June 14, 2024

55 Officers Injured When 1,100 Migrants Storm Spanish Border Fence [VIDEO]

More than 50 border guards were injured when 1,100 African migrants stormed a Spanish border fence Sunday in an attempt to reach the European Union.

The migrants tried to reach Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta by climbing a 20 ft-high fence. Just two migrants successfully managed to get across the border, but both were badly injured and needed hospital treatment.

Fifty Moroccan and five Spanish border guards were injured. Ten officers are in serious condition, according to Morocco’s interior ministry. One of them reportedly “lost an eye” during the clashes.



Officials said the storming was carried out in an “extremely violent and organized” way. Officers sent the migrants back to Morocco when the situation calmed down.

Similar attempts by large groups of migrants have taken place in recent months. Around 400 migrants were stopped in December when they tried to breach the border fence. A successful attempt took place in November, when 220 refugees managed to make it across the border.

Close to 5,000 migrants drowned during 2016 when they tried to get to Greece, Spain or Italy by crossing the Mediterranean Sea, according to the Missing Migrants Project.

Source: The Daily Caller