February 8, 2023

WATCH: Video Of President Trump Stopping Motorcade, Hopping Out To Thank Firefighters Goes Viral.

A video of President Trump stopping his motorcade and climbing out of his limousine to greet a couple dozen flabbergasted firefighters is setting the interwebs on fire.

In the video, when “The Beast” (as Trump’s car is known) suddenly stops, two Secret Service agents walk up to the window. It’s unclear if they’re trying to discourage the president from getting out or simply making a quick plan for his impromptu stop.

One firefighter had been filming the motorcade as it rolled in. As the agents talk with the president, the firefighter says, “No, he’s not…” and laughs nervously.

Then Trump climbs out, applauding the firefighters as he walks toward them.

“Thank you, men, thank you,” Trump says as he shakes their hands, going down the line. The firefighter filming the video says, “That’s awesome!”

Trump then gathers the firefighters together — “c’mon” — for a group photo in which he gives the thumb’s up. Others grabbed some quick selfies.

The video was shot in June, but the post has been all over the internet this weekend.


The hububbery followed a post on Twitter. It was retweeted thousands of times and drew more than 11,000 likes.

Said others on Twitter:

Source: The Daily Wire