July 29, 2021

BREAKING: Trump Says Military Will Be Used To Protect Border – VIDEO.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump told reporters that he will use the military to guard the Southern Border against a “caravan” of illegal immigrants making their way north to the U.S.

“We are going to be guarding our border with our military. That’s a big step,” Trump said, according to The Washington Times.

“We cannot have people flowing into our country illegally, disappearing, and by the way never showing up for court,” Trump continued. “If it reaches our border, our laws are so weak and so pathetic … it’s like we have no border.”

The Times reports that Trump had been speaking with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis about the possibility of deploying the military to the border to strengthen border security.

“The caravan doesn’t irritate me, the caravan makes me very sad that this could happen to the United States,” Trump added. “President Obama made changes that basically created no border. It’s called ‘catch-and-release.’ Almost nobody comes back to court, and they’re in our country. The laws created by Democrats are so pathetic and so weak.”


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Source: The Daily Wire