing from outside.” Fernandez, Ralph E. “Historical Assessment of Terrorist Activity and Narcotic Smuggling”
January 23, 2003 Accessed From: http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/cuba/cuba-terrorist.doc

“We have to understand there are differences between capitalist lobotomies and socialist lobotomies.” Suzanne Ross, Castro supporter and one of the founders of CISPES quoted in Radosh, Ronald. Commies. Ross was part of a delegation of American leftists who visited Cuba on a guided tour. During a tour of a mental hospital for political prisoners in Cuba, one American leftist expressed his dismay and horror at the practice of lobotomizing dissidents. Ross then promptly defended Cuba in a rather hypocritical and twisted fashion.

“I am a double agent. I am using the System to bring down the System.” Leftwing lawyer William Kunstler, 1971 convention of the communist front National Lawyers Guild quoted in Lucom, Wilson. Communists in the Democratic Party

“I do not believe in public attacks on socialist countries, even where violations of human rights may occur.” William Kunstler quoted in Langum, David J. William M. Kunstler: The Most Hated Lawyer in America

“The thing I’m most interested in is keeping people on the street who will forever alter the character of this country: the revolutionaries…I’m really interested only in spending my talents and any assets I have to keep the revolutionaries functioning.” William Kunstler, 1975 quoted in Brownfeld, Allen. Revolution Lobby

Prominent CPUSA front National Lawyers Guild member and Rutgers University School of Law Professor Arthur Kinoy argued that the role of the radical lawyer was to facilitate the coming anti-capitalist revolution by weakening the law’s ability to function effectively against law-breaking radicals. Future Guild President Paul Harris quoted Lenin in an attempt to make the point that a successful revolution required a “legal struggle” that coincided alongside illegal, militant revolutionary activity. And Doris Brin Walker, the President of the Guild from 1970-71 (who would remark at a dinner held in her honor in 1981 that “It is this commitment (to working class struggle) which makes me so proud to be a member of the Communist Party”), argued that “bourgeois democratic rights” had value as a means of insulating the coming “Second American Revolution” from government inhibition. Ann Fagan Ginger and Eugene M. Tobin, eds., The National Lawyers Guild: From Roosevelt through Reagan

“…it would be undeniably better for the United States alone to be destroyed than for the Soviet Union, Europe, and much of the rest of the world to be destroyed as well.” Hendrick Hertzberg War Resisters International magazine WIN, 1974

“I decided, how can I demonstrate my Marxism? The thought was ‘infiltrate the church.’ I consciously made a decision to look into that prospect.” Reverend Jim Jones, hard line communist and darling of America’s liberal and leftwing circles

“Thus came Jim Jones’ first and greatest deception: using the cover of a church to preach that religion was ‘the opiate of the people.’ In the United States, serious discussion of socialism effectively has been excluded from mainstream media, and the subject has become virtually taboo for the population at large. One of Jones’ converts, Tim Carter, explained, ‘Telling people about socialism in America, you’d get 20 people. But as a preacher you could get a large audience.’ In semipublic services in the early 1970s, as a sort of bait to the interested, Jones would allude to deeper truths than those he was presenting, much as gnostics and mystics had done before him. By the mid-1970s, he became more and more explicit about his socialist vision…The deception of using religion to promote socialism dissipated for followers as they came to know their leader more intimately, but the persistence of the church front sustained a public relations façade that legitimated the group within established society and attracted support of politicians and other notables, many of whom might otherwise have steered clear of the socialist messiah.” Quoted from John R. Hall Gone from the Promised Land: Jonestown in American Cultural History

“’He told us on many occasions he was the reincarnation of Lenin. He told us this time he would be successful in installing a socialist state in America.’ She also said that on several occasions Jones spoke of killing then President Nixon or kidnapping the children of any public figure if he felt it would bring about a socialist form of government in the United States.” Former People’s Temple member Wanda Jones quoted in AIM Report December 1978 Part A

