June 16, 2021

Hillary: Support Sexual Victims; Except Bill’s – VIDEO

Hillary Clinton got a surprise Sunday when journalist Andy Marr veered from the kid-gloves treatment she’s accustomed to.  After asking 2016’s biggest loser what she thought of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, British Marr followed up with a challenging question.

Regarding Weinstein’s improprieties, Hillary said:

“We recognize that this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it’s in entertainment, politics…after all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.”

That response from Clinton made two bold statements about American politics and the media.  Firstly, concerning an unearthed video from 2005, then-mogul Donald Trump claimed in a private conversation that women would let him grab them…you know the rest.  The operative word was let, but the leftist media claimed he had confessed to assaulting women against their will; subsequently, the Left made a virtual industry out of their lie, complete with vulgar hats and a march on Washington.  And Hillary Clinton has since adored spreading that falsehood, remaining completely comfortable referencing it in interviews by fellow Democrats, none of whom would ever call her on the carpet for the sake of actual facts.  Secondly, the many sexual misdeeds of Hillary’s own husband are legendary, and not merely the affectation of a partisan and dishonorable attack; nevertheless, Clinton is so certain of the cradled arms of the media that she fears no discomfort from the cold truth outside the warmth of their perpetual hug.

However, Andy Marr apparently isn’t part of the nursery of journalists who coddle the delicate needs of corrupt American politicians.  Not realizing this, the former First Lady continued:

“There has to be a recognition that we must stand against this kind of action that is so sexist and misogynistic.”

Marr added:

“And this depends on women coming forward, and having the courage to come forward.”

“Right,” Clinton agreed.

Then, Marr’s curve ball:

“And yet in your book, the three women brought onto stage by Trump attacking your husband, and you kind of dismissed them.  Was that the right thing to do?  Are you sure about that?”

Clearly surprised, Clinton immediately dismissed the women (wait, I thought we’re supposed to “stand with them”), saying that it was “clearly in the past” (like many of Weinstein’s alleged victims?), and that it should be forgotten because “that had all been litigated.”  Clinton clearly forgot something herself:  as part of the litigation, Bill reached an out-of-court settlement with Paula Jones to the incriminating tune of $850,000.  That’s quite a tune indeed; but don’t expect Hillary to change hers.  Watch her hilarious (and pathetic) reaction in the video above.


Source: Truth Revolt