May 27, 2020

State Dept Investigating Obama Admin’s Last Minute Donation to Palestinian Authority

Americans were rightly incensed when we learned that the Obama administration sent wads of money to the Palestinian Authority just hours before President Trump took office. The PA has ties to the terror organization Hamas.

Now, the State Department plans to investigate the former administration’s decision to “quietly release” $221 million to the Palestinians. The agency noted it would look at the payment and perhaps make some adjustments that are more in line with the new administration.

The Obama White House sent many a “historic middle finger to Israel,” as Guy put it. In December, the administration made the shocking decision to abstain from a vote on a UN resolution that condemned Israeli settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. Israel, never one to listen to bullies, made clear on Tuesday that they are not going to comply.

The Obama administration, you’ll remember, also had no problem offering a plane full of cash to Iran in exchange for the release of American prisoners.

Source: Townhall