“Well, I don’t care who runs the country (the United States). I am intending on running the country (the United States).” Reverend Jim Jones

“I will shake this country (the United States) and cause nothing but ashes to remain.” Reverend Jim Jones

“Ultimately, Jones perceived his socialist revolution as the opportunity to make this single, heroic sacrifice to save the world. In a conversation in Jonestown in November 1975, one of the residents asked Jones about what he planned to do after the revolution had succeeded. Would he rule America? Would he defeat the rest of the capitalist dogs in the world? Would he unite with Russia, China, and Cuba in order to unify the world under communism? ‘You’re asking me,’ Jones responded, ‘someone who’s gonna die in order to make it possible for the world to be free.’ Jones revealed that he had no plans for the future, only the reality of the present, Jones revealed that he had no plans for the future, only the reality of the present, revolutionary moment. ‘You must be a realist,’ he advised. ‘A socialist that can be depended upon is one who has no faith in the future, only the present.’” David Chidester, Salvation and Suicide: Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple, and Jonestown

Reportedly, Jonestown under the iron-heel of the Stalinist-Communist Reverend Jim Jones was a “living hell” where “people worked from 12 hours or more a day-after which they had a right to ‘self-criticism’ sessions. Whoever expressed doubts as to the success of the enterprise-or whoever had failed to fulfill norms-was punished. He (or she) either had the head shaved, or had to wear a yellow hat or a special badge to signal ‘dishonor.’ ‘Culprits’ would not be spoken to for several days. Damage or loss had to be ‘repaid’ by those found guilty. As money had been abolished the ‘repayment’ took the form of deprivation of food until the ‘debt’ had been settled. ‘Behavior modification’ charts were put up on the walls and everyone’s ‘progress’ was duly monitored…Children who wet their pants were submitted to ‘reconditioning’ with electric shocks administered through cattle prods. A 16 year old girl was made to clean out a septic tank from 10pm to 6am as punishment for having taken some corrugated metal in an attempt to seek some privacy. Meanwhile the diet in the commune was grossly inadequate (mainly rice and beans) despite the Temple’s now obvious wealth. People slept in noisy, dirty dormitories. There was never any hot water, even for washing purposes. The enclosure was ‘guarded’ by armed men. The loudspeakers were on for hours on end, exhorting the faithful to greater efforts, talking of the ‘fascist threat from America,’ of the numerous enemies of the Temple, keen on destroying ‘this socialist experiment’ and of the terrible fate that awaited anyone who sought to return to America. ‘Every defection,’ he stressed, ‘would only be used by the enemies of the commune.’” Armed guards (30 by day and 15 by night) cordoned off Jonestown in a manner reminiscent of the Berlin Wall. Brinton, Maurice. “Suicide for Socialism?” Accessed From: http://www.uncarved.org/pol/brinton1.html

Hazlett reported that captured Jonestown escapees were subjected to brutal tortures, such as “public floggings administered to sensitive portions of the body; three weeks of chopping wood in the tropical sun at 18 hours per day; one week of solitary in a six-by-three-foot box; and getting shot up with Thorazine and stuffed into the ‘extra care unit’-the final measure ‘for people who supposedly were lunatics,’ meaning that they wished to return to America.” Reason Magazine July 1979

It was reported that “Punishment was swift for those who nodded off. One evening a 60-old father of five named Charlie, worn out from fieldwork, slumped to the ground. An incensed Jones commanded Charlie’s son to wrap a boa constrictor around his father’s neck, releasing him only after the poor man’s face was turning red and he had humiliated himself by pissing his pants. Jones and his heavily armed security team kept the community in a state of terrorized obedience. Minor infractions could send malefactors of all ages, even children, to the dreaded Box, a stuffy underground cubicle where they could be held for days. Those who dared to dissent were dispatched to the medical unit, where they were forcibly drugged and kept in a zombified state indefinitely.” Salon.com May 3, 2012

