June 4, 2020

Video: Brother of Armed Black Man Shot By Black Cop Says ‘All White Cops Are F*cking Devils’


After Keith Lamont Scott, who police say was armed, was fatally shot by a black officer in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday afternoon, the city erupted in violent protests. Trucks and establishments were looted, arson was committed, media members’ vehicles were destroyed and at least 12 officers were injured. In other words, utter chaos ensued over a case still being investigated, and seemingly shows no foul play thus far.

In one captured video of the aftermath of the shooting, Scott’s brother spoke to the media and explained how he perceived the incident to have taken place. While walking away from the media, he said “I just know that all white people are f*cking devils,” before adding, “All white cops are f*cking devils, and white people.”

“Make sure you air that!” a woman next to him yells, before Scott’s brother echoes her call: “Air that sh*t!”

Other clearly emotional family members of Scott’s live streamed the aftermath of the shooting. Scott’s daughter taunts police officers on video, repeatedly calling them “b*tches,” “coons” and “white f*ckers.” She also screams, “Officer Johnson f*cks his daughter!” and at one point says she will go to the police station and “set it off.”

“Charlotte PD spokesman Keith Trietley provided some of the details of what led to the shooting death in a statement Tuesday,” reported The Daily Wire, on Wednesday. “Charlotte police arrived at the complex at around 4 p.m. looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant. At the complex, the officers encountered another man, 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott, who got out of his car with a gun, then got back in. When the man stepped back out of the car with the gun again. Deeming him to be a threat, Officer Brentley Vinson shot Scott. The suspect was taken to Carolinas Medical Center and pronounced dead.”

The family claims Scott was disabled and had a book with him, not a gun.

Below is the video of Scott’s brother being interviewed before his remarks about white people being “devils.”

Source: The Daily Wire