August 14, 2020

14 Year-Old Conservative CJ Pearson Begs #NeverTrumpers to Think About their Grandkids and VOTE TRUMP (Video)

Young conservative CJ Pierson did an interview with One America News Network this week.

cj pearson hat

The 14 year-old Republican begged “Never Trumpers” to look at their children and think about their future with Hillary Clinton as president.

To the conservatives across the country who have not become Trump supporters, I have one message for you and that is to think of your children and of your grandchildren. And to think of generations to come as you sit here on the sidelines of this election and contemplate voting for Hillary Clinton. Because there are two options in this election, you can either vote for Donald J. Trump or you can inadvertently support a Hillary Clinton presidency. We do not need a four year extension of the Obama years.

Well said, CJ!

CJ recently stepped into the role of national chairman of Teens for Trump.