Jones lived in “relative splendor in a cottage well stocked with electric appliances, delicacies like hard-boiled eggs, snacks, and soft drinks, and a cache of medications that he had expropriated from his aging and feeble residents. His drug supplies were endless.” Salon.com May 3, 2012

“…if the FMLN came to power, I think they would be completely justified in executing the Salvadoran military command. And I think the FMLN would because if they don’t they’re going to have a contra situation exactly like what’s going on in Nicaragua.” Leftwing movie director Oliver Stone quoted in Stone, Oliver and Silet, Charles L.P. Oliver Stone: Interviews

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton believed that it was preferable for the USSR to dominate the United States, rather than for America to possess and utilize nuclear weapons for self-defense. He also demanded that the medical staff in California hospitals refrain from reserving beds for the victims of a possible nuclear attack. Glagolev, Dr. Igor S. Post-Andropov Kremlin Strategy

Bob Ostertag wrote in the October 1983 edition of Alert!  that the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) desired the “defeat of the United States.” Waller, J. Michael. The Third Current of Revolution

The Central American Solidarity Association of Cambridge Massachusetts held a demonstration on March 26, 1988 where a mock execution of Uncle Sam was conducted by draping a torn American flag around his effigy and hanging him from a tree. Waller, J. Michael. The Third Current of Revolution

John B. Judis noted that extreme leftist forces in the United States believed that economically nationalist concerns about textile dumping were expressions of US imperialism. Such leftwing opponents of American economic nationalism during the 1980s included publications and personalities such as The Nation, Z, Mother Jones, The Progressive, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Noam Chomsky, Ramsay Clark, and the Institute for Policy Studies Much of the intellectual Left condemned the reaction of protectionist-nationalist conservatives and liberals as xenophobic racism. Cregan, John P. and Buchanan, Patrick J. America Asleep

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) displayed music for the following songs on its website (until it was scrubbed in the late 1990s): The Internationale, Red Revolution (which had lyrics such as “When the Red Revolution brings its solution along, along, there’ll be no more lootin’ when we start shootin’ that Wall Street throng.…”), and “Are You Sleeping, Bourgeoisie?” (The lyrics of this song include: “Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping? Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie. And when the revolution comes, We’ll kill you all with knives and guns, Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie.”). Reportedly, these songs were taken down from the DSA website after adverse publicity from conservative quarters.

Former radical Leftist terrorist and Occupy Wall Street militant Brandon Darby noted at a seminar sponsored by Citizens’ United that “at the core of this movement are people who believe that you are less than human…and that this world will have peace only when they do away with you.” One Occupy Wall Street militant present at Zucotti Park in New York City was questioned by Darby on handling people who disagreed with the goals of OWS if they seized national power. The OWS militant replied that “we only need 70%” of the American population. Darby then queried “What do you do with the other 30 percent” who disagreed with the goals of OWS? The OWS militant responded ominously: “Well they would have to be re-educated.” The militant then responded to Darby by stating that they supported “direct democracy…but we need to figure out a system where we elect people who represent us.” “Breitbart ‘Occupy Unmasked’ Panel, CPAC 2012” February 10, 2012 Accessed From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22WUQkeVi0Y

Reportedly, Thom Hartmann was an unapologetic member of SDS who admitted that he carried signs that spelled America with a K (Amerika). A caller named Mike asked Hartmann “Thom, when you were with SDS were you one of the guys who spelled America with a K or were you less radical?” Hartmann then responded to Mike by stating “Yes, I did. And we’ll leave the reminisces from the ‘60s at that.” “Transcript: Thom Hartmann Asks Chris Hedges, Have We Witnessed the ‘Death of the Liberal Class’” November 9, 2010 Accessed From: http://www.thomhartmann.com/blog/2010/12/transcript-thom-hartmann-asks-chris-hedges-have-we-witnessed-death-liberal-class-9-nov-

