June 14, 2024

War in Paris: Radical Muslim Woman Stabs French Police Officer

Police officers stand guard as they take part in a raid in Boussy-Saint-Antoine, east of Paris, Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016. French police detained three women planning ‘imminent and violent action’ after a standoff Thursday linked to a terrorism investigation into six gas canisters found in a car abandoned near Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

When French police tried to arrest three women last evening for being linked to a car bomb that was found near the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, one of the women turned on the police. She pulled out a knife and stabbed an officer, who was seriously wounded.

Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve told reporters:

They [the three women, ed.] were radicalized, fanatical and planning to commit a terror attack soon.

Last Saturday, a Peugeot 607 was discovered at the Quai de Montebello. The car had been transformed into a bomb on four wheels. When anti-terrorism units looked inside of the car they found seven gas cylinders (of which six were completely filled up), three jerrycans with gasoline, and — of course — documents that were written in … Arabic. Although the French are remarkably politically correct, even they understood that this spelled trouble.

When they did a background check on the car they realized that it was registered to a guy who’s also on France’s terror watch list. Instead of waiting for the police to arrest him, the suspect voluntarily paid a visit to the local police office. He denied personal involvement, however, explaining that his 19-year-old daughter had taken the car without his permission after which she suddenly disappeared. He added that she had talked about wanting to join ISIS in Syria. After his testimony, this known extremist was released.

Although it’s currently unclear whether his daughter was among those arrested, we do know that one of the three women is… 19 years old. Indeed, just like his daughter.

What’s most remarkable about this whole story is that the man only contacted the police after he realized they found his car with a bomb in it. Before, he was obviously not willing to inform the authorities of his daughter’s plans, plans that meant she would take up arms against her own country. He was fine with that until they discovered his car. Then, and only then, did he contact the police.

The arrests combined with the behavior of the radical father once again prove that France is Europe’s hotbed of radical Islamic activities.

Source: PJMedia