June 14, 2024

Cover-up: Here’s what the media won’t say about Charlottesville’s protest organizer

Many conservatives, as well as libertarians and right-leaning individuals, have long wondered why white supremacy hate-groups are labeled “right-wing.”

After all, one could read everything written by Edmund Burke, William F. Buckley, Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell, and find no reference to any supremacy of one group over others based on the color of that group’s skin.

Unfortunately, recent events have made this tendency even more puzzling.

Daily Wire reports:

Jason Kessler, the man who helped organize Saturday’s white nationalist “Unite the Right” event that erupted in violence, has come under the national spotlight because of his role in the ultimately deadly event and his subsequent need to flee a press conference after being attacked. According to some persistent “rumors,” prior to his rise to prominence on the far-right, Kessler embraced the far-left Occupy Wall Street movement and was an Obama supporter.

So Kessler was clearly identified with the progressive movement. Not only was he a Occupier and an Obama supporter, but his move to the right came suspiciously late.

As Rightwingnews.com reports:

Kessler did not become a white supremacist until November of 2016. The timing all by itself is fishy here. He didn’t start his new cause until AFTER Donald Trump was elected President. He also took $1,320 as a consulting fee from a Democratic candidate running for the Senate in 2012. He’s pro-abortion, an environmentalist, a non-interventionist, pro-equality and an atheist, among other things. This guy sounds like someone that should be looked into. I find it very suspicious that a leftist would suddenly join a hate group to stir up chaos on our streets. Or maybe not so much.

According to the Daily Wire, Kessler’s path to becoming a “Unite The Right” organizer began with his anger towards a Charlottesville black councilman campaign named Wes Bellamy.

Kessler’s campaign against Bellamy, who had organized a press conference calling for the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue that was at the center of the “Unite the Right” rally, resulted in the unearthing of what SPLC describes as “sexist, homophobic, and bigoted tweets” by the councilman, a publicity win for Kessler. He then launched a petition demanding that Bellamy step down, a petition which was ultimately tossed out — but not before Kessler punched a guy in the face while trying to get signatures, an action that got him arrested with misdemeanor assault.

It seems contradictory that a leftist could become a far-right leader.

However, the KKK’s history is rooted in the Democratic Party. And the neo-Nazi movement is obviously based on the Nazi – or National Socialist German Workers’ – Party.

There’s just nothing very Reaganesque about the so-called “far right” or “alt right” movements, frankly.

So perhaps Kessler with his transition from Progressivism to organizing “white rage rallies” didn’t make such a long leap after all.

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Source: Allen West