“Your right-wing crazies are incited to violence based on fear and hate of people because of whom they are, because they’re gay, because they’re Catholic, because they’re Jewish, because they’re black, because they’re Hispanic. And our left-wing crazies are incited to violence because they’re trying to create a better world. They’re trying to save the environment in the case of the eco-terrorists. They’re trying to end the Vietnam War in the case of the Weather Underground. They’re trying to bring about civil rights in the case of the Symbionese Liberation Army and some of the other black terrorist groups that were operating in the 1970s.” Leftwing political commentator Thom Hartmann quoted in Frontpagemag.com January 21, 2010

“We’re talking about a country (China) that has the continuing potential to pull a huge number of people out of poverty…I don’t think it can do that by competing ‘fairly’ according to the rules of international policy.” Institute for Policy Studies associate John Feffer quoted in The Nation September 2, 2010

“The idea that we should accept China’s interests in East Asia, I would think, should be readily understood by liberals…The fact that China is going to have a navy with a long reach, that it’s going to be a superpower, just as India is, well, America has to adjust.” Selig Harrison, a former journalist and Director of the Asia Program at the Center for International Policy quoted in The Nation September 2, 2010

“It would be disastrous for progressives to provide fodder for the military-industrial complex by demonizing China…There are very powerful interests in Washington who want to set us on a path of confrontation.” Former IPS director and Professor of Peace and World Security Studies Michael Klare quoted in The Nation September 2, 2010

“One of the great achievements of Communism, rarely recognized in the West, is its relatively successful containment of American power from the early 1950s through the demise of the Soviet state in 1991.” Peter Kerstein, Professor of history at Saint Xavier University, 2002

“The CuIS will use multiple methods to gain the cooperation of an individual target. This can include appealing to the individual’s political or ideological leanings. For instance, someone who is allied with communist or leftist ideology may assist the CuIS because of his/her personal beliefs.”
FBI Private Sector Advisory “Cuban Intelligence Targeting of Academia” September 2, 2014 Accessed From: http://freebeacon.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Cuban-Intelligence-Targeting-of-Academia.pdf

Chris Simmons, a former DIA spycatcher, noted in reference to Cuban intelligence recruitment on American university campuses: “College campuses are seen as fertile grounds for the recruitment of the ‘next generation’ of spies…Cuba heavily targets the schools that train the best candidates for U.S. government jobs, like Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, and George Washington University…A preferred target are ‘study abroad’ programs in Cuba, as participating students are assessed as inherently sympathetic to the Cuban revolution.”
Ana Belen Montes was a former DIA analyst who spied on behalf for Cuba for 17 years until being caught in 2002. Montes was recruited by Cuban intelligence in 1984 while a student at the Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Montes was a graduate student who voiced her hatred of the Reagan Administration support for anti-communist rebels in Nicaragua.

Another spy was Walter Kendall Myers, who was a State Department Foreign Service contractor who worked for Cuban intelligence from 1979 to 2007. Walter Myers was a leftist who criticized “American imperialism” in a diary entry after visiting Cuba. He held a top-secret security clearance. Free Beacon, September 5, 2014
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) remarked in response to leftwing Code Pink hecklers at a campaign rally: “It is very interesting to see those who profess to believe in free speech are the ones afraid of speech…We can have a discussion if we actually have a discussion without being shut down…If this deal goes through three things will happen. First, over a hundred billion dollars will flow to Iran that they will use to fund Hezbollah, the Houthis (in Yemen), and radical Islamic terrorists. Those billions of dollars will be used to fund jihadis that will murder Americans that will murder Israelis that will murder Europeans. Does that make any sense?..I recognize that the folks in CODEPINK like to hold up signs saying, ‘Peace with Iran.’ You know who doesn’t reciprocate those views? Iran.”

