July 6, 2020

President Trump: The Fake News Media is ‘Very Dangerous and Sick’

President Donald J. Trump unleashed a torrent of insults against the fake news media this morning via Twitter calling the languid industry the “enemy of the people” and saying it purposefully causes “division and trust.” He also warned fake news can cause war.

The commander-in-chief also slammed the media for falsely reporting that he knew about a meeting between his son, Donald Jr., and Russian operatives during the 2016 presidential election.

The president went on trash the Russian investigation as a rigged witchhunt and beatdown the press yet again for their shoddy reporting on this subject.

President Trump is correct — fake news reports can have disastrous effects in society. Last fall, ABC News caused the stock market to tank by nearly 400 points for falsely reporting  “that ‘candidate’ Donald Trump instructed Gen. Michael Flynn to contact the Russians. In reality, it was “president-elect” Donald Trump.”

Source: Townhall