April 19, 2021

The 2016 US Presidential Election: Thoughts From A Hispanic Immigrant


I recently read an article where the author described the reasons he will vote for Hillary Clinton. In his explanation, he mentioned several comments made by Trump during his campaign.

Without question, Trump has made a number of inappropriate comments. However, it’s important to recognize that a number of his comments have been taken out of context. For example, Trump never said that every illegal immigrant is a criminal or a rapist. More so, he never said that he is planning to ban every single Muslim from entering this country nor did he say he would kill every terrorist’s relative living on US soil. In truth, the media generalized his comments to make him look bad.

The author in reference failed to mention what makes Hillary Clinton a less desirable candidate. I am not just talking about what Mrs Clinton has said but also what she has done.

Below I would like to mention the reasons I am not supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidency.

1. She deleted thousands of emails, destroyed phones and lied repetitively to the American people, FBI, and US congress. She did this in order to cover up her lawlessness while being investigated for her criminal activities.

2. She restricted State Department information and returned favors to those who donated massive amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation.

3. She pictured herself as a champion of generosity while her wealthy foundation gave less than 10% to charity.

4. She covered up the terrorist attack with the American consulate in Benghazi, lied about the emails and lied to the relatives of the victims.

cover-up-benghazi5. She supported a dubious nuclear deal with the number one country sponsoring terrorism, despite its leaders constantly chanting “death to America”.

6. She wants to abolish our constitutional right to bear arms while she surrounds herself by armed bodyguards.

7. She disrespects the country’s existing immigration laws by advocating for open borders and ignoring the immigration crisis the country is facing.

8. She claims to care about the middle class and the poor, without ever being a job creator.

9. She plans to increase the number of refugees coming from the Middle East 500% +, despite admitting that terrorists will infiltrate the refugee program.

10. She represents the status quo of Washington DC, the elite of conventional politicians who wants to stay in power for decades.

11. She is the voice of globalists who want to rule the US as part of a one world order rather than based on the religious and constitutional principles upon which the nation was founded.

12. She sympathizes with police hater groups like Black Lives Matters.

13. She admired Robert Byrd’s service to the country, a former KKK recruiter who she once called “my friend and mentor”

14. As Secretary of State, she did nothing to support oppressed Cubans and Venezuelans. Instead, she sided with President Obama to remove Cuba from the list of states sponsoring terrorism and restore diplomatic relationship with the Cuban dictatorship regime.

15. She accepted donations from countries that support terrorism, abuse women, gays and children while picturing herself as a champion of human rights.

16. She has been a career politician for 30 years and made a fortune using her influence and power through government positions.

17. She mistreated, insulted and threatened women who were sexually abused by her husband.

750x42218. She corrupted the State Department and the Department of Justice to avoid investigation while being subpoena about her email scandal.

19. She has no respect for human life and supports unrestricted abortion, even during the last days of pregnancy.

20. For 20 years she has had Huma Abedin as an aid, top adviser and now vice chairwoman of her campaign. Huma has ties with terrorist groups and people who fund terrorism. Hillary Clinton even said that if she had a second daughter, it would be Huma.

21. Her campaign incited violence at Trump rallies during the presidential race.

22. She mocked Catholics and Hispanics by calling them bastards and needy people.

23. She rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders.

24. She illegally received the questions for the presidential debate in advance.

25. She refuses to say radical Islamic terrorism.

26. She conspired with the Huffington Post, Facebook and Univision and met with journalists and pundits in secret to gain support for her presidential campaign.

27. She has ties to George Soros, a disrupter of our democratic order and main founder of Black Lives Matter in the U.S.

28. She avoided paying for services the Clinton Foundation received resulting in the impoverishment of thousands of people following the Haiti earthquake.


29. She supports Obamacare despite increases in the premiums and overwhelming evidence it doesn’t work.

30. She sold 20% of the America’s uranium to Russia.


With all this wrong doing ,Hillary Clinton reminds me of a corrupt third world politician. She is the type of politician I never expected to see in this country. In fact, she represents the opposite of what the United States stands for.

For the future of this country and generations to come, Hillary Clinton should never be elected president of the United States.