International Committee on Racism (descended from SDS) flyer directed at CUNY faculty member “We need to expose this dog for the racist he is and have him kicked out of the City!”
“Fascist groups…must be violently stopped.” InCAR leaflets spread at universities in California.
CISPES called for violent disruptions of speeches made by Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, and Jeane Kirkpatrick.
At a January 1984 conference, CISPES called for “creative harassment” of supporters of President Reagan’s policies in Central America. Paul Hollander Anti-Americanism: Irrational and Rational

A Marxist and member of InCAR, Professor Barbara Foley described former Sandinista-turned FDN leader Adolfo Calero as a “fascist who had no right to speak…who should be lucky to get out of here alive.” The Marxist and InCAR member, Professor Barbara Foley, Northwestern University Chicago Tribune, April 26, 1987
“As to hoping LaRouche wins, I believe if he did win you would see the sort of brainwashing camps set up as were in China during the Communist Takeover, and Concentration Camps like you saw in WW2 for those who are ‘degenerate’ or labeled as ‘fascists.’ I think he would use the emergency powers of the president to make a military state, imprison much of the congress, and his underlings, drunk with power after the long struggle they’ve faced (and chomping at the bit for revenge from all the insults) would be the source of massive corruption, human rights violations, and suppression of freedoms. I think you would see a massive jump in production, along with a deterioration of the environment, but ultimately, a complete end to the American way of life.” Former member of the LaRouche movement quoted in: http://www.factnet.org/discus/messages/4/20395.html?1086276000
“…the problem isn’t what China is up to. They’re doing what any nation – communist or capitalist – must do to gain advantage in the highly competitive global marketplace.” Lenora Fulani, New Alliance Party, 2000

“Because whether you dealt with the SDS leadership or disarmament and peace activists or the (National Lawyers) Guild or IPS one theme you found was the tremendous elitist contempt for ordinary Americans, hatred of blue collar Americans because they weren’t revolutionaries, contempt for them because they didn’t want to smash and destroy, contempt for their pastimes, contempt for their marriages, contempt because they were Americans. Yet these elitists wanted to take that away from them, smash it, set up a system based on China or Cuba or Vietnam or Tanzania.” Louise Rees quoted in Isaac, Rael Jean. The Coercive Utopians “At one point, there was a plan within Progressive Labor that if the United States went into a full-scale war with China, that the members or various members of Progressive Labor would drop out of sight for all intents and purposes and attempt to organize within sections of the country an underground operation, which indeed would attempt to impede any war effort that we had with China.” United States Congress House Committee on Un-American Activities
Hearings Testimony of Phillip Abbott Luce

The ultimate goal of the Weathermen (later the Weather Underground) was “world communism which will result from the defeat of the U.S. by the people of the world…The goal is the destruction of US imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: world communism.  Winning state power in the US will occur as the result of the military forces of the US overextending themselves around the world and being defeated piecemeal; struggle within the US will be a vital part of this process, but when the revolution triumphs in the US it will have been made by the people of the whole world.”

“The idea of supporting ‘democracy in China’ is ridiculous…The protests had become a ridiculous situation, an impossible situation. Traffic was blocked, people couldn’t get to work. I feel China did what she had to do.” Frank Pestana, Chairman of the Los Angeles Chapter US-China People’s Friendship Association

“I don’t like the institution of the family in any of its forms.”  New Alliance Party head Fred Newman, 1990

“The IWP (International Workers Party) was an underground Marxist-Leninist combat organization. It was a communist party with the mission of overthrowing the bourgeois state and establishing a socialist order.” “Fred Newman: Comrade Dictator” August 9, 1999 Accessed From: http://exiwp.wordpress.com/1999/08/09/fred-newman-communism-is-dead-i-killed-it/

The Workers League (WL) “works for the defeat of US imperialism in every war.”  The WL demanded that all current labor union leaders needed to be driven from their posts; the nationalization of all industries and banks without compensation to their owners; the confiscation of the wealth of all billionaires and speculators; the abolition of the military budget; and the disbanding of the CIA, FBI, and the Defense Department.  WL called for “the convening of a Congress of Labor Party committed to the fight for a socialist program.” Klehr, Harvey. Far Left of Center

The Spartacist League (SL) gave qualified support to the USSR.  One SL speaker noted that “We’d better be thankful the Soviets have the bomb because it’s given us a little breathing space.” Another SL slogan stated “Hail Red Army! Extend Social Gains of the October Revolution to Afghan Peoples.” Klehr, Harvey. Far Left of Center

The Progressive Labor Party (PLP) pledged to abolish the wage system; engage in repression (“we want a system that corrects or punishes capitalist behavior”); supported the establishment of a dictatorship (“would we let religious nuts vote…people who are clearly wrong and thinking in a dangerous way”); and the perpetual rule of a ruthless elite (“The dictatorship of the proletariat may last for two hundred years or for a million. While no one can know how long will be necessary, a lengthy period will be required to cleanse the earth of bourgeois habits”). Klehr, Harvey. Far Left of Center

The Maoist Communist Progressive Labor Party (PLP) was “run on the principle of ‘democratic centralism,’ which is simply the principle of totalitarianism. The ‘top dogs’ of Progressive Labor make the decisions for the organization and the membership is directed to carry out orders. The elite leaders were Milt Rosen, Mort Scheer, Jake Rosen, and Fred Jerome. There were a few ‘near elite’ people such as Epton and Laub but everyone else was strictly second string. The leaders also lived up to their titles. Just as the CPUSA ‘leader’ Gus Hall shows his ironic concern for the ‘working class’ he so idolizes by living in a huge home in suburban Westchester County NY and arranges to be chauffeured to work every day, so do PL leaders  live well. They have copied another page from the Old Communists. Milt Rosen as biggest ‘leader’ lives the best. And interestingly enough although his weekly paycheck from PL was in 1965 about $50, he was able to raise three children and support a nonworking wife in a sprawling apartment in Brooklyn. Rose’s low ‘salary’ does not hinder him from owning a car or vacationing at a summer college on the ocean. A closely guarded secret is that although apparently healthy Rosen actually suffers from a heart condition. He is chauffeured around on occasion because of the Party’s fear that he might get into a fight for Rosen did have a history of fistfights with ‘reactionaries’ in demonstrations and union struggles. Some of the other comrades live as well. Rosen, Jerome, and Scheer all live in a similar manner, far beyond what their public salaries enable them to do. The subsidy that supports their accelerated standard of living comes from unidentified sources.” Phillip Abbott Luce, defector from the Progressive Labor Party

The Progressive Labor Party urged workers to “organize a violent revolution” against the US government.  After seizing power, the Progressive Labor Party would establish a Red Army and institute a sweeping communist program for the economy. The wage system would be abolished and the dictum for each according to his needs would be instituted. It also noted that “the Party’s duty is to make sure no policies are put into effects which go against the interests of the working class…” The PLP noted that a “lengthy period will be required to cleanse the earth of bourgeois habits.” Klehr, Harvey. Far Left of Center

An ex-member of the Progressive Labor Party in the US reported that cadres of his group were trained by a Major in the North Vietnamese People’s Army (PAVN) in Cuba. Greig, Ian. Subversion

“Unspoken, except in embarrassed whispers, was the issue of the love—in party circles—that dare not speak its name: that of money and power. In the traditional Communist organizational chart—and in the CPUSA until Hall took over—the general secretary never touches the finances. For obvious reasons: with such powerful political authority, financial control would greatly tempt one’s corrupt impulses. Having never met a scruple he ever liked, Gus Hall proved no more exceptional in this regard than in any other. While hundreds of dedicated, even heroic, cadres have labored as volunteers or full-time staff working at sub-McDonald’s wages and existing like monks, Hall has lived the good bourgeois life. He resides in a rambling, multi- leveled house in the affluent section of suburban Yonkers—complete with a sauna, an underground garage, and expensive and original art work given to the CPUSA by fraternal parties. The party chair also travels well, his wallet invariably stuffed with bills of large denominations. He flies first- class, stays in first-class hotels on the road, is chauffeured around New York in whatever new car he buys every couple of years, complete with cellular phone. On Long Island he keeps an estate and boat in fashionable Hampton Bays; while in Minnesota, until the last few years, his brother ran a horse farm, stocked with horses given Hall by foreign Communist leaders…those who have worked in its financial department say it is also at its wealthiest, with a treasury of some $6-7 million, and perhaps much more in properties, including its eight-story headquarters in mid- town Manhattan, which had formerly served as a Family Court. Much of the present wealth is derived from the savings of senior citizens who have devoted their lives to the struggles of the working class, and have given over their monies on a kind of ‘permanent loan’ basis. The party takes the interest payments with the understanding that the comrades can withdraw the loan at any time. However, recent withdrawals from the fund by life-long party members were attacked by Hall at the Cleveland convention as acts of ‘factionalism’ and he vowed to block any further such acts.” Former top CPUSA official and US Peace Council head Michael Meyerson “CrossRoads: Contemporary Political Analysis & Left Dialogue” Issues 17-27 Institute for Social and Economic Studies, 1992

Historian Arnold Beichman also confirmed that Gus Hall owned a big mansion, with a sauna, a collection of expensive and original art, and an underground garage in the wealthy section of Yonkers, NY. Reportedly, Hall liked to “stuff his wallet with bills of large denominations. He flies first-class and stays at first-class hotels. He has a chauffeur-driven limousine (cellular phone, of course) which he replaces every two years. He has an estate and powerboat out on Long Island in chic Hampton Bays.” Washington Times March 6, 1992

The Workers World Party (WWP) desired the abolition of the Defense Department and the CIA. The WWP also supported the liberation of Puerto Rico from American imperialism by armed communist groups. Klehr, Harvey. Far Left of Center

“The WWP was created by the Soviet KGB in 1957, with the initial task of helping the Kremlin create a favorable impression of the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary among the trade unions and ‘colored’ population of the United States. It was run by a Soviet-style secretariat whose members were secretly indoctrinated and trained by the KGB, which also financed its day-to-day operation. In 1959 the WWP got its own newspaper, Workers World, which was edited by the KGB’s disinformation department. To camouflage Moscow’s hand and to give the paper a broader appeal, the early issues showed both Lenin and Trotsky holding up a banner saying, ‘Colored and White Unite and Fight for a WORKERS WORLD.’ By 1978, when I broke with Communism, the WWP newspaper was being secretly edited in Romania under the auspices of the Comintern journal entitled Problems of Peace and Socialism (the English translation of which was called World Marxist Review), which was then headquartered in Bucharest.” Former Romanian Foreign Intelligence (DIE) Chief General Ion Pacepa

The Soviets even created what amounted to an ostensibly independent political front to take power in the US via electoral means. An example of this strategy was the Progressive Party which was formed by former Agriculture Secretary and Vice-President Henry Wallace. He ran for president on the Progressive Party ticket in 1948. Czechoslovak Colonel Jan Bukar documented this point when he cited an article he read in a Krasnaya Zvezda article entitled “Our Friends Abroad.” This article listed the Progressive Party as the chief vehicle for Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and Soviet domination in the United States. The Progressive Party and its leader, former Vice President Henry A. Wallace, were also discussed at length at the special military training school attended by Col. Bukar. House Committee on Un-American Activities. Soviet Schedule for War 1955 Testimony by Jan Bukar (Government Printing Office 1953)

National Chairman of the CPUSA William Z. Foster noted that “The Wallace party (Progressive Party) is the Communist Party.” The Progress (Clearfield PA) February 28, 1948

“I pledge myself to rally the masses to defend the Soviet Union, the land of victorious Socialism. I pledge myself to remain at all times a vigilant and firm defender of the Leninist line of the Party, the only line that insures the triumph of Soviet Power in the United States.”  Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) Oath of Allegiance 1930s

“…Under the dictatorship all the capitalist parties Republican, Democratic, Progressive, Socialist, etc. will be liquidated, the Communist party functioning alone as the Party of the toiling masses. Likewise, will be dissolved all other organizations that are political props of the bourgeois rule, including chambers of commerce, employers’ associations, rotary clubs, American Legion, Y.M.C.A., and such fraternal orders as the Masons, Odd Fellows, Elks, Knights of Columbus, etc.” William Z. Foster, head of the Communist Party USA

“In the acute stages of the revolutionary struggle special courts to fight the counter-revolution will probably be necessary. The pest of lawyers will be abolished. The courts will be class-courts, definitely warring against the class enemies of the toilers.” William Z. Foster, head of the Communist Party USA

“The new Workers’ government, as part of its task of building Socialism, necessarily will have to hold firmly in check the counter-revolutionary elements who seek to overthrow or sabotage the new regime. To suppose that the powerful American capitalist class and its vast numbers of hangers-on will tamely submit to the loss of their power to the workers would be to ignore the whole history of that class. The mildness or severity of the repressive measures used by the workers to liquidate this class politically will depend directly upon the character of the latter’s resistance. While the whole trend of the revolutionary workers is against violence, they always have an iron fist for counter-revolution. In order to defeat the class enemies of the revolution, the counter-revolutionary intrigues within the United States and the attacks of foreign capitalist countries from without, the proletarian dictatorship must be supported by the organized armed might of the workers, soldiers, local militia, etc. In the early stages of the revolution, even before the seizure of power, the workers will organize the Red Guard. Later on this loosely constructed body becomes developed into a firmly-knit, well-disciplined Red Army.” William Z. Foster, head of the Communist Party USA

“After providing for the emergency defense and provisioning requirements, the first steps of an American Workers’ and Farmers’ government, which is the dictatorship of the proletariat, will be directed towards the revolutionary nationalization or socialization of the large privately-owned and State capitalist undertakings. In industry, transport and communication this will mean the immediate taking over by the State of all large factories, mines and power plants, together with all municipal and State industries; the whole transport services of railroads, waterways, airways, electric car lines, bus lines, etc. ; the entire communication organization, including telegraphs, telephones, post office, radio, etc. In agriculture it will involve the early confiscation of the large landed estates in town and country, including church property, together with their buildings, factories, livestock, etc., and also the whole body of forests, mineral deposits, lakes, rivers, etc. In finance it will mean the nationalization of the banking system and its concentration around a central State bank; the taking over of the department stores, chain stores, and other large wholesale and retail trading organizations; the setting up of a State monopoly of foreign trade; the cancellation of all government debts, reparations, war loans, etc., to the big foreign and home capitalists.” William Z. Foster, head of the Communist Party USA

William Pleasant, a former high-ranking member and editor of NAP’s weekly National Alliance, told the Black-oriented, New York-based City Sun last year that not only does Newman still run IWP, but that Pleasant himself “was a member of the International Workers Party, which is an underground Marxist-Leninist party…. It’s still in existence and they still collect dues from people every week. It’s the party that created NAP.”

Kelly Gasinke, a member of NAP from 1987 until 1992, described the orientation process for new members of IWP. She explained to the City Sun that “when you are going to join this secret conspiratorial organization.” you are asked “if you are willing to become part of a Marxist-Leninist organization. And they tell you that it’s a conspiracy to overthrow the government. It’s a combat organization that has a revolutionary strategy.”

“Let us speedily expedite the urgently necessary task of freeing humanity from the grasp of that specific form of lower life before we are destroyed by them or enslaved by them. Let us joyfully ensure that the representatives of the British system are destroyed so that humanity might live and prosper under the political conditions appropriate to the development of actual human beings. Those of us who should know better have been tolerant of such creatures for far longer than has been good for the rest of us. Let us, with ruthlessness, ensure that the job is done correctly now.” High level LaRouche National Caucus of Labor Committees leader Christopher R. White